(Missing numbers are messages written in Tamil and to be included later)


Part I

1)       More than trying to wean ourselves from life, it is worth turning our thoughts to Grace.

          To be able to see Her in each act is to move away from karma.s

2)        Nostalgia, patriotism, friendship. loyalty, honesty, reliability, etc., are necessary to life, but a bar to yoga. s

3)       What are you loyal to?  To be loyal to life means  loyalty to falsehood.  s

4)       One conscious act is worth more than hours of meditation that lead to spiritual inertia.

          Meditation is to yoga what sleep is to life. The only permissible meditation is that which gathers concentration to act in higher consciousness. &

5)       To rise to higher consciousness, one has to be disloyal to life and its values. s

6)       Creation is infinity changing into the finite. Evolution is finite turning into infinite. All creations of nature and forms of society are formations of the finite. The finite has its own phases of growth. With that phase over, the finite is at a dead end. Such dead ends are the faces of human problems. The Force is incapable of retrieving itself or reversing its course. Hence the crisis. Each crisis is really a negative announcement of an evolutionary opportunity. To know the evolutionary nature of the crisis, reverse the course, and return to infinity is to be alive. The man who does so goes back into another finite form which is still growth for him. But to remain in infinity is Mother's option. Therefore, the call is to rise from the point, while you are at a dead end,

Know it is an evolutionary opportunity.

Reverse your course.

Emerge out of the finite into the Infinite.

              Stay forever in Infinity.

          Seeking Mother leads you to it and keeps you there forever. s

7)       Man acts involuntarily, observes consciously and analyses. Thinking follows and reason coordinates thinking. Beyond is the witness. At the end is the psychic that evolves.

          Actor, observer, thinker, coordinating ego, witness Purusha and the evolving psychic is the order. s

8)       Man does not know the process, but only knows the product. He can use the product. When explained, he can listen or understand the process. Understanding the process does not give him the capacity to extract the process himself in another situation. Can we give him the knowledge or capacity of extracting the process from the event? In the physical plane it takes time. In the subtle plane, it can be done at once if there is an opening. In a situation where the masses do not give an opening, the question is whether the pioneer can give it to the masses. It is possible in two ways:

          1) As long as there is a preparedness in the atmosphere, one can resort to a method, or

          2) The pioneer can go to the causal plane and try to give the opening in the subtle plane to others. 

9)       What communicates is inspiration, not idea. Emotion inspires, idea instructs.  In sum,

          When a leader wants to move the world to action, he should realise his idea in emotions in the subtle plane. For a devotee, he must consecrate in the subtle plane, i.e. catch the very first impulse for consecration.

10)     Fashion begins to spread fast when the individual catches sight of what the entire society appreciates. To be in fashion is for the social individual to raise himself to the acceptability of the social collectivity.

11)     Great literature brings the universal character to the perception of the universal in the individual. Supermind in Man will be in evidence when the Transcendent vibration is so brought to the Parabrahman in the individual. s

12)   Impersonal knowledge gained by one as a personal possession becomes available to every other person, thus bringing it from the mental to the vital plane.   

13)     When an idea is accepted by the emotions and is expressed in an act, it becomes power.

14)     Grace is God acting through faith. Supergrace is God acting through surrender. s

15)     To see the MARVEL in his mission to trample down those who refuse to rise may be the very last step in human transformation.

16)     How can God prophesy, as He is playing the game? One can prophesy issues that are governed by a law which is a limited scope.

17)     The professions require industry, not necessarily intelligence. Surely originality is not a requirement here. Any industrious man with a sense of responsibility will be successful in the professions if he is of above average intelligence. Even average intelligence can make it.

18)     There is absolutely no difference between one man and another man when it comes to basic traits. What changes is the field of action. For instance, we can say any man exhausts an advantage to the fullest maximum, undeterred by obstacles. The understanding of the obstacle varies, not the trait of fullest exploitation. That understanding belongs to culture, not character. s

19)     The Rishis discovered the infinity of spirit. Sri Aurobindo shows us that Infinity in the infinite life. His call to us is to exchange our finite life with an infinite life wherein the spirit unfolds in a greater splendour than in its native home, the heavens. s

20)     Extreme sensitivity in one area, by the law of totality, implies equal insensitivity in another area.

21)     When you learn what you can from an event, it never hurts. What is hurt is ego that refuses to learn.

22)     The meanest motive attributed to the act of highest spiritual significance is only the other side of Truth. Acts and strategies remain the same. Only motives change.

23)     Human choice is determined by what man understands to be his authority. It is expressed by what he fears to lose.

24)     The Divine showers grace on us, but can also choose to destroy us. Mother is the Divine who only showers grace and refuses to destroy anything in us, though SHE is fully capable of it. SHE expects us to exercise our prerogative of choice. &

25)     What achieves is authority, social, psychological and finally spiritual. All else is equipment that serves its purpose when commissioned.

26)     The Superman consciousness reveals the marvel to Mother's BODY consciousness. Society reveals its own marvel to man's vital consciousness. The process is the same in both places. He who learns it in the vital can certainly make a great progress.s

27)   Whomsoever you serve, you serve Mother. Whomsoever you harm, you harm Mother. And still you have to refuse to serve on occasions and harm people on other occasions when SHE commands. &

28)     The Marvel is unfolding itself all the time before our eyes. Seen through our senses, it is dull; seen through the psychic it is a MARVEL. &

          The world is not going to change into a Marvel. We should be moving to that centre of vision that can see it.

29)     The auditor who enters your department from the head office disturbs you when he finds out your lapses. He becomes a mortal enemy. We lose sight of a few facts. He is another employee of the office assigned this ob. You could have been this auditor. It is his findings that make you efficient and pave the way for promotion. Suppose you are the head of the department, you will value the services of the auditor. He who, being an employee, is able to value the services of an auditor in spite of his being punished, is capable of rising to the top.

            The auditor is the marvel of the office.
The criminal is the marvel of society.
The harlot is the marvel of spirituality.

30)     No man can serve another man, as he is an ego. Any ego desires the annihilation of other egos. How can a man then serve another except at his peril? Service to fellow men and humanity is an illusion. One can serve only the Divine. &

31)     There is only one virtue. It is self-restraint.

32)     As the pain of training turns into pleasure of learning, when physical pain endeavours to taste Ananda, it ceases to be pain and turns into pleasure of psychological effort. s

33)   Depression gives an inverted Joy, while the effort to get out of it expands into Joy.

34)   Experience not only means learning new ideas which is rare, but learning higher shades of the old knowledge.

35)     A truth which has fully emerged out of Ignorance, expressing self-existing Good through the instrumentation of united knowledge and will acquiring a form of Beauty is our aim. s

36)     Selfish impulse cancels rationality even in a personality that is otherwise noble.

37)     As mean minds think privately, mean people speak out. The masters of that plane pride themselves in its power as their virtue.

38)     When man acts in planes higher than his environment, he needs to be utterly secretive. Man who exists below social levels tends to be secretive. Frankness is in play only when you are in tune with the social milieu.

39)     To be secretive is the prerogative of those who are outside the society, either above or below.

40)     The best way to write a book so that it would be comprehended by the widest cross-section of the population is to address it to the most stupid person one knows.

41)     The Omnipresent Reality enjoys the Play at every moment and there is no pain for it. The divided being experiences pain in outgrowing its division. Pain itself is a device for the ego to quickly outgrow it. That ego which seeks the pain insisting on its division cannot certainly escape it. Rather, pain is experienced, especially for devotees, only when they insist on ego and its growth as ego. s

42)     To think is to use a finite instrument of mind; to feel is again to use a finite instrument of the vital. When we cease to think or feel, the Infinite in us is awake and sees the whole. Then it is a marvel. s

43)     The central message of The Life Divine is:

          Find God consciously inside and outside.&

44)     The Divine expresses itself in all acts. One of them is to be able to see HOW anyone tries to utilise a given moment fully and to exhaustion. The Divine is Integral at any moment. Its integrality compels it to exhaust the possibilities at any time. He whose soul is awake will be able to see it. s

45)     A sincere man knows he is not sincere.

46)     The formula is, Supermind is each in all; all in each. Mind's formula is separative, each for himself. Mother's force is supramental. For it to enter us, we must act on the supramental formula. s

47)   Intellectual understanding convinces, does not energise. This way the idea is lifeless. The idea that energises is an emotionalised idea or a Real-Idea. Real-Idea energises from above; the emotional idea energises from below. s

48)     That surrender which is a movement away from the surface, from Time, from Ignorance, from ego and from mind will be true surrender. s

49)     It means you don't think and are silent, you are not egoistic and are selfless, you don't do what you know but are open, you don't lapse into subjectivity but you just are, and you don't confine yourself to the focus but are aware of all that is behind.s 

50)     A key or a master key, a clue, a secret, an intuition to unfailing success in life is to generously appreciate another's talents, goodness and those in potential. The greater the appreciation, the greater is one's success in life. This trait may be called unselfish understanding of human potentialities instead of present self-appreciation which triggers jealousy.

51)   Corruption is the expression of organised Ignorance overmastering unorganised knowledge. Violence, dishonesty, prostitution, mafia, tyranny, cruelty, dictatorship. war, crime, and empiricism belong to that order.

52)     To create a greater scope for activity is play.

53)     Humour is an invitation to enjoy Ananda. The capacity to enjoy humour is the capacity to respond to Ananda. s

54)     The surface of the past is to be given up. The depth of the past is to be lived fully until it becomes the present. s

55)     The Eternal, Infinite Being finds itself at Play of being finite. It enjoys its self-discovery. Further, it makes its infinity complete by being aware of itself in Time and space as the Player and Playground.

          The Player becomes the Play and the Playground.

          He is the Play, He is the Playground and He is the Player. &

56)     Body is the barrier to universal matter. Thought is the barrier to universal mind. Ignorance is the barrier to Supermind. These are the barriers in the gross, subtle, and causal planes. s

57)     Mind's initiative is expressed as Thought. Desire is vital initiative. Body expresses its initiative as restlessness and impatience.

58)   Satisfaction is of the vital surface. Contentment is what is felt by the vital consciousness. Fullness that is self-forgetful delight is of the vital substance. s

59)     The love of the chaste wife is vital devotion. The love of the harlot is physical passion. The former is superior in the ascent, the latter is superior in the descent.

          The Love of the divine soul is higher than that of the chaste wife in the ascent and higher than that of the harlot in the descent. The chaste wife is the evolving godhead; the harlot is the involving one.

          The harlot evolving to become a chaste wife disciplines herself physically and dissipates mentally. Bhadragiri's queen is in a prior state of physically enjoying betrayal and mentally espousing chastity. Bhadragiri is her soul's counterpart. s

60)   Surrender enables us to leave the present plane and rise to the next plane. Thus it enables knowledge to emerge out of Ignorance. Hence surrender gives the maximum possible joy and therefore strength. s  

61)     There is no surrender as long as one of the five supporting factors is active. Mind, Time, Ego, Finiteness and Exclusive concentration on the surface are the five ingredients of Ignorance that stand in the way of surrender.   

62)     Life giving you the discipline which you refuse to take, is grace acting through a secondary agency at a distance, when you -- the primary beneficiary -- actively refuse it. s

63)     Refusal of Grace converts compassion into punishment.&

64)     Skill is of the part. Capacity is the essence of all skills blending together and rising to the next plane. Expert knowledge whether of astronomy or economics is a skill of the part. Knowledge is the essence of all such parts mixing and maturing.

          The academic learner rises from below. The seer comes down to knowledge of the particular subject.

65)     A mental personality is one that accepts anything on the basis of its own understanding from the first principles. A physical personality accepts when it is physically overpowered. A vital personality releases its energy neither by physical overpowering nor by mental understanding. It does so by its own attraction to the object.  A spiritual personality understands without thinking, i.e. by silence. s

          A Supramental personality understands the object within itself.

66)     Memory is like a register. This is surface memory. The subliminal memory is the knowledge of family members of the others and family history, none of which is recorded. s

67)     Man unconsciously achieves slowly and after a very long time understands. Mother helps us achieve at once and reveals the understanding soon after. s

68)     Every opinion, every act of disappointment, frustration, grudge, etc. is a renewed attempt to rivet ourselves in the human consciousness. HE calls it refusal of grace. s

69)     When ideals that are not endorsed by inner emotions are espoused mentally, it prevents us from following them.

70)     The mantra 'MOTHER' takes one to supramental consciousness, while even OM, when rightly chanted, can take devotees only to cosmic consciousness. &

71)     One of the endowments such as knowledge, wealth, power, etc. in abundance gives a satisfaction that is full which makes one feel infallible.

72)   Infallibility is the outcome of fullness of a part mistaken for the whole.

73)   Awareness of the whole administers to the sense of humility.

74)     He who understands another's work does not become wiser for that. The most he can do is to repeat it with understanding, even as the stupid man who has memorised repeats from memory without understanding. For one to become a thinker, the ideas, by their fullness, outgrow themselves, yielding further ideas. As he thinks, each thought by the necessity and power of its logic should lead to the next idea. Then he carries those ideas with benefit in his mind.

75)     Tapas needs a concentration that weans you away from the course of Nature. Purna Yoga needs a concentration that would arrest the course of Nature in you and reverse it from involution to evolution. s

76)     Thought is between act and ego. Soul is beyond ego. The scale is  act, thought, ego and the soul. The primitive man acts without thought. We have moved from act to thought. By moving to the ego one becomes a thinker. When man reaches the soul, he sees the ego and then he can surrender it.

          Man, being in thought, tries to surrender his ego, while he can do so only when he moves to the soul.

          Act -- Thought -- Ego -- Soul s

77)     The practical and ideal are unrelated. There is a point where they are related. Prayer from that point is most effective. s

78)     Prayer from a very practical point of view carries human force; from an idealistic point of view alone it carries no force at all.

          Prayer is most powerful when it issues from a point where one overlaps the other.

79)     Self-discipline brings self-existent joy.

80)     The finite can become infinite on all planes. On the physical it releases energy and material plenty. On the vital plane it brings popularity and luck; on the mental level it is the birth of genius. When the finite soul becomes the infinite SOUL, it does so through surrender, giving us the Supermind. s

81)   Shopping, entertainment, or attending functions is meant for the unformed, low consciousness. It is those people who while away the time and whine when faced with hard realities.

82)     Man, without exception, enjoys attention, seeks it, and copiously responds to it. It is strange that he is totally unaware of the Divine's Attention to him all the time.s

86)     By giving up the possessiveness of the little you have, you can enjoy the all. &



    Part II                                  

39)     Work done by the body is labour.

          Work done by the nerves is enjoyment.

          Work done by the heart is Love.

          Work done by the mind is Knowledge.

          Work done by the body for the soul is yoga. s

40)     The gods have ego and are not free of it.&  

41)     What right do I have to ask others to do what I cannot do?    How can I expect others to do what I can do in the absence of the special circumstances through which I came?

42)     In a life of opportunities -- the life in Mother -- there is no punishment, but only loss of opportunities. Human life is a life of problems. When a slight error is made, a great loss occurs which appears as punishment.

43)     Living in Mother, if one wilfully goes down below the standards of human life, the results are disastrous. Man perceives it as punishment.

          When we are able to happily accept Mother, to accept what Mother indicates through life even when it is irrational, or disturbs our vital or physical sensibilities, we are egoless.

54)     Man's initiative is through a thought. Its base is the emotional attitude. Below that is the physical urge, which is ever restless. Therefore, HE says the basis of this yoga needs the curing of the restlessness of the physical being. As the conscious Force acts through the unconsciousness of the physical, the calm of that Force turns into restlessness of the body. s

55)     Most of the future events can be predicted by those having access to Mother's Force. One thing about the prediction is, it comes true because of the Force of predictions.

          To work towards a goal is always possible for the Force, irrespective of prediction. s

56)     Tragedy occurs only in the life of selfishness that is physical.

57)     Inner first, outer next. &

58)     Devotion is the spiritual energy welling up in the heart centre.&

59)     Habits are the physical skills that maintain the surface personality.        

60)     Thoughts are the mental structure that keeps the surface mind going.

61)     Silence is the spiritual force that acts in the inner being.s

62)     Grace becomes Force that acts not on the surface, not even in the subliminal, but in the pure medium of the true physical, true mental.s

63)     Shifting away from the surface and continuing to shift, one ends in That within.s

64)   Transformation avoids waste created by the insistent Ignorance of the parts, particularly the body. s

65)     Evolution in Ignorance involves waste, not evolution in knowledge as transformation keeps the substance--body--intact. s

66)     The bitterest event is the closest approach to Mother. &

67)     Long effort and time is needed when we are working in the part. No time is needed when we centre ourselves in the whole. To centre ourselves in the whole and work in the part is to be in the simultaneous integrality of Time and Timelessness. s

68)     Divine Love passing through the body becomes ecstatic rapture unbearable to its present constitution. It is the acme of divine experience in the human frame. s



             Part III 


18)     When a man faces an ideal, he often pulls away from it in the name of his duties. In fact, he does so for the sake of his desires.

19)     My Herculean efforts for years at constant remembrance resulted in my discovering constantly that I am unable to remember Her.

20)     Events in the dream express deep-seated values.

21)     Vedas describe women who make themselves unhappy living a false life and hurting their Lord but helping to achieve that Vast Truth.

22)     At some time or other man comes to see he is not wanted by others, even those whom he loved. Then he feels lonely. It is a cruel moment in his life. For some it comes early.

          It rarely occurs to us that God is always in that position. We are important for Him. He is not important for us.

          When we feel God is important for us, we become important to all around.

25)   Surrender is an exercise in Silence, not in thinking, or feeling or doing. Nor can it be done in equality by the spirit. It is a movement of the awakened psychic first by overcoming thinking, feeling, doing, etc. and then through all of them. At that stage, it reaches completion. s

28)       Civilisation upgrades the capacity of the least of men. Spirituality makes man into god.s

29)     Man's desire for results without effort or responsibility expresses as expectation.

          Expectation is the distant negative symptom of future possibility, though it prevents its realisation.

          All accomplishments are made first inside and later expressed outside. Expectation tries to express it outside first without creating it inside.

          He who expects should go inward and accomplish there first.

30)      Life will not pardon him for having flouted it all along.

31)     Man has not yet acquired the very first discipline of self-restraint.This is where humanity is in psychological growth. 

34)     The power of the hostile beings is like the criminal's acute, unfailing great knowledge of law for purposes of destroying law.

35)     Where the skill ends, force is of no use.

36)      As man is without a higher organisation matching the higher opportunity, he behaves like that.

39)       Evil, circling the good around its own perfection. &

43)      The reconcilation of Being and Non Being --Spirit and Matter--at The Transcendent consciousness is expressed in life by the mind recognising the truth in the action of the enemy.  s

47)     Man is partly live and partly dead. Methods are dead means for the physical. When the live part uses the dead method, the excessive liveliness gives positive results. At some point man moves to his dead part and continues to use the dead methods. There it fails.

48)     To be a good Angel means you are a source of support to accomplish their work.

49)   Surrender enables the negative to integrate with the positive.

57)     The atomic scientist is not superior in intelligence to the primitive man.

          The wheel is not less revolutionary than the Internet. The first man already had the form of the body we have. The world is not going to produce greater minds than Socrates or Newton. What is new now is that more and more people rise to greatness.

          The earliest aspiration is the last.       

58)     Trying to do good to another against his will is not only folly and infructuous but is a sin against another soul's destiny. It is to be officious. 

59)     Action based on thought is an unconscious act, as thought is a movement away from the conscious centre. s

60)     When aspiration is not enough or missing, man consoles himself as not having faith, a rare endowment.

61)     Not only is aspiration missing, but there is active aspiration for vital enoyment and physical occupation.

          To be occupied is more enoyable than aspiring for the Divine.s

62)     Absence of work gives room for intrigues, gossip, talebearing, etc. By taking to work and making result the one conditoin of work, all these are banished. 

63)     The sting of the mean man is, after all, the reverse functioning of the higher spirit expanding in magnanimity.

64)     The mind understands God, the vital feels Him, and the body is capable of being GOD Himself. s

65)     Whatever work is done is done by Grace. All obstacles are from man's ego. The ego is created for the growth of life from matter. Its special duty is to centralise actions and postpone unity, a deliberate move, deliberately done in pursuit of delight. The longer it prolongs, the greater is the fulfilment.

          To be able to overcome ego is yoga.

          To be able to see the rationale of ego and the pursuit of slow, deliberate delight, is to know the being in the becoming, the ultimate WISDOM. &

66)     A self-ustifying thought gives place to an attitude that reverses it; by accepting the opposite, ego dissolves slightly or in that measure.

          Man ustifies himself; non-ego ustifies God.

67)     Human choice:  Man bases himself on physical security, acts by vital energy, is guided by mental thought and sustains himself by spiritual patience.

          The greater the knowledge the society offers, the greater energy it allows to be released by enoyment, the greater security it provides, the greater is the individual choice.

          Law and order, education, information and sense of fairness decide the level of human choice.

68)   Reconciling faith with reason or power with love is possible not in mind, but only in Supermind. &

69)     One characteristic of stupidity is to question its own basis and act against it. ~ zv EmPx Ai zu mk.

70)     Force is essential to break down entrenched forms.

71)     Power lies in the inner urge.

          Greater power lies in the physical urge.

          That urge loses itself when touched by calm from above.

          Thought makes the urge initiative.

          By opening oneself to calm from above, and silencing the thought, one becomes  \vz vQ.

72)   Spiritual authority:  Man, under an oppressive ruler, not only submits to his rule, but comes to adore his atrocities. The spiritual authority does 'atrocities' to the present society, and must be able to win the approval and appreciation of people for its own doings, in spite of their full knowledge of it.

73)     So far it has been said, "He is a realised soul." Hereafter, we must say, "He is a surrendered Being." s

74)     Austerity is to inflict pain on the body and vital. Surrender is to give up the present human enoyment of dullness voluntarily.s

75)     When Life begins to respond, mind's thought is too slow as events occur from all sides.

76)     How much one lives in the other's emotions is the characteristic of family and friendship.

          Shared emotion is friendship. 

          Shared existence of emotions is family. 

          Physical company makes for companionship.

77)     A family where members are honest, industrious, unegoistic, affectionate, and unpretentious is a place to which Mother goes without invitation. If they are devotees of Mother, it becomes an Ashram SHE wanted. Otherwise it precedes the place. The opposite tendencies work out either to extinction or transformation. The former is a dangerous atmosphere which can ruin anyone totally who comes into contact with it.

          The only true beginning is with the individual who tries sincerely. s

78)     What you cannot physically wrest from another, you certainly cannot persuade him to part with. Your appeal to Mother can. It means Mother gives you the physical strength you do not have. s

79)     Those who suffer are those who enoy what is there on the negative side. s

80)     By seeking greater oy than what is available, one becomes a pioneer, an evolutionary spearhead, God Himself. s

81)     He who enoys, enoys what is, but on the growing side. s

82)     The autocrat holds all the power himself and is unable to conceive that the same power can be expressed through an organisation in a far greater and richer measure. Neither can his subects conceive of it. Still, all over the world we have democratic administrations and societies ruled by democratic values living a far richer life than under the autocrat.

          Being in becoming changes from autocracy to democracy. We are unable to conceive of the ability of Being retaining its unity in becoming. s

83)     A woman was tortured by the thought that her husband was depraved, mean, perverse, immoral, unreliable and loved tyranny. She learnt that by one of Sri Aurobindo's definitions, her husband was a great soul who had come forward to undertake what ordinary souls had shunned. Sri Aurobindo said He adored his feet. In spite of her great devotion to Sri Aurobindo, she was unable to feel comfortable with that definition. s

84)     Men do not know what gifts life has given them; nor do they know what gifts they missed. This is unconsciousness. Normally, if this is brought to their notice, they have several responses: bafflement, indifference, and derisive smiles.

85)     'Let Thy Will be done and not my will' acquires significance ONLY when we understand that it is impossible for us to know what to do next in any issue. s

86)     The poor, the ignorant, the suffering and the diseased are like those who have been electrocuted. Sympathy with them will only help the current pass through you. It will not help them. If you can, you can turn off electricity. 

          This is equally true of the selfish and the perverse. Whatever one man's limitation is, he cannot be pulled out of it even with his cooperation. Reaching a higher level and bringing it down alone can be of any  help. This is a rule that has no exception.

87)     Whether it is a small prayer or a great siddhi, without crossing the ego-barrier at least for a while, it does not get fulfilled.

88)     Ego is the trouble maker. No one can get over it because that is an effort of ego. The ego's realisation that its time is over is essential. A sense of expansive freedom of universality is the indication of the ego giving way. s

89)     The first step to bring God's Lila is to receive His Joy, Peace, Silence, Power, calm, knowledge and Force in oneself. &

90)   Surrender is God in Man becoming God in the Divine. Surrender is Man becoming God in action on earth. &

91)     God's Lila was centred in Timelessness. It has moved now to Time. Integral Yoga is an invitation to Man to oin God in His lila now centred on earth. &

92)     Wherever Her picture is, the intensity of the Samadhi is there. It means any heart that calls is equally sacred to Her.&

93)     The emotion towards the Divine is devotion. &

94)     The thinker enoys thinking even as the child seeks play as an outlet for its excess energy. The devotion of the bhakta wells up and seeks an outlet for itself in the Divine Personality.

95)   Knowledge is acquired from first principles. For the scientist the first principles are from matter, through empirical knowledge in the material plane. The seeker starts from spirit in the subtle, causal planes.

97)   Concentration in meditation is partial as it is centred either in the mind or in the heart. Concentration in work is total, as the physical movement has a character of totality having its own mind and vital. Theoretically, thinking and feeling are on a par with working, but in practice, work is much fuller than either of them as we are most developed only in the body. s

98)     What you have outlived weighs you down. The entire culture is built upon carrying what has served its term. It is conservatism.

99)     Finding mind behind his physical vital acts, man has civilised himself. Sri Aurobindo wants us to find the Supermind behind our mental acts for us to discover God on earth. In fact, that Supermind is in constant touch with the Absolute. What Sri Aurobindo actually wants us to discover is the Absolute in our relative life. &

100)   He who is unable to think works physically. He who is capable of inner concentration need not work through thought or exert himself physically. The capacity to surrender all inner movements dispenses with all work, mental or physical, that is not necessary as a medium for surrender. s



                                Part IV

1)       Marvel is the sight of Man seeing the whole. s

2)       Absolute justice, vision and Marvel are the sight of the Whole of itself. s

3)       Problem is the experience of partial existence. Solution is to remember the existence of the WHOLE. s

4)       Being, Consciousness, Knowledge, Will, and Love at their height are partial from the point of view of the Absolute. It is unity that gives them the sense of the whole. Therefore, the sense of unity is the beginning of the sense of Realisation.&

5)       The urge is irresistible. To overpower that urge is not given to man. Only he who is open to Grace will have the Force to overpower it. s

6)       Human generosity is ingratitude to God. A generous, personal emotional attitude invariably produces negative results.

7)       All evil, cruelty, rudeness, roughness, betrayal, treachery, lowness, falsehood, wrong, error, etc. are the routes through which the divided being emerges into unity with its Origin.&

8)       To expose a person, anticipating his needs, is to be mean. This way we attribute an ulterior motive to him. A  generous emotion in this situation is to ignore his motive, expressed or unexpressed, and to put a positive construction on it.

22)     Things happening as expected is luck. Events advancing towards you is grace.

25)     Calling is the realised inner being trying to realise the same in outer life.       

28)     The great and the idiot have one thing in common when faced with mean perversity-- incapacity to reply.

50)     God waits for us in one place. We are looking not for God, but for other things. God awaits us with these things elsewhere. Until we know where He is waiting, we wait.



part V

15)   Ever-present cheerfulness is great. If anything excels it, it is humility. Can humility be exceeded? Yes. It is by QUIET efficiency. s

20)    Success is the turning point.

      When frustration is building up and there is no peace of mind, quietly go about achieving a success and that will change your heart and the environment.

26)     The secret of success in any field is to be fully devoted to that field only. To have it as the one and only aim of life is the method.

48)   Knowledge is the essence of things, what we call abstractions. The general is the practical events. The common essence of all these general items is Knowledge.

49)   Knowledge that reaches down to the body is power. It is flawless efficiency. s

50)     What decides is the pressure of the moment.

51)   Computer will be the 21st century's electricity.

52)     Without the knowledge of computer, one will belong to the 19th century.

53)     A good resolution:

          "I shall happily accept every discipline I SHOULD accept".

          A better one:

          "I shall delight in every human contact."

          The best decision:

          is the one which makes the inner being call Mother on its own. s

54)     Do not accept the offer of a man however good it is, when it is really beyond his capacity.

56)     When everyone around you is working for your good, know you are in an atmosphere of grace.

57)     Changing attitudes can abridge years into months or weeks.

58)     To expect people to be grateful to you implies you are lacking in gratitude to the Divine.

59)     When there are moments in the human mind when one is not proud about oneself, they are Divine moments.

65)      When your highest interest occupies the mind and nerves, you are always happy. When it ceases to interest you, boredom begins.

 Boredom means you have nothing that interests you anymore. You have outlived your highest interest.

66)     Gossip spreads by a sense of self-importance. The weak show off by giving out the latest information. The strong enoy by making it a secret.

67)     All achievements of man are mental. Even his spiritual realisations are mental. It includes Satchidananda and Brahman. A higher achievement, higher than that of the mind, is possible only when man rises above the mind. Sri Aurobindo ushered in that era.  s

68)     Good manners are on the merest surface. Do we fully qualify at least for that?

69)     When we call, it is the Mother we believe in, i.e. The Mother shrunk to our size. A time comes when we lose faith in our call. Then THE MOTHER as She is in the Ashram and in the world acts. It is the Force.

          The force acts when we fully step aside. &

70)     We do anything, small or big act, as we now are. To do them as a changed person is devotion to Mother.

71)     In spiritual life, to be dull or flat is worse than what we know as crime or sin.

72)     Mantra, apa, pranayama etc. are instruments of mind. Surrender is the process of the entire mind being given up. A fuller surrender is that by which the complete being is given up into that of the Divine. &

73)     When Grace acts, karma is dissolved. When man refuses to believe in karma, Grace acts. When man refuses to believe in his capacities, Super Grace acts. When Super Grace descends on you, it brushes aside your faith in your capacities and acts.&

74)     Human relationships are instruments of perfection in the sense that, until you are perfect they will continue to provoke, dominate, irritate and annoy you. The boss, the partner, the friend, the crew and the spouse play this role fully. For the woman, the child is an eminently great instrument of perfection.

          The instrument that plays this negative, nasty role never evolves but is destroyed.

75)     With knowledge of computer, you can achieve anything.

76)     When you give something to anyone, behave as if you are receiving it.

77)     We often think about a ob, a work, etc. and when it becomes a problem, we call Mother. It disappears. Rarely do we realise that it is our thinking that created the problem.

          Move away from life to Mother, there will be no problems to solve.

          We create problems by thinking about them.
Thinking is the source of problems.

78)     When work is consecrated, mind falls silent and stops being the crooked mind. &

79)     The Divine fills us with Grace. We go away from Her because we cannot receive more. Man goes one step more and turns against the Divine using the very thing he received from Her.s

80)     When man decides to give up his initiative, he asks what he can do? He does not realise that by a further initiative, he is trying to wipe out the existing one.s

81)     When no work that can be demonstrated as work is done, one would be doing a good lot of work, very essential, but not visible to the onlooker.

82)     Once a devotee, devotee forever. s

83)     What can be enoyed for its own sake is Peace. s

84)     Tricks, ploys, however rational, will never go with Mother's Consciousness. They have absolutely no role to play here.

85)   Resources get exhausted when the finite resources are  infinitely used. The progressing mind is infinite. The resource is old and finite. Oil is old and finite. Modern life expands infinitely. Therefore it is exhausted.

86)     He who begins to love what he so far hated is crossing into sainthood. 

87)    The presence of the mind in the form of thought or memory prevents the oy reaching its acme. It does so only in total forgetfulness.&

88)     Man seeks intensity. When his character does not permit positive intensity, life gives him negative intensity which is 
suffering. Some enoy intensity in imagination. In positive persons it is later confirmed. In negative ones, later it turns out to be a disappointment. It becomes a preparation to enoy
positively. The suffering of humanity which the great souls wanted to abolish is humanity's preparation to receive oy.

89)     As the government comes to you from high or low levels, Kali exists at the level of village goddess as well as Mahakali. It is a simple mind that takes Kali of several levels as the self-same. s

90)     The conscious mind thinks of Mother when faced with a problem. The subconscious thinks of Her always.
The occurrence of a problem indicates we are in the conscious mind and forgot Her.

91)   Concentration necessary to start consecration is not attained by one who is at the threshold of moksha. Moksha is attained by the full concentration of a part. Consecration is started by the full concentration of the whole. s

92)     As the man who takes good care of his body suffers no disease, he who confines himself to the rules of life does not meet with evil.

93)     In our own context, there is only oy. Comparison with others creates pain of disappointment.

94)     Termites in the house show that our attention is withdrawn from things. When human consciousness withdraws, the animal consciousness takes over.

95)     Racial prejudice is so total that Gandhii, Nehru and Sri Aurobindo were denied the prize given to Teresa.

96)     The shrinking milk supply in Mother's dining room rose three fold by an outside visitor's writing about it. That is the power of Her Force.

97)     Acting without trying to understand lets the force work in us.

98)     There is no ordeal like the ordeal of expectation. It turns into one of enoyment and aspiration when you expect the Divine.

99)     The ant is small. Elephant is big. But HE who made both of them is great and He used the same energy to create both. Can we see Him and the energy HE spent in creating the ant and know the ant and the elephant are equal.s

100)   The interest that increases is service. That which flags is human.



                                 Part VI


1)       A family tried to kill one of its members. Later he who had tried that died. Some social pressure got the aggrieved member her due. Twenty-five years later, her son took to book service for two years. Now his 'due' was given amicably, rather abundantly.

          Book service is the vital expression while cleaning is its physical expression.

2)       There is no virtue in weakness unless you see HER in the indwelling weakness.s

3)       All those who have been harsh to us were the bringers of Grace; but let us not take Grace to others through harshness, since Grace of a greater dimension will certainly come to us with a stronger hand of harshness.s

4)       When a work is done to a 't' we not only forget Mother who did it, but we forget ourselves. The only thing we remember is what can be planned next.

5)       'A great work will be done by a small effort' if SHE precedes our thought of that work in our own minds.&

6)       Body exults in keeping things clean.&

7)       I began to examine my mind. I found that goodwill rarely enters my mind. Now I know why I speak of goodwill always.

8)       No one, not even Mother, has the power to neutralise the negative work of those to whom She herself has given the power and freedom.s

9)       He who secretly gloats over his success in his closely guarded secret, often does not know it is already a public secret.

10)   Cleanliness imparts a living touch to the obects and the floor on which we walk.

11)     Cleaning brings physical plenty. Harmony brings vital plenty. Ideal brings mentally prolific thoughts.s

12)     It is Grace that brings luck. Sometimes it comes with ifs and buts. It is Super Grace that brings Luck to us in rounded perfection.s

13)     Every event has a creative potential, said Harlan Cleveland on hearing of our theory. It means every event is infinite. One has to extend to positive infinity or negative infinity.

          Our task is: 1) to know it is Infinite; next, 2) to accept it on the positive side. Practically if we decide to be positive and call Mother, life becomes rosy.s

14)     The channel conducts the water to the fields that are growing crops. Men are often like channels who receive Mother's Grace to be passed on to others unaware of it.

15)     Delay in doing a work, wasting time etc. are unclean habits in the vital. Review your life in this light.

16)   Expecting others to obey out of turn is the attitude of the lower vital when it is weak. When it is strong, it happily obeys those who are thus weak.

17)     Belief does not dawn on us ust because we have experienced a certain thing several times. He who has belief, believes.

18)     We act often without thinking. When we think we do not know HE is behind. The thinker rarely knows he is like one who acts without thinking.s

19)     To withdraw the interest from something is the best way to fulfil that interest.

20)     We look at another man's success and wish to know his secret. The secret is to know what you should do, not what he has done.

21)     Problem brings intensity through fright and insecurity. Intensity coming through aspiration leads to yoga. s

22)     Man never has an intensity. When it is there, it is negative.

23)     Man NEVER allows others or life to touch him at the points of his sensitivity. Yoga is to consciously touch our sensitivities till they are shed.s

24)     When you clean, listen, you will almost hear the obects appreciating you and the other parts calling your attention.&

25)     When you are hurt or disappointed, think whether you have caused them to anyone.s

26)     The liar's success is the success of lying, not success by itself.s

27)     Social behaviour of the time is unideal. Any ideal is forever, not for the society of a time.

28)   Egolessness achieves as does selflessness.s

29)     Ideals are lived, not spoken or understood, much less preached.

30)     There is no chance or coincidence in life. They are all acts of God. Only that we are not conscious of it yet.s

31)     Can we at least theoretically accept that everything that has happened, is a piece of marvel? If you can, the Light has touched your mind.s

32)     Man wants to solve problems; and creates more. In God consciousness, there is no problem to solve. Solving problems and creating problems are man's ways of finding God.s

33)     When a low man rises high, the price he pays for his respect is too great. Any man comes to him only to take. It is his privilege to give and continue to give in copious measures in return of the prestige of their taking from him!  His status is bought at a high price. It would appear he has gained nothing.

34)     HE calls our enoyment serviceable falsehood. &

35)     Hurry and haste are symptoms of weakness. Being slow is undesirable. What else is desirable?

          Quiet efficiency is the best. A quiet person finishes the work earlier than one in a hurry and the result is better.

36)     Work makes the movement Divine, the hand that works as divine hand. Sarah, Sethna's wife, saw her feet as Mother's feet.

          See Mother's hand in your hand as it moves in work with Her consciousness. s

37)     Harmony with material obects is oy at their touch as when you hold a baby. &

38)     It is a rare privilege to introduce someone to Mother. Still rarer it is to help him receive the material benefit. s

39)     The subtle plane of sleep recognises the measure of physical cleanliness. &

40)     If you need attention from others, give attention to the lowliest around you.

41)     The call of our lips moves in work to the heart. When you see Mother in work, SHE raises the call from inside your heart.

42)     NO work is ever done without taking initiative. This is human. The Divine work can be done only after all initiatives are withdrawn. &

43)     What all others know of us we do not know. It never occurs to man to know it. Prestige stands in the way. Mother says changing is not as difficult as to know what should be changed. Everyone is willing to tell us that great secret. Are they our enemies? or our guru? s

44)     Life responds to the rules of life. Result shows the rules of life. We rely on the rules of our strength. Better rely on the rules of life's strength.

45)     Past consecration is working from below. Calling is working from above. This is more powerful. Only when you cannot call, you must work from below. s

47)     All that we need to acquire in the higher levels has to be given up in reverse order now.s

48)     It is land that created a civilisation of nobilty and aristocracy. The present civilisation is created by the factories that manufacture the products we use. The cities, the humans that comprise the matrix of the organised population, can create a future civilisation of abundance, harmony and oy, the kingdom of God on earth.

49)     Constant remembrance in the depth makes hourly consecration possible.s

50)     Comfort of the body, sensitivity of the vital, shame of mind are landmarks on the borderline.

51)   Indecisiveness is decision in favour of the status quo.

52)     That which reminds itself in time is constant remembrance.&

53)     The democratic sense that seeks for a privilege, is only one-sided. It is unethical ethics of the ego.s

54)     All the higher rules are there in our own life, only that they are often inverted.

55)   Transition that is not completed in all details is no transition.

56)   Expectation has its own oy as its raison d'etre.

57)     At the point of transition the rule by which man seeks the higher is "exception is the rule."

58)     Man will tolerate any crime when it does not disturb the status quo; will ustify it if it serves his purpose.

59)     What knowledge can be given only in silence and in the subtle plane, will be hampered even when it occurs in thought. If spoken out, it destroys even the future chances of success.

60)   Forgetfulness is the experience of subtle life moving towards full consciousness pulled back by unconsciousness.

          Lingering unconsciousness is forgetfulness.s

61)     Desire for the past to change in one's favour is man's extension of past consecration to the external life.

62)   Organised vital persons sometimes think that their own thoughts are the express oral utterances of another.

63)     Devotees repeating 'Let Thy Will be done' sometimes mean that their own wishes must be fulfilled as the Divine Will.

64)     People who miss an hour in hourly consecration can fully compensate for it by maintaining the consecration during that full hour.s

65)   Expectation and reaction are the very first things one has to shed. &

66)     There is a human choice now which can lead to the heights. &

67)   Generosity expressed in material terms is powerful spiritually.s

68)     Not to take initiative is the inner divine initiative. &

69)     As long as life does not press action on man, he wishes to rise in his idealism.

70)     He who refuses to take advantage of others will be able to take advantage of the atmosphere of Mother.

71)     What determines is not so much your ideal as the swabhava.

72)     Refusal to go down from the heights we have attained is a virtue in values but a cardinal sin in comforts.

73)     Human preferences are the seeds of human ealousy.

74)     By attempting perfect perfection where we are, we are led to Perfection. s

75)     Moksha has given Satchidanandam. Man has to move to Maya of fixed field of action in his life. The creative Supermind in him is the value based life. His own mind, which takes the view of the other, fulfils it. Life that issues out of it can earn the wealth of the world. His own body can become immortal that way. s

76)     He who asks Mother to make him sincere, prays for his surrender to be complete, announces the ignorance of the highest faith. s

77)     The vital personality who accepts Mother instead of shedding its personality, claims itself to be Mother's personality.

78)     The dark suffocating atmosphere in places of worship is really the lower atmosphere of the worshippers.

79)     To continue to work in the face of failure is to take the work to the substance. s

80)     The surface and inner personalities can either be the same or opposite. s

81)     To be blind to the defects of one's own children is self-approbation. &

82)     No mental concentration is possible when the vital is active.

83)     Mind's losing itself and becoming heavy is its way of preparing for a higher concentration.

84)     When we accept Mother, we follow Her, surrender to Her in our own way. Even those ways are to be surrendered to Her for the surrender to be total. s

85)     Act is consciousness choosing to exert its will.

86)     Each further threat or shocking news is only the announcement of a possible higher achievement. s

87)   Opportunities followed by bad news shows the receiving substance is incomplete in its strength of formation. s

88)     Hourly consecration achieved by prayer of remembrance, achieves not by constant remembrance but by faith in prayer.s

89)     Humility comes by no part of the being appropriating the achievement to itself and allowing the pride of that part to swell. s

90)     The self-righteous man is condemned by the awakened conscience. He who does not have even a self-justifying motive to his action is hailed by his society as one of great accomplishment and is admired as such.

91)     He who knows how to choose excels all others whatever their endowments and accomplishments are.

92)     Rarely man knows what goes on around him. He knows still less about his own motives and attitudes.

93)     The surrender of the Gita and the surrender of Purna yoga differ as  the degree differs from an award.

94)     A crown that is presented is more valuable that a kingdom that is conquered.

95)     What pleases in the company is the thought that you are wanted.

96)     A short life of self-giving is better than a long life of self-aggrandisement.

97)   Concentration on the psychic is concentration in consciousness. Work is concentration in substance.  s

98)     The first step to becoming conscious is to stop thinking as you are.  s

99)     Men of character or substance do not leave in the world a progeny that destroys. If they do destroy, they destroy what is to be destroyed.

100)   A deprived generation produces an offspring of dissipating individuals.



                               Part VII


1)   Opportunity is that which man must seek at great effort and cost, while he is in a mental state of being not willing to accept it even when offered for free. s

2)       Constant remembrance is the result of ever-increasing surplus of Godward emotions. s

3)       He who values a life of valuelessness is the king among heroes of dissipation.

4)       When Ignorance combines with division, the result is inertia.&

5)       Mother first relieves physical pain or distress. Next she removes humiliation. In the second round, man courts them.s

6)       Man not only ignores his defects, but is oblivious of them. He goes to the length of wanting Mother to install his defects as the ruling authority. s

7)       He who needs company submits himself to it and allows the demands of the company to determine his life.

8)       Great acts must be accomplished against the opposition of the beneficiaries.

609)   This is an effort of people who are not human adults becoming evolutionary adults.s

10)     Mother is a spiritual tool of endless capacity. As the tool is in the physical plane, She is in the vital mental planes enormous energy and endless resourcefulness. In the spiritual plane, if admitted, She is transformation accomplished. s

11)     He who chooses the highest value known to him at every instant makes the choice of unfailing success.

12)     Harmony of perfection rises when the individual inner psychological organisation is in tune with the social organisation outside.  All problems arise out of the disharmony that rises in the gap between them. s

13)     It is a human tendency to inflict the suffering one underwent on others. Such a man will never outgrow it.

14)     True repentance reverses the emotions. It is a soul perception.

15)     True Goodness is an inner strength.

16)     Sincerity emotionalises the mental concept and thus gives a greater opening.s

17)     Mind is weighed down as it caries its past experiences; the psychic is not as it carries only the essence.&

18)     When the individual becomes the universal, possessive sensitivities turn into a wide vibration of Ananda. &

19)   Humiliation is the sensation of the positive finite receiving the touch of the negative infinity. s

20)     A leader or an idealist cannot get on with another of his type. Non-idealists dread idealists to work with. Followers rarely understand the leader. So there is no wonder that the idealist is left alone. The leader, though he is surrounded by a crowd of his followers, feels lonely.

21)     All virtues are only human versions, rather ego's versions of the higher consciousness.

22)     Work without the knowledge of it is drudgery. If pushed beyond limits, it is violence. Knowledge of the work we do that has reached the physical reveals the Brahman in matter.

          What gives us interest in work is the desire for the knowledge of it.

23)     The human response is external as a positive symptom while the divine response is internal as a settled calm or peace.s

24)     There is no change from the lower to the higher, but transformation.&

25)     No tangle can resolve in thought. It falls silent and changes into a marvel. Transformation is an infinitely swift process. s

26)     Mind as it is cannot know the process of transformation. It can know after it is transformed, i.e. only Supermind can know it. &

27)     For the yogi: experience first, knowledge next.

          For the scholar-yogi:  knowledge that is experience can lead to realisation.

28)     To see intense love in utter hatred is yogic vision.&

29)     To know that surface suffering is subliminal enoyment, one should move to the simultaneous plane where Time-eternity and Timeless eternity meet.&

30)     He who refuses to see, enoys not seeing.

31)     One who cannot bring himself to hate can still refuse to love hatred. It is a difficult transition for the human mind.

32)     A small motive may sometimes serve a great cause.

33)     When Mother's Consciousness comes through a low act or motive, it only means that that act lends itself to transformation. s

34)     With Mother, even an unpardonable act becomes a glorious one. s

35)     There is no knowledge, including the knowledge of Supermind, which the world has not received so far.

36)     If you are not able to see you are God, at least see others are God.

37)     Karma working out of temperament is a fertile field for observation. To see how Mother wipes out karma still is a greater observation.

38)     The world is created not for one man to correct another, but so that he can correct himself.

39)     That which always accomplishes is the physical. Especially the energy of the physical impulse. If suppressed, it variously occupies itself, lying in wait for its time. Mother asks it to be given to Her, so that real work can be done. This is so because the highest present skill in MAN is the subconscious physical skill of reproduction. Hence it is the only oy in life.

40)     Man expects total ideal Perfection from the one whom he wants to follow. In the conditions of his existence, such a Perfection does not exist. His own ignorance permits him to visualise such a Perfection. He gets the illusion that he deserves.

41)     A crowded hour is more suitable to practise surrender than a cloistered moment.

42)     Many devotees have faith. Many others have no faith, but still follow Mother. Those who have faith are like the partners of a company and those who have no faith are like employees of the company.

43)     Man sees great help coming from a higher plane. It never occurs to him the next time to seek it, as it is not in his own plane.

44)     Memory does not extend beyond one's plane, in spite of several experiences.

          Thought never reaches beyond its own borders, even when experience is innumerable.

          The greatest paradox in man's life is it never occurs to him to summon that very help which he has experienced times without number.

45)     The capacity of not being able (to think of the greatest known source of support) to think of availing of the help directly is the measure of a closed mind.

          Man knows of a source of support, the greatest he ever had, but it never strikes him to invite the source to deliver its help. That happens when the source lies in another plane.

46)     As long as a trait can express itself as an impulse, it is fully alive in the subconscious.

47)     The very last vestige of ego, is the ego of the impulse. s

48)     Human choice is the greatest social innovation.

          Development is the evolution of choice.

49)   Consciousness that ascends one level, descends to saturate the previous levels. Mind achieves the same obect by past consecration. s

50)     It is not interesting to concentrate every time concentration is needed. It is better that our normal status is one of concentration. s

51)     As integration is spherical, the correspondences that are vertical  cannot go hand in hand with them in a tabular column.s

52)     The double opening of this new evolution does not permit a vertical tabular column of correspondences in two aspects only.s

53)     Silence rising in thought, mind, higher mind, illumined mind, intuitive mind, overmind and Supermind has its corresponding versions in the surface, inner, subliminal, psychic in mental, vital, physical and further in their subtle and causal parts. s

54)   Classification is the last word of science and study. But creativity transcends it.

55)     HE, when the Lila unrolled, found it Himself. To keep its totality and integrality, HE became the playground and the player. Never for a moment did HE allow either the totality or the integrality to vanish or diminish. Thus HE kept his Eternity and Infinity in Time and Space. &

56)     The employee, the self-employed, the government servant, the public worker, the writer, the thinker, and the industrialist all have common traits and have correspondences between them. But it defies a fixed rule of one to one correspondence, as they are also disparate.

57)     Sri Aurobindo offers to the social person an unfailing success, to the conscious individual the capacity to achieve any goal he chooses and to the spiritual individual the capacity to evolve into a Supramental being. &

58)     The divided being's experience in seeking union is pain in the plane of evil. Hostility is the division in the plane of the spirit.s

59)     Effective work and expansive understanding gives unfailing success.

60)   Opportunities are NOT physical at all till man makes his choice. Once the mind chooses, the vital and physical reshape themselves into opportunities. Man chooses either to create opportunities outside or the opposite. The determinant is not the external physical but the inner spirit that expresses through the mind. s

61)     Man often serves the cause of an evil or a system that he ardently fights against as his subconscious is wedded to that self-same evil or system.s

62)     Censor is the indication of mind's presence. &

63)     By expecting people to come or expecting a result, one develops an expectation that leads to frustration. Expecting Mother makes one rich. Still it is better to shed expectation and replace it by aspiration. s

64)     All human relations including human love are bargains of the part for the whole, because it is the love of mind. Mind, being an agent of division, cannot express love that is of the whole.s

65)     It is not tapas, austerity or discipline that Mother needs, but an opening of sincerity on the part of the sadhak, as She has come on earth as a bridge between That which seeks delight and the human soul into which it is sought.&

66)     Mind raising its awareness as censor, expectation, thought, etc. is its own way of being conscious as mind. All that cannot be stopped. They will stop at one stroke if we are aware of mind's origin, the Supermind. The shortest cut to Supermind is to be aware of Mother in mind whose mission is to abridge evolution.s

67)     Man can wean himself away from evil, not good. s

68)     Longing to be known as a good man is, after all, longing to be in life.s

69)     Social consciousness anywhere in the world has not matured to the point of recognising its obligation voluntarily to services rendered.

70)     The lure of the establishment can take the form of a higher ideal.

71)     Man cannot serve humanity except by deserting it.

72)     When you try to get rid of mind, its resourcefulness in ustifying itself is infinite.

73)     Robust manliness, is, for purposes of yoga, still manliness, an effective bar to yoga.s

74)     If you want to step into yoga, no human ideal is better than another. Every human ideal is an effective bar to yoga.s

75)     The highest human ideal is an active bar to Her Consciousness.s

76)     I am sincere to Mother.
Is my mind sincere to Her?  Mind's sincerity to Her is its obliviousness of itself.

77)     Nostalgia that cherishes time, will not help the yoga that tries to transcend Time.s

78)     Mind universalises when its physical basis too sheds the ego, not ust when the concept of egolessness is understood by its conceptualising part.&

79)     "May my material values be transformed into values of Being." s

80)     nana yoga needs concentration away from the senses. Purna Yoga's concentration is away from mind. In fact, it is a concentration away from Ignorance that helps knowledge emerge. &

81)     Subtle communication begins when surface communication ends.&

82)     Integral knowledge is that which knows the Truth of One and the Many lies in That.  To know neither the One nor the Many is the ultimate but that which includes both is the ultimate, is what Sri Aurobindo calls integral knowledge.&

83)     The Gita asks our motive to surrender to Purushothama. Sri Aurobindo demands that Ishwara's motive be expressed in our life. &

84)     Integral knowledge can explain any phenomenon in terms of any other phenomenon.&

85)     Great writers have life knowledge. The greatest writer who ever lived had that life knowledge as a universal possession.&

86)     A good person mishandled becomes spoiled. A bad person rightly handled becomes good. Still good and bad are truly good and bad. Yoga needs good as well as bad and only in their true synthesis discovers the Good.&

87)     Action from the true emotional fullness always evokes an instantaneous response from life. What then is the difference between Life and Mother?  The process remaining the same, life that responds with the presidency of the panchayat differs from Mother who responds with the Presidency of the nation. It differs in that measure. Life is finite, while life in Mother is infinite. s

88)     Arriving at the psychic is to move to the Non-Being without losing hold of the Being.

          Psychic is the Omnipresent Reality in life.&

89)     A friend is one who should always pull you up. -- The Mother

          He is not a friend who will accept your going down. -- The Mother. &

90)     The idealism of the inexperienced is ignorant. It disappears at the first touch of reality. The erstwhile idealist easily turns into a practical realist which means a law breaker of the worst kind.

91)     To be able to create a new possibility is creation. The greatest possibility is created out of the opposites. Hence to create its own opposite and discover the original unity in it is the greatest of creations. That is what our world represents. &

92)     Human individuality can at best make him a psychological individual overcoming his social personality. Great poets possess the individuality of the universe. He who acquires the individuality of Transcendence enoys being the spearhead of evolution. He alone can feel the oy of emerging out of Ignorance into Knowledge. &

93)     Openness is a measure of progress. Democracy insists on the openness of information. The ultimate openness is in the subtle plane where you know the other man's thoughts.
   The present problems and confusions arise because one is unaware of another's  ideas, nor can he know what will happen the next minute.

94)   Professionals meeting in a club readily recognise the acquired potentials of professional knowledge in everyone. Souls meeting in a family do not as easily recognise the inherent potentials in everyone. A soul recognising it in his own self is soul-awakening.s

95)     For a fence to be useful, there should be no small gap in its entire length. To break the protection of a long fence, it is enough to open a small gap in it. Moving away from human consciousness into Mother's consciousness is to build a fence like that.s

96)     The world will readily accept the Human Choice when we have a man-centered economy. For the world to accept that economy, we must be centered in the unfailing success of Life. Knowledge of yoga in us will enable the society to accept the principles of that life.s

97)     Three choices for man:

          Being part of prakriti that seeks the slow deliberate delight, he evolves with its evolution.

          Shifting to Being from Becoming, he pulls himself out of prakriti and ends in the obectless delight above in its origin.

          Responding to the psychic, he moves to the Being of the Becoming, directly receiving the obectless Ananda in the obect of prakriti, thus transforming himself.

          To be a social man or a tapasvi has been the choice so far. The new choice is to enoy the results of tapas in society.  &

98)     If you are proud of any past event, you are capable of regretting other events. Freedom from the past involves not only absence of regret, but also emotions of satisfaction.

          Past as well as future bind us to Time. To be in Time is also to be inside ego.  To get rid of ego, one should be only in the present. s

99)     Man's greatest endowment in one field is the counter product of his greatest ignorance in another field. Folly is what man loves to choose and exercise in enoyment. It is noteworthy that fools are happy people. This wilful folly, then, implies great intelligence in another field. Thus, spiritually, folly is a great endowment. Only that neither he nor his world knows that. God, of course, knows it. &

100)   What is most beneficial to him by his values, goals or impulses is the choice man makes.

          Human choice is the best in the circumstances according to him. It is the individual human choice that determines the social course; while it is the social approval that determines the individual choice. s




                                Part VIII


1)       The human choice of today is the choice of the social individual.

2)       The secret of youth is to be active inside.

3)       Spirit moves matter.
Mind over matter.
Inner first, outer next.
The world is inside.
Spirit of Matter.
Matter of Spirit
First things first.
Infinite of the finite.
Being of the Becoming.
Unity of the substance.

4)    Concentration increases if one is able to deny the expression of his energies in normal impulses. &

5)   Consecration and calling evoke ready answers from Mother when She is called from a consciousness that is unable to go out in impulses.s

6)   Intellectuality is the endowment of the ego. Even nana yoga is the achievement of intellectuality. To get rid of ego, one should move away from intellectuality.&

7)       To reason with emotional persons is unreasonable.

8)   Concentration for clarity, consecration for results. &

9)       It is the Purusha through the ego and its intelligence that makes the Force conscious. &

10)   Maximum accomplishment is possible in the least disturbance of the set up. Hence austerity, violence, frustration are to be avoided by the method that aims at the maximum accomplishment.s

11)     Rhythm and balance generate harmony that ensures the maximum result for a given energy. &

12)     The reach of the thought is limited to the known experience. Subtle thought overreaches one's own experience. Silent thought in subtlety tries to reach the whole universe. &

13)   Surrender begins when one moves from Becoming to the Being of the Becoming. &

14)     The first oy of discovery for man is the joy of discovering the psychic. After that, it is for the psychic to discover. &

15)     Disgust is the negative attachment to that which disgusts you.s

16)     The psychic is the Being of the Becoming. &

17)     Works of art or poetry are created by concentration, which is temporary partial Ignorance. So, permanent total Ignorance must be able to produce a greater wonder. That view of the mind must be able to see the marvel the stone is.s

18)     Ridicule is God's device to remind man of his origin.

19)     A false mean accusation is the most powerful reminder of the falsity of surface values. It is God's powerful action to wake in man who cherishes the surface values.

20)     Ego is necessary for involution. To overcome ego is also necessary for evolution. &

21)     The first ever stable oy man tastes comes when his centre moves to the psychic.

          While vital and mental oys are transitory, psychic oy is ever-present. &

22)     The physical attraction for the female ends in conception, the vital attraction is passionate. Romance is the attraction of the mind. Love issues when the attraction rises to the spiritual level.

23)     Taking the right initiative is best. Not to take that initiative is better still. s

24)     The temptation to offend another pointing out his weakness is irresistible. It is the strength of weakness.

25)     To recognise the strength of others is noble. To recognise the strength behind another's weakness is to awaken one's own strength of the soul. &

26)     Finite ego giving way to the infinite Eternal in the body is supramentalisation; in the life it is infinite abundance that is Mother's luck; in the mind it is multiple genius. s

27)     The equilibrium of forces in each plane is understood as laws of that plane.
                                 -- Sri Aurobindo

28)     The selfish man evaluating others as selfish is worse than his own selfishness.

29)     For any revolutionary change in the world or in oneself, if the outer material conditions are not ready and it is beyond man's power to make them ready, or when the inner man is not ready, things have to wait for a better time to come. The first and second world wars rose in such conditions. After that MAN was able to forestall the III War. Now is the time for Development. The material conditions are more than ready. It is possible for man to rise to the occasion and usher the world into Peace and Development. s

30)     When the Force organises itself in involution, freedom plays a positive, constructive, creative role. At the point where involution reverses itself into evolution, the play of Force is naked and ruthless. Once the reversal takes place, the Force organises itself at a higher level freely without the freedom being granted to it. It is a self-existing Freedom. &

31)     The role of  freedom is constructive in involution. In evolution freedom is self-existent. At the point of reversal, Force is naked and ruthless. &

32)     The progress for physical ego is the death of the body, for the vital ego the loss of its achievements, for the mental ego the dissolution of its opinions.&

33)     Partial personality prepares; the whole man acts.

34)     Physical obects, vital capacities, mental opinions have their egos. Obects losing ego release vital energy. Capacities losing their ego rise to become talents. Opinions likewise become ideas.

          Absence of ego takes one to the next higher plane which is a path of accomplishment.

35)     When one reaches his maximum, he expands. His incapacity to expand at lower levels is because of his capacity to expand at a higher level.

36)     A man's value lies in the centre from which he functions -- physical, vital, mental or spiritual. Progress for him is to rise within his own plane from one level to another -- again physical, vital, mental, spiritual.s

37)     Present corruption is a negative expression of the newfound affluence.

38)     The greatest potential for man is his soul, his greatest obstacle his ego. Progress is to transform the ego into the psychic. &

39)   Smallness distinguishes itself by its utter oblivion of the great opportunities waiting later and total interest in the petty present.

40)     Faith is a ray from the Supreme which gives the receiver the power of Supermind.               -- Sri Aurobindo &

41)     One who fully understands His Trilogy -- for the complete mental understanding of it, not the practice of it too -- is sure to be rewarded with multiple genius. s

42)     The process of involution is by extending the being to consciousness, splitting it into two, losing the higher in the lower till the consciousness and being disappear. Evolution is to trace the path back by becoming energy, energy finding its hidden knowledge which, becoming first conscious, ultimately discovers its being before disappearing into its original Unmanifest eternal state.&

43)   Protection can be invoked, can be prayed for, but the best of protections is to be in Her, letting Her do as She pleases.

          Identification is the highest protection.
The greatest of protections comes through surrender.

44)   Conscious concentration leads to consecration. Unconscious concentration fortifies the ego.

          Doing what we don't like is conscious concentration in the physical substance.

          Orthodoxy gives the capacity to do what one does not like by authority. &

45)     In an organisation, central authority is more widespread and the impersonal authority of rules and custom is minimal. In a family it is the reverse.

46)     One is lucky if aspiration arises at the end of a life long effort, as aspiration is the first faculty of spirituality. &

47)     This is a creative moment. The right choice will open into a world of wonders. It must be preceded by commensurate energy which is equivalent to all the energies we can withdraw from our occupation and preoccupation.s

48)   Conventions compel man to be civilised. Social manners are forged as instruments for that purpose.

49)   Enthusiastic work gives expected results. Efficiency is to do the work seriously even when you are not interested. Presently this is done by authority. This is physical efficiency. Mental efficiency is to transfer that outer authority to the inner understanding. Information, opinion, knowledge can do it.

50)     In a fast changing society its established part is always left behind. That member of the establishment who comes forward to absorb as much of the new changes as he can will be the leader of the moment.

51)     Children ump by excess physical energies. Man can have excess spiritual energies in the mind. s

52)   Appreciation of HIS works needs a trained, disciplined intellect that has a quest for God, knowledge of life and subtle life and an awakening into the occult. s

53)     No one who does not have knowledge of life and a knowledge of subtle life can appreciate the knowledge of All Life is Yoga.s

54)     The highest obective knowledge is at best the subective knowledge of consciousness. What is truly obective to Man is subective to his Being, the self-Existent. &

55)     Faith is a reflex in lower consciousness of a Truth which is yet unrealised. That truth is the real idea. The Gita expresses it as 'yo yach shraddhaha sa eva saha.'  &

56)   Endurance and indifference lead to equality. Endurance of the involved mind, indifference of the detached witness Purusha and equality of the transcendent infinite are the stages of progress. &

57)     Ananda is there in mobility as well as immobility. Sat Purusha's action with Prakriti can give Ananda as well as Sat Purusha's rest with its consciousness of Prakriti. Either way, Ananda is the sensation of Purusha's relation with Prakriti. &

58)     The rich have rich potentials as riches are a great potential. The poor have a potential equally great. Theirs is the untapped potential.  Potentials are always there and they are infinite. s

59)     Insight and intuition can be understand and appreciated by the people after they produce results and if explained as Sherlock Holmes is able to explain. s

60)     What makes human life sweet is implicit trust.  Trust grows in a soil where suspicion has no roots.

61)     He who loses the appearance of the temporal and takes it to be external develops the illusion of the sentiment. Nostalgia is his ideal. 

62)   Popularity is approval of public appreciation which at no time is high. A man grows in value only when he is out of reach of public comprehension.

63)     If work does not move after prayer, it means there is irresponsibility and laziness.

64)     To make freely available to man what he is willing to work to death to achieve and withdrawing is a strategy to move the society.

65)     Man reaches out to what is freely available, not what he needs to work for. When he is made to understand that what he thus most aspires for is to be worked for, the society is astir.

66)     Total vision is that which sees the least thing we do total. As long as the small is incomplete, the great cannot be completed.&

67)     Efficiency was possible only by terror. It was succeeded by capital punishment. Later the punishment became less. Now it is by law and incentive. Democracy matures only when efficiency is self-offered because of self-respecting values.

68)     Ready and willing acceptance of the circumstances that are around you and those that you have courted with the theoretical understanding that it is the very best situation for your progress, is the frame of mind that can secure the maximum progress.

69)     Nature is working through parts -- unity, Truth, Goodness, knowledge, Will, Love -- to reach a whole result. It is working for absolute ustice through partial inustice. Man who is centered in the part looks for immediate results, partial justice, result in the part. No wonder he is frustrated, disappointed and feels the inustice every time. &

70)     Thorough knowledge of a field in a rational man of common sense may now be ignored. If he is touched by this comprehensive knowledge, straightaway he will win the highest international recognition.

71)     The external pressure changing into a mental perception is the force of civilisation. Culture is its becoming an individual's value. Society raises itself when it acquires that culture collectively.

72)     Mind divides the infinite into infinitesimals of the Inconscient. The process of division cannot go further as it would revert from matter and force to consciousness and being.
   Division, which is a process of mind, cannot restore force to consciousness, becoming to being. That final resistance is the basis of ego.

73)     No act can hurt us; no one's enjoyment even if at your expense can hurt you if the ego is shed. What is hurt is the ego.

          There is no faculty in us except the ego that can be hurt.s

74)     Excess energy and lack of opportunities to grow result in conflicts.

75)     Lust for money is mostly due to seeking social acceptance. When society loses its value for money, the lust will not be there.

76)     Health, not weight, should improve. Culture should rise, not merely economic materialism.

77)     He who wants to shed his ego, starts serving another's ego in the name of altruism. &

78)     It is demonstrated time and again that for one who takes the fullest effort to avail of social opportunities, it is possible for the lowest person to reach the highest position.

          Inherently society is capable of the maximum possible support to anyone.

79)     The divine delight is ever-present and everywhere. Man's pleasure seeking has insulated him from the ocean of delight.&

80)   Truthfulness, generosity, affection or any other value can faithfully serve selfishness.

          Any attitude can be served by any value irrespective of its character.

81)  As the world displaced the clergy, monarchy, superstition, inequality, and slavery, now it should endeavour to replace intellectuality by faith. &

82)     Advice is unheeded only on two occasions:

          1) When the giver does not himself practise it; 
2) When it is  given to undeserving people.

83)     Only after one works from his physical substance -- doing the wearisome work enjoyably -- one can hope to turn inward from outside.

          The true being emerges after the deepest physical loosens its hold.&

84)     Informal education and formal learning create all the potentials in the society. A further capacity is needed to convert that potential into usable results. That comes neither by informal learning nor formal education, but it needs imaginative perception that sees the process of learning, education and civilisation. s

85)     When thought is disturbing or displeasing, one is poised for crossing the physical barrier of the mind.s

86)     Mental barrier is effectively crossed when the desire to understand disappears.s

87)     Real knowledge dawns when understanding is not insisting.&

88)     Intuition shifts inside when the touch of the Absolute is sensed.&

89)     When it comes to one's intense desire about which he is sensitive, he is unable to call Mother except for its fulfilment.&

90)     He who can leave it to Mother is a true devotee. &

91)     To do so is to cross the vital barrier. &

92)     To cross the physical barrier one must be able to appreciate the beauty of the cobra and the marvel of the thorny plant. Then he will appreciate his rival's need to betray him. &

93)     The active thinking mind cannot see the pattern along which things are organised or its structure or its essence. Only the silent mind can do so. &

94)     Thought matures into light in silence. &

95)     Light removes itself from knowledge making intuition reveal itself. &

96)   Development: the world has not developed the right idea of development which is -- man is the centre, not his instruments.
-- The policies must be converted in programmes.
--  Programmes must be implemented by the right strategies.
--  Ideas, policies, programmes and strategies must inspire man.
--  Man should have the right attitude towards them. Then it becomes an integrated whole and society moves.

97)     Fashion offers education through prestige.

98)     The vital educates itself through prestige of fashion.

99)   Urbanisation is the process of education of the rustic.

100)   The lowest point of a mental man is a confusion, the vital man a knot of sorrow, the physical man is a disease. Overcoming that, each man makes a great unimaginable progress.s



                                 Part IX


1)       Man seeking stupendous progress should locate his KNOT and undo it, whether it be a confusion or a grade.

2)       An occasion for marvel turns into one of catastrophe when the being fails to emerge, while the becoming is ready for that emergence.s

3)   Catastrophe is the marvel of becoming insisting on the  leisurely enjoyment of its own infinity before it.s

4)       Nature insists on enjoying every moment of the infinity before it. The being fulfilling its urge by refusing to emerge in the ripest moment is catastrophe. &

5)       Not only the thumb print, but every event is unique. It has its own unique application of general rules. Lack of appreciation of the uniqueness of the event inevitably produces the opposite result of catastrophe. s

6)       Marvel and catastrophe are the opposite sides of the same event of becoming. Being emerging, the becoming is marvel. Catastrophe issues when the becoming is ready for the emergence of being and the being fails to rise to the occasion.s

7)       When man refuses the positive knowledge God offers him through life, God becomes a criminal to teach him the same knowledge negatively.

          The criminal and harlot are saints giving man knowledge of God negatively. &

8)       The indignities, calumny, hostility, and ridicule a pioneer faces today are the civilised versions of murder and torture of erstwhile centuries. He is lucky to be heckled, not murdered. In the past, the pioneer was surrounded by thugs who  murdered for the oy of murder, whereas today it is only a band of pickpockets who rob his purse and shower ibes on him.  s

9)       God's Love comes to us as human anger because we are irritable.s

10)     Wisdom is totally helpless when experience asserts. Complete folly asserts its past failures. God behind wisdom meets his counterpart behind complete folly.

          Human wisdom behind ustice, beauty, truth, goodness, fairness, magnanimity is fated to meet God's wisdom behind cruelty, ugliness, falsehood, evil, inustice, meanness, etc. God does not tolerate the narrow human wisdom and exposes its insufficiency by appearing behind their opposites.

11)     Brahman is the being, Maya is the Consciousness.                                            

                                              -----     Sri Aurobindo &

12)     Sri Aurobindo says that man can determine his evolutionary status. In the industrialised countries man determines how long he can live. There he chooses the level of his wealth. Devotees can see that they can create luck in their lives as many have seen at some period of their lives.
  Mother's consciousness is a self-determinant.

13)     The robber baron and the pirate smuggler have had their heydays in history. In certain parts of the world in certain periods, they did rule. The corrupt politicians and the unscrupulous businessmen are ruling the roost today. The world looks up to them.

          The spiritual man never lived a social life. At whatever station he is, potentially he has the greatest social power hereafter.

14)     Physical exercise, nutrition, health care, knowledge of health habits, disciplined vital, positive mental emotions, and spiritual values of patient equality have their impact on health and longevity. Each of them has a potential to override its corresponding determinism. The least of them is physical exercise that nullifies the physical determinism of the natural deterioration of the body. The highest issues from the inner spiritual equality. A combination of these qualities is worked out now by us unconsciously. A conscious selection can always be made.

          When physically living in Mother's atmosphere, one gets it for his body automatically. Anyone who works out a good combination of them can choose his life span and until the last date he will be in fine fettle. When the end is to come, it can always come suddenly by any chink of personality which abounds in us. s

15)     Normal man's life can be compared to cultivation by  rainfall. Civilised life is parallel to irrigated cultivation. Psychologically self-aware life is like modern cultivation. Spiritual life has the potential of drip irrigation of the Israeli farmer who has taken agriculture to scientific precision.

16)     Every man has in his atmosphere all the circumstances from which he needs to learn or to benefit. What matters is the opening to them.

17)     Each man has a personality, physical or vital. He is that constantly. He can reach at something else like remembering Mother by effort for a short while and revert to his own personality. The only thing he can be constantly is the person he is, not anything else, not even remembering Her.  He can remember Her constantly if he changes to Mother's personality. s

18)     What man constantly is, is his subconscient personality; not what he momentarily seeks, like Mother's remembrance.

          Man, who wants to be something constantly, must acquire it as a subconscious possession, not merely as conscious endeavour. s

19)   Selfishness can be cultured or rudely boorish. In either case its one demand of anyone is: give up what you have and leave me to myself.

20)     Affection is practically attachment based on attention. It is more based on proximity than sentiment or even blood relationship.

21)   Stubbornness that is often mistaken for faith still yields results with Mother initially since it is the faith of the physical.

22)     Constant initiative at condescension is the urge of those who have fallen from their status; it is pronounced in the next generations.

23)     Relics carry a powerful atmosphere. When samadhi flowers arrive at a place for the first time, the same power can be seen.

          In response to deep devotion, samadhi flowers reveal the atmosphere of relics.

24)   Surrender can be practised from either end, inner or outer. It is best done from both ends. &

25)     You acquire the full strength of that to which you fully surrender. That is why surrender makes man god. & 

26)     When an unreliable partner becomes reliable, the work becomes a success. When an uncontrollable impulse becomes controllable, yoga at that level becomes possible. s

27)     God seeks a higher delight than bliss in creation. Therefore he creates contradictions, splitting one into two opposites. The truth is hidden in the opposites. The conflict of their surfaces generates a struggle of intensity to bring the hidden truth out. Thus the static bliss changes into active delight. &

28)     The process of creation is the process of creating Ignorance out of knowledge. Evolution is knowledge emerging out of Ignorance.&

29)     One becomes human in the measure of his reliability.

30)   Selfishness is incapable of conceiving of selflessness even in others.

31)     Any leader achieves in the measure of his inner reliance on God. Anyone around him achieves in the measure he relies on the leader.

32)     When purposelessness descends to purpose, it is the subtle power trying to achieve in the gross plane. Hence failure is not on the agenda.

33)     Perverse, malicious meanness is the vital counterpart of the tyrant who enoys torturing innocent victims. The torture is physical, the meanness is vital.

34)     Harmony in human relationships gives the strength of each to the other, disharmony gives the weakness to the other similarly.

35)     Life continually exchanges forces carrying capacities. By moving from disharmony to harmony, the exchange of weakness is replaced by that of strength. s

36)     Sri Aurobindo says that Nature which has an immense capacity for wastes, is a scrupulous miser when she is set on a purpose. It is analogous to the sculptor who apparently wastes enormous chunks of stone, yet when he comes to carving a figure is careful not to chip a shade more than is necessary. &

37)     The man who understands the process is closer to achieving it.

38)   Civilisation in the first phase creates potentials and in the second phase creates the capacity to convert that potential into results.

39)   Experience and knowledge create potential. Action and organisation convert the potential into results.

          Civilisation creates potentials for civilisation. It is a measure of higher civilisation to know how much potentials are converted into results.

40)     It is the sense of sin that ushered in the first phase of civilisation; the second phase is one when it is overcome. As  the army is the physical instrument and money the vital institution, SIN is a psychological device to progress.

41)     For a few centuries the service done by maps, records, manuals, log books and printing has been immense. Of these,  dictionaries and directories do an outstanding service. In future, the world needs their compeers in psychology. Audio-video directories that list from literature and history examples for every human trait like jealousy or sweetness is one such. An audio-video dictionary for every psychological term such as attraction, repulsion, goodness, equality will do a great service in future.

42)     The abominably wrong man realises when his victim has gained more than he. He expresses his change of heart as, "Somewhere, somehow I missed a clue."

43)     To evaluate the other man's real strength in terms of tricks or subterfuges is one way meanness exercises itself.

44)     How can an empire state be called democracy? Britain and France do not qualify to be democracies ust by their form of government. Territorial aims disqualify a nation to the democratic ideal. Democracy is the recognition of every other man's right to equality at birth, not by someone granting it. 

          Rights exist by themselves and are not granted by condescension. Democracy is the self-existent right to equality.

45)     One should reach his central will before consecrating individual acts by smaller wills. &

46)     He who wants to give up human relationships and take to Mother must first give up his ego and centre himself in his psychic. It is ego that seeks human relationships for the purpose of domination of some type. &

47)     When man's senses give up impressions and seek only facts, science emerges. By giving up the sense instrumentation altogether, his reason changes into intuition. &

48)     How can there be any gratitude in one who shields ingratitude?

49)     The origin of all culture is the physical environment, not the inner equipment.

50)   Consecration activates the soul centre by each act of consecration. &

51)     Receiving without giving leads to retaliation by the receiver. The giver will be invariably offended.

52)     The nervous timidity before an audience changes with strength to challenge the same audience.

53)     When you go to Madras spending Rs. 50/- for the bus, you spend another Rs. 50/- from the bus stand to go home. This is how life offers different versions of its justice.

54)   Concentration by meditation is powerful. Concentration that comes by calling is FULL, which fills the whole being down to its roots. &

55)     Mean selfishness and great spiritual receptivity can dwell together. &

56)     Irrational people working part of the system find the system oppressive, while the efficiency of the system is all but neutralised by their irrationality. Adult suffrage in a democracy is such a combination.

57)     Members of the royal family feeling they are born to rule is a superstition of the physical mind. The unambitious humility of the low-born endowed with great potentials is equally such a superstition.

58)     Mother's knowledge carries power which is carried only by money. s

59)     Man reaching the Reality through the universe will reach it in its fullness. He seeks it through the individual and therefore misses the fullness, lands in the indefinable -- three levels from the Absolute. &

60)   Knowledge for man is mastery of the environment outside and completeness of the being inside. &

61)     Vedic Immortality is the balance they showed us at the physical level of the being. To them it was supreme infinity and divine universality. &

62)     Progress is to move from fact to symbol. Once the symbol is created, the whole world is after that. Money is one such symbol. A greater symbol than that is prestige. Those who want to release man's energies will do well to minister to his prestige.&

63)     The unconscious man, unconscious of his potentialities, is known to be humble. Humility is the conscious awareness of one's potentialities and not appropriating them to one's ego.

          Humility is egolessness, not unawareness of one's inner value.s

64)   Circumstances can lead to imaginary potentials of personality. Equally so, other circumstances can help ignore real potentialities.

65)     Man becoming a victim of circumstances is unconscious.

66)     To rise above the compulsion of the outer circumstances is to be conscious.s

67)     Existence not merely concealed itself as non-existence but created the separate ego into which it fortified its concealment. Hence the secret of existence now is to exceed the ego. &

68)     Double opening needs to shift the concentration from outside to inside.&

69)     Human choice is a choice of VALUES.  At each step to choose a course of the right values out of strength, is the right human choice.

70)     Man never has any hesitation to assume any new attitude like the drunkard in Shakespeare's prologue. Only that he must feel the authority for it.

71)     Secrecy in a low atmosphere, and frankness in a strong atmosphere help accomplish. The reverse is disastrous.

72)     Purna Yoga differs from the traditional yogas even as democracy differed from monarchy, in that democracy offered everyone the right to become the head of the nation while Purna Yoga offers everyone the knowledge that is power to become God. &

73)     The tons of gold ornaments have lost their exhibitionist value in sophisticated gatherings. The muscle man who by virtue of his muscular strength ruled nations earlier has lost the power of his muscles in a democracy that votes its leader to power. In all areas where thought leads the nation, the rich man has no direct role to play.  

          Gold ornaments, landed wealth, power of muscles as well as accumulated wealth have no meaning in a world that is lead by knowledge. When knowledge becomes powerful, they all will disappear.

74)     The future, maybe even the present, belongs to knowledge. It will become a reality when knowledge becomes knowledge of power.

          Power that has ruled the earth through muscle and money has now moved to knowledge. It will further move to Spirit. &

75)     A ust and rational mediator for a party is one who accepts the party's authority. That is the extent to which parties are willing to be 'rational.' 

76)     The beginning of wisdom is to know the unknowable -- Sri Aurobindo &

77)     You cannot know It, you can become It. By giving up the desire to know It, one becomes It. &

78)     By giving up the desire to enoy, one becomes oy itself. &

79)     By giving up the desire to master, one becomes not master but Mastery itself. &

80)     The subective includes the obective. The obective cannot include the subective. &

81)     The rubber snake is harmless. The fright it causes is real when we do not see it is rubber. It is partially so even when we see the truth. There is no real harm, no real cause for fright.  In another sense it is an artistic product. Evil is not REAL, it has no harm for man. So is tyranny. But all of them are real to the mind's perception. This is Sri Aurobindo's explanation of evil.&

82)     It is the capable selfish person who prospers in life. Had he been selfless, his wealth would have no chance to accumulate.

83)     Man seeks power before knowledge because he is physical.s

84)     Human mind realises the value of anything only in its absence. Hence the opposite is of value and significance. To recognise that value of contradiction is spiritual wisdom. &

85)     Man can receive information but not thought. He has to receive the information and convert it into thought by his own thinking. The unthinking masses demand their own thoughts from the leaders and end up unthinking followers.

86)     There is only one process of action or accomplishment. It is the process of creation. It repeats at all levels. It moves from being to consciousness to Ananda to comprehension. At that point it becomes creative. &

87)     The ultimate delight in this creation is the objectless delight in the objects. What is insubstantial in Satchidananda is made permanent and substantial by matter. That is the significance of Matter. &

88)     The depth of concentration is determined by the depth and width of knowledge. &

89)     It takes time, a very long time, for us to give an opening to Mother. She takes no time to act. She always acts instantaneously. &

90)     Human affection at its best can be selfish and therefore is capable of turning into its opposite, hate, at any time. &

91)   Enjoyment for man, Mother says, is throwing away the energy. This is so because before the energy organises itself, it has to saturate the plane with itself. The process of saturation takes the form of throwing away energy. &

92)     Man is attracted by an opportunity that carries a difficulty. We see he is attracted to it in spite of the difficulty. The truth is, it is that difficulty that attracts him. &

93)     Pain, difficulties, disease, danger, etc. have an irresistible attraction for man and they present themselves externally through an opportunity. &

94)     The soul that longs for an experience of pain makes the mind see its external as an opportunity. &

95)     When mind sees a difficulty, the soul feels an attraction to the opportunity it is. &

96)     Seeing the contrary (difficulty) as complement (opportunity) is the knowledge of the soul. &

97)     Mind recoils from problems; soul makes for them. &

98)     What sin is to a narrow personality is no sin to greatness. It even enjoys doing it. &

Greatness emerges out of narrowness of sin to enjoy the true occasion of the act. &

100)    To be able to see it in others is yogic vision. He who perceives that in those who betrayed him is face to face with the Marvel of this creation.&




part X

1)       The human life we are most occupied with and concerned about is a life of repetition by the physical consciousness that needs to be expunged from our central existence.   s

2)       Life is of millions of threads hanging vertically and rotating at both ends in opposite directions. The centre tightens into a knot which is human suffering. A reversal of directions at both ends will dissolve that artificial suffering; even at one end will suffice. s

3)     Sheepishness is the brilliance of the maturing physicality that is crossing the border into vitality. s

4)       Those values that survive adversity are real values. &

5)       Integral knowledge is that which can understand any aspect of life from every other aspect or in terms of every other aspect.&

6)       Sri Aurobindo speaks about a yogi who lived in this region and taught that the body will disappear into light. It is a reference to Ramalinga Swamigal.

7)       All administered progress is occult to the receiver. All progress from below without help from above is occult too to him. As long as man is in mind, any progress will be occult to him.

8)       Every time we complain that the Force has not worked is the invariable occasion when we fail to call Mother and dwell on the problem. Surely if you don't call, the Force fails. &

9)       Don't concentrate on the problem, call MOTHER.
Naturally where you focus on the problem, the problem grows in intensity.

10)     An inexperienced man can become a chief minister, not a chief secretary. Even if he could, he could not function there.

          Moksha transfers the individual soul to the Superconscience where it cannot function. For it to function, it must evolve into Superconscience. &

12)     Integral Yoga cannot be done by the help of a personal guru. Master and Mother are there in the atmosphere to answer our prayers; they are inside us to guide our yoga. Only those who know of The Mother can avail of the atmosphere. Only those who are adults in yogic experience can avail of the inner Guru. &

13)     The human guru is of no avail in this yoga. Only those who have a formed yogic personality can reach the inner guru. &

14)     To receive Her Force constantly, one should be creative all the time. In most men a single creative moment does not appear in a whole life time. Therefore man stands at a distance and worships Mother. s

15)     As long as hate is there in any form or in any measure, Love has no chance of being born in that heart. &

16)     Pursuing a smaller possibility either leads to a small result or makes the greater possibility infructuous. Mature men wait for the ripening of the greatest of possibilities. &

17)     The king gave the physical security of law and order. Democracy has extended the rule of law so much that the individual can exercise his individuality. Sri Aurobindo requires the security from hostile forces for Truth to be followed by the individual.

          It is the security at the physical, social, subtle levels that ensures the progress of man. &

18)     The ultimate weapons of ego are selfishness, desire and pride. The weaker expressions of them are insecurity, greed and vanity. The ego is not constituted to be ashamed of them at any time. The person who is not the ego has to wean himself away from these, which is an endless task. Instead, if the person takes refuge in Mother, he automatically weans himself away from all these petty versions of the shell of ego. &

19)     Raw desire is callous, shameless, self-forgetful and is only focussed on its own gratification. Money, power and woman bring it powerfully to the surface. s

20)     Money culture keeps all the raw desires on the surface forever, for money is the symbol of the surface remaining raw.

21)     Sense of boredom belongs to the surface mind. It is not there in the subliminal. &

22)     When Grace acts, man does not change, but the atmosphere changes in his favour. The work is accomplished for him. When he changes work is accomplished for God. s

23)     The desire to please another in a weak man is an expression of his own inability to please himself by accomplishment.

24)     Altruism is defenseless against the greed and strength of the beneficiary whose greater capacity is to destroy the benefactor.

25)     Sri Aurobindo says that if people knew what kind of person he was, they would wonder about his later life. We believe that as an avatar He achieved that     much. The Truth is anyone who has the mind to choose Grace at every step can achieve like Him hereafter. That is His boon to us.

 Physical plane rewards effort.
Vital plane rewards goodness.
Mind rewards knowledge.
Spirit rewards response to Grace.

26)     One can learn from a genius a lot. But there is no strategy to acquire his genius. Sri Aurobindo attained Supermind by surrender and has given that strategy to the world. It is a strategy by which one can get from Sri Aurobindo all the spiritual wealth he has. &

27)     Our totality extends to two extremities. To know that extreme limit, especially the lower limit and its hideousness is to take a step towards realising the totality.

          Totality is not for one who is unwilling to open his lower limits.&

28)     Cronies seek closeness with the leader. Servants seek approval of the boss. It is not through service that they seek it or through any means that are right. The friendliness of the master is taken for approval which they have sought for long. So, friendliness of the master instantaneously leads to slackness in the servants. Closeness to cronies means levelling off and resting on the oars. Cronies and servants are of the social plane. They are not idealists wedded to a cause for them to use the closeness to serve the ideal better.

29)   Emotional cooperation needs emotional understanding. As man is unable to fully appreciate his own emotions, it is difficult for the man or the wife to know the other's emotions. Still, it is possible and desirable if the constitutional ignorance breaks down. To a great extent it can be thinned by perfection at the physical level. s

30)     It is the mentality that is lost in externals.

                              --- Sri Aurobindo  &

          As mind is an instrument of ignorance, using the externalised thought as its instrument, it can only dwell in the externals.

31)     The ability to disengage the mind from a work before it is over, enables man to develop multiple faculties. It is one of the symptoms of genius. Yoga gives that ability to the sadhak. In that sense yoga takes one past the genius. s

32)     To give another his desert is noble, but a human law. To give another what he does not deserve is the way of grace. Mother offers the inconceivable when man receives it or obliviously misses it. God's denying one's desert is greater than grace, maybe super grace. &

33)     It is the founder of an institution who can see its growth, not the members who are expressions of that growth. Man being man cannot see the lila now until he reaches the Absolute through the Supreme and the Psychic. &

34)     Body is the Being. Realising its divinity is to realise the Self-Conscious Being. &

35)     A brave man is proud of bravery but a criminal hides his crime. A criminal who is publicly proud of his crime or a public woman who is expansive about her profession truly represents that vibration. Whether they represent the universal type or not, they are of that universal vibration. s

36)     When the Being of the Becoming reaches the Supreme and the Absolute, God is able to see how HE enoys His lila. Going further and acquiring the nature of the Eternal and the Infinite, HE becomes His Lila which is Immortality. &

37)     Love, courage and every other ideal are their own reward. This is what the world knows. What we do not know is laziness, stealing, crime, cheating and every other crime too are their own reward.

          Sin or virtue is followed for its own sake, as each is infinite in its own constitution. The human spirit is in pursuit of the infinite in life as in its origin it is infinite. It is fully satisfied as long as what it follows is infinite and does not care whether it is good or bad, sin or virtue. &

38)     He who asks for what is not his due pushes his way to secure his obect.

39)     Stiffness is the defensive poise of an incompetent uncultured mind.

40)     The levels of creation and the relationship at each level:

                   Being               -- Unity
       Consciousness --  Union
        Supermind      --   Harmony
        Mind               --  reconciliation
        Life                 --  conflict
        Matter            --  contradiction 

41)     The first condition to solve a problem is to forget it, the second is to turn to Mother. When one is happy to think of Mother, no problems can ever exist in one's life. &

42)     The body can forget the worst of sins it committed as well as the best of delights. s

43)     Limits are there for the giver, the receiver, the atmosphere, the channel, etc.

44)     Yoga needs the change in swarupa, life that is of swabhava. All other changes are brilliant intellectual shadows that are ineffective in life or being. &

45)     Only that change that instantaneously expresses in the next act is a true change.&

46)     As the instructions in the chip can be altered, the genetic code can be changed by the power of physically conscious knowledge.&

47)     When work needs to move physical material things, a corresponding token work is necessary. Change of our own attitude can help change another's attitude. General prayer can move things unencumbered by attitudes or material things. Still, a prayer welling up from the appropriate depth can move matter or attitude rarely. s

48)     Selfish sensation, absence of values, insensitivity lead men to be low, disregarding their duties. The selfless man, full of values, endowed with keen sensitivity comes to a point where he disregards values and acts in favour of a principle higher than human values.

          Human values are there to be disregarded either by low selfishness or by higher principles. &

49)     Thought understands the part, silence a bigger part, intuition the whole. The Supramental silence understands an obect as its own part inside while intuition seeks an external knowledge directly. &

50)     What is still unpleasant to the consciousness is ananda to the vision of substance. &

51)     He who aspires to see the marvel of the wonderful world of delight, must first be able to thrill at every sight around him.&

52)     Gratitude is the first step in the sequence of which the marvel is the last. &

53)     For the selfless man, the selfish man is an abhorrence. Selflessness is incomplete without selfishness. For God's vision, Selflessness includes selfishness as it is necessary for the totality at the mental stage. &

54)   Cherishing the past is like reading the text books of grammar school now.

55)   Consecration is to act on the Many through the One. Thus, the one in the Many reconciles itself with the One. Surrender enables the Being in the Becoming to emerge. &

56)     Mother is the One in the Many; the Many in the One. &

57)     The Many and the One are reconciled in The Mother. &

58)   Bitterness in a sweet relationship only enhances the sweetness according to the law that any intensity in a plane only goes to increase the central characteristic of that plane.

59)     In this selfish society only selfish strength can survive. Selflessness is an illusion here. Idealism, rationalism, public service and goodness, etc. can survive only under the umbrella of selfish authority.

60)     To pursue ideals of kind without providing protection for them earlier will not achieve the ideal but will certainly gain the knowledge that it is impossible.

61)     Love does turn into hate when the situations change, but only within ego and not outside.&

62)     During periods of transition, man vigourously espouses future ideals while equally vigorously protecting the status quo which is their very antithesis. s

63)     The present is a period when low social values are fast losing their foundations. Even the lip service to future values has vanished giving place to every practice that comes by money.

64)     No individual, no institution, not even a movement can protect the vanishing values. Only the Force can establish them first destroying the present society. s

65)     The individual is in no position even to think out an answer except to put himself in the hands of the descending Force. So vast is the descending Force, so formidable is the existing establishment that not only his own entire setup but his own entire subconscious is pervaded by the very opposite of what he is striving to establish. s

66)   Experience gives the confidence to do a thing by oneself. Inspiration enables one to solve another's problem personally. Mastery is to generalise the personal inspiration with the expertise of experience.

          To evolve a universal strategy, one who is inspired should have the expertise of field experience.  In other words, MASTERY issues out of intuition gaining the faculty to present itself in an ordered knowledge rationality requires.

67)     Faith is will relying on knowledge. s

68)   Sensitivity is enlarged capacity of sense without its acquiring a higher understanding.

69)   Enoyment as it increases in intensity and is near crossing the plane becomes pain or torture. So, we can say the greatest enoyment is the most intense torture ustifying the saying 'Torture is enoyment in the reverse.' Even that torture is only for the surface. Even there, for the inner being, it is adventure.&

70)     The soul's experience is the process of Self-discovery. &

71)     Form is the knowledge of force that is Ignorant. Force is the power of Form.&

72)     Family, education, market, army, government are cultural, educational, commercial, military, administrative institutions of the society whose services are incomparable. Guru is a spiritual institution who brings to the disciple the entire spiritual tradition. All these institutions are in the gross social plane whereas the guru is in the subtle plane.

          Mother is such an institution in the causal, subtle planes brought to us in the gross plane by her avatarhood. Calling HER non-stop is the ultimate LUCK in yoga. s

73)     The most beautiful artistic moment of human intimacy when subected to social morality becomes a hideous wrong. A vision of consciousness finds in the ugly and the hideous Love as well as Beauty. s

74)     What we call Individual is a person who can release himself from one and reach another end. The centre of individualisation is what we term Individual, which is really the Eternal. &

75)     A few may concede a conscious Society. Will anyone conceive of a conscious Nature? HE says Nature is a conscious Being.&

76)   Surrender of thought is silence, that of mind is nirvana. He needs the surrender of being and its powers. Surrender of dharmas that the Gita asks for leads to moksha. Surrender of being dissolves the ego. &

77)     It is not concentration on the thought or on the mind or being that helps. It is the concentration away from them and on the Divine that helps. &

78)     Man's one instrument is ego. His egolessness begins as altruism. Even his surrender is an effort of ego. How can man use an instrument he does not have? He has to detach himself from his ego. What does that mean? He has to shift himself to the psychic. WHO? The mental person, a product of nature, should become the psychic person or soul-person. The starting point thus is the psychic part of the mental person, represented by equality which transcends Sattwa guna.s

79)     Logical intelligence bases itself on facts presented. Supermind develops intuitive intelligence that bases itself on the undisclosed intention behind the presented facts. &

80)     On the surface we relate to another's words. Words do not reflect his mental consciousness fully. The supramental thought belongs to the substance of the being of the speaker and is able to reach the thought of the substance of the listeners being. &

81)     Poison, snake: The distance between two structures makes them inimical even as a slow moving vehicle is dangerous to a fast moving one. Each in its place is a beauty of its level and has its own perfection. Hence the beauty of the cobra.
Disgust: The above principle in sensitivity raises disgust. To see the marvel of the disgusting thing is wisdom at his own level.

82)     Silence:


absence of thought


absence of speech


absence of desire


absence of restlessness

Higher mind

absence of understanding


absence of vision


absence of knowledge


absence of active Ignorance


presence of knowledge inside


absence of consciousness leading to pure existence -- Peace


absence of Existence -- Peace of Being


Silence dissolves into non-existence. &

83)     All the difficulties in sadhana arise from the fact that we are on the human side. First change to the Divine side at the point where we are, and then the sunlit path begins. That change is called transformation, reversal of consciousness or surrender.&

84)     Man's physical experience leads to mental education. It is possible for mental men to have mental experience, thus quickening the pace of learning. The tapasvi further hastens it by having inner spiritual experiences which dispense with outer physical or vital or even mental experience. Pseudo idealists try to reverse the process and offer them mental rationality, bypassing physical experience. The process prevails and the idealist gets what he misses -- inner first, outer next for him; outer first, inner next for others.&

85)     The idealism that tries to do more than nature or tapas learns what it tries to overlook.

86)     Spiritual experience does not make one perfect. It gives an endowment in the area of the experience. Perfection lies not in the human spirit that is partial. It is there in the Spirit that can be found in the Supermind. Sri Aurobindo talks of Perfect Perfection which cannot exist in the spirit mind knows.&

87)   Perfection presupposes all-inclusive concentration and wide massive opening that lead us to the discovery of the Universal and the Transcendental inside us. That Perfection is neither in the outside nor inside, but begins inside and covers the outside. &

88)     It is THAT inside which includes the outside. &

89)     Trikala drishti is its endowment, not a mind constructed inference. &

90)     Crises in life are attempts to destroy social or psychological forms. &

91)     Man is trying to create more perfect forms. Life takes the opportunity to destroy the present form. Only those who are stronger than life can create greater or higher forms. s

92)     The sincerity of a person when a new ideal is presented is seen in his capacity to appreciate its highest new value. Insincerity often resorts to meanness to refute particularly its forte. 

93)     The best of intentions of ego is still egoistic intentions and therefore will not serve the divine purpose. s

94)     Boredom is on the surface, not in the depths. &

95)     All the high values of this society -- honesty, integrity, nobility, etc. -- are values developed by this society for its own preservation. The values themselves are high, but their seed is the falsehood of this society like the honesty of thieves. They have to be given up as the values of this society and regained as higher values. He who hesitates will perish. Sri Krishna did not hesitate.s

96)     In practice, it can be done by allowing the values to preserve themselves by their gathering around you. Your advancing to them with a sense of nostalgia signals the doom. s

97)     The question is not to preserve the values, but to preserve the consciousness. &

98)    Calling Mother when life is threatened or a sensitivity rises in revolt is still prayer for a result. Calling Her so that the most ordinary activities can be handed over to Her in surrender and to feel a OY in it is the beginning of consecration. Surrender is difficult, He says.

          That call to Her which feels the oy in calling and that surrender which expands the being in joy is the surrender acceptable to Her. He says only that surrender done face to face with the Divine is acceptable, not any other. &

99)     Social manners are those that respect society. Good manners are those that satisfy good conscience. What are God-manners?

          To receive Him and distribute Him to other souls, is God-manners. We receive Him as Grace, give Him as Love. &

100)   The greatest practical knowledge man needs is,

                    distinction between good and bad;

                 discrimination between friend and enemy;

                the difference between black and white, i.e. socially black and socially white.s  


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