Series VI                                                                           



1)         When the heart starts calling, mind will begin to recede and finally disappear. 5


2)         What we know as a bother is not only a reflection of our inner attitude, but is a physical continuation of the previous generations.   5


3)        Our wish to serve Mother often meets with roadblocks. When we wish to serve Mother alone, everything cooperates.  5


4)         Man is God in a coma.  &


5)        A choice is either flat or rich giving an opening. That choice which leads to the opening is the right choice.  J


6)         Physical work becomes emotional. When it becomes mental work, emotions disappear and again work becomes work to be reckoned with, not a factor of emotions. Sin attaches to the work only when work remains emotional. J


7)         The past rears its head in the name of positive values. We forget they are positive to the past. J


8)         Prayer increasing the problem is a sure sign of our sticking to the habit of the past. 5


9)         Frankness and rationality is for social life. Neither for the vital, nor for the most powerful subtle life of the subliminal spirit, it will do. In fact, it would do harm there.  J


10)       The Infinite becoming the finite is creation. The finite becoming the Infinite is evolution.


Process of creation:- 

Being – Consciousness – Ananda – Supermind – Mind – Life-- Matter.
Person – Awareness – Sensation – Comprehension – Apprehending awareness – Movement – Form of Non-Being.


11)       When people lie to your face, it means you like them in spite of their lies. When they lie about you behind your back, it only means you have not yet acquired the power over lies. J


12)       The very best moment to know a little more of Mother is when life utterly deserts us and leaves us in a hopeless condition and in utter despair. &


13)       The silence that comes out of disappointment is still powerful. The full power of Silence comes out only when it is the silence of joy and fulfilment. 5


14)       Everything is a symbol of something higher. Man as well as an idol symbolise higher planes. For one who does not see the symbolism, man is just a body, the idol a carved stone. Symbolic knowledge helps one rise. By transcending symbolism, man enters Timelessness. At a lower level, where symbolism is not evident, man degenerates into animal or matter. J


15)       A total divorce from the past is a sign of moving from the negative to the positive side. 5


16)       A formula works for the first time. For it to work forever, it should be moving continuously till the physical learns. 5


17)       Expectation leaves us negatively by utter failure or tragedy. It can go positively by total success and utter fulfilment. J


18)       Mother saving life or property in the past is no longer of value to man as Her offering small successes now. J


19)       Society will respect money and only money. Society maligns one who is coming into money until he attains it. For any reason if he rises to a higher position than his wealth supports, he will be harassed in that measure. J


20)       Consecrating the past and anticipating the future are ways of abridging Time. 5


21)       Lack of sensitivity gives the dull man what he cherishes as peace of mind. 5


22)       The surrender of The Gita makes one an awakened soul and departs from religious worship. 5


23)       By silence alone, one moves to Purusha.  By surrender alone, one moves to Purushothama. By silent surrender, one moves to the Psychic. 5


24)       It is not difficult to see that the inner life is like that of life in a refugee camp, devoid of all values, moved only by necessities.5


25)       To be able to consecrate fully a single act, the entire consciousness must turn to the Divine. 5


26)       To maintain hourly consecration, one should remain in the Being of the Becoming and let the Being surface at the stroke of the hour. 5


27)       Hourly consecration keeps one all the time in the Being of the Becoming. 5


28)       Hourly consecration is the penultimate stage for a consecrated living. 5


29)       The Absolute enjoys in losing itself and finding itself. There is the Absolute in matter, but matter itself is Absolute. The Absolute that is matter struggling to remember itself is the taste of ignorance. In Man it becomes the psychic. The psychic has only knowledge, but no power. The human being has the choice of psychic. To choose between life and psychic is the human choice.5


30)       Hell that needs to be passed through to reach heaven ceases to be hell and allows heaven to move towards man, when he inwardly changes from ignorance to knowledge. 5


31)       The need to consecrate the thought disappears when memory leaves the consciousness. 5


32)       The infallible human choice requires that 1) it must be a self choice; 2) effective work that produces the result coupled with a view of the whole; 3) the choice must be in the subtle plane; 4) knowledge of the choice must reach the physical; 5) it must be value-based; 6) it must be made from No. 3, the physical mind; 7) it must be from the positive side. 5


33)       Man has the choice of the psychic and prakriti. The first gives him the joy of emerging knowledge. The latter gives him the taste of ignorance. 5


34)       The psychology of the spirit expressing in the material is yoga.5


35)       All perversions of human behaviour must be seen in the light of the seed of Truth in them that is trying to express itself according to its own circumstance, not as they appear to be. 5


36)       Past civilisation was materially productive. Present civilisation is materially creative. Future civilisation must be mentally creative. The spiritually creative civilisation is of the Supermind. 5


37)       For the choice to be right, the borderline between status and adventure must be crossed. J


38)       Ego is the central person whose attitude is selfishness and meanness is the strategy. J


39)       For a work to yield results, one should feel it; it is not enough to know it. J


40)       As long as you choose the work you like, you will have success and failure facing you. For him who chooses to take interest in work given to him, there is only success. 5


41)       Crossing the mind, sin changes into an enjoyable act. 5


42)       The highest ideal man can follow is within the limits of his survival. As the ideal makes him vulnerable, he has to limit himself. Otherwise, it is possible for the yogi to keep a pleasant relationship with his detractors, rivals, enemies as well as the very hostile forces. J


43)       Human choice is made by the clarity of emotions based on complete physical security. J


44)       The divine end of expectation is His initiative through life to bring the object of expectation towards us. 5


45)       Silent will is not secrecy. It is a will self-sufficient to itself, without expressing it to another. J


46)       Hourly consecration that reminds itself is unfailing. 5


47)       Mind can think only one thought at a time. Supermind receives innumerable thoughts simultaneously. &


48)       A book of interest and one that is wearisome are reflections of Becoming. The Being of the Becoming finds even a wearisome book interesting. The Jnani who is in the Being does not interest himself in reading or any other act of that kind.&


49)       Capacity to cure physical ailments is Supermind touching the physical. 5


50)       One minute of psychic awareness is more difficult than one hour of trance. 5


51)       The social maximum is the individual minimum.  The individual maximum is the social minimum. J


52)       Constant remembrance is the earlier stage of being conscious.5


53)       He who has imperfectly completed the ascent and is in the process of descent, by the law of contradictions, will face the corresponding step in the ascent. E.g. when he who has acquiesced in mild corruption becomes the instrument to eradicate corruption, he will face in his son the desire to become rich by corruption.J


54)       Mother’s Consciousness raises the level of innate intelligence. It also gives appropriate higher skills and talents. &


55)       To be conscious is to be conscious of one’s soul. For the devotees, it means he must be conscious of The Mother inside. 5


56)       When life does not instantaneously respond, it means the time has not come. J


57)       An act is the unit of life. An act of shooting a ball into the ring is a result of gravitation, an expression of Newton’s law of motion. It is determined by the skill, energy, and experience of the player. It is governed by the part of the ball, the ring, the other players, the spectators and every thing in its universe. J


58)       This yoga does not need a concentration that shuts off the senses, but one that will take the sadhak away from the surface and into the subliminal. &


59)       The thinking ego falling silent can move to the Purusha. This is moving from Time to Timelessness. You can be either in Time or Timelessness. How to go to the Psychic from Purusha? Or from Prakriti?   Move from Time to Timelessness without losing hold of Time. Thus you do not move to Purusha, but to the psychic which is in the simultaneous integrality of Time and Timelessness. &


60)       The greatest advance science can make now is to know mind as they know the body. 5


61)       The eternal freedom expresses itself as choice in action. 5


62)       When one stops thinking and stops acting, one moves from Time to Timelessness. 5


63)       To know mind, ego, Time, Infinity, memory as we know the body, history and geography will make our partial knowledge complete. J


64)       Transformation of Matter:  Instead of Mind seeing Divine through senses, if the Supermind in matter sees the Divine through Force and not Form, Matter will reveal to itself as Sat. &


65)       Human choices exercised in adversity, being those of the physical, are the valid choices. J


66)       Creative men take a material or a circumstance and produce more than what it ordinarily brings out. To create infinitely out of NOTHING is spiritual creativity. 5


67)       Wrong could not come where all is light and love. &


68)       There is no choice in Time or Timelessness. You are overpowered by the plane and forced to be there. Only in their simultaneous integrality is there the choice, the choice to be there, master of both Time and Timelessness. 5


69)       The Force acts only when our attention is turned away. It is a supramental realisation that can allow the Force to act when one is still conscious. &


70)       Punctuality makes one think of work and more importantly, of the other men with respect to work. It widens the personality thus. J


71)       Intelligence is the youngest and brilliant child of material Energy.  – Sri Aurobindo  &


72)       The ideas of the next century expressed through the attitudes of obedience of the previous century will help in receiving the FORCE now. 5


73)       The yogic surrender Sri Aurobindo speaks of is an act. At some stage, it ripens into an attitude, an inner attitude through which all acts flow. It is then one is said to have the yogic consciousness. &


74)       The body learns. This means it gives its stored power to the process of comprehension thus making knowledge power. 

  For integration, the body should think and mind should act while the emotion should energise both.

Sri Aurobindo wants the psychic to be materialised, the body supramentalised and mind and emotions turn into light and love.&


75)       The Many seek; the One exists. 5


76)       Revolutions in society come to be stable when the social organisations, customs, usage, culture and their individual versions absorb the spirit of the revolution and restructure themselves. This is eminently reflected by the literature of those periods. Conversely, literature can anticipate the revolutionary fervour and lead the society for a bottom up effort, which when accepted by it will change revolution into social evolution. J


77)       He who reaches moksha reaches God above; he who reaches the psychic becomes God on earth. &


78)       Is divine Love unemotional? Or does that emotion turn into devotion? Is the highest vibration of Love felt in the physical gratitude that thrills the body? 5


79)       It is the ego that takes initiative. Its initiatives are for self-preservation. In its absence, the soul is awake, but does not take initiative. It lies in wait for the higher impulsion. 5


80)       One man’s perfection can save the world.
Sri Aurobindo

One man’s choice can open the opportunity for the Millennium.5


81)       Expectation is reliance on the external. J


82)       Egolessness can be seen if one is capable of no sorrow or disappointment. &


83)       He who vainly sought for the hand of human friendship all his life, scarcely is able to know that the Divine has been waiting for his Love to be accepted all the while. 5


84)       Durability is consciousness self-involved in its substance. 5


85)       Civilisation is social manners replacing social control. Culture is conscience replacing social manners. J


86)       Each happening is a deep experience. &


87)       Human depravity is God’s most powerful weapon to demolish the human selfish sensitivities so that Becoming of Nature will yield place to God’s Force of transformation through double opening.  Depravity destroys barriers to double opening. 5


88)       When essential knowledge is acquired, it helps one forget the details. Essence itself can be lost when it turns into its own potentials.

The Being expresses its truths and powers. Details are the powers, the truths are the potentials. One can transcend the truths too by identifying with the Being. 5


89)       Effort implies denial of comfort. J


90)       To accept the responsibility of irresponsible people is consciousness responsibility. 5


91)       The choice to be most successful must be made from faith which alone can have all the positive energy. Shakti, Viryam, deiva Prakriti are the earlier stages of effective energy. They are energies of temperament, emotions and vital psychic. 5


92)       Willingness to change from objective analysis to subjective synthesis is the first break from physical mind. 5


93)       The objectivity of the scientist is physicality of mind. J


94)       Goodwill for oneself overlooks the ill will of others, even humiliation or punishment since work needs to be done overlooking those barriers. Good will for others that can similarly overlook the same barriers when no benefit is to be derived, accomplishes in the heart a niche for The Mother. 5


95)       When there is a need to act, do not act, call Mother. &


96)       Mother is far away from us for our call to be effective. But Her Presence is closest to us in the person of the rival, the refractory child, the hateful gossiping member in our society. As long as we refuse the close presence, Mother remains far away. &


97)       Implicit obedience of loyalty is spiritual manners. 5


98)       When there is an occasion to think, stop thinking and call Mother.&


99)       Jails are not places to be abhorred and shunned. Our peaceful life in the town is made possible because all the criminals are shut up in the jails. J


100)      To the human eye, the accused and the convict in the jail are sinners who deserve our sympathy or compassion. To the All-vision, the world-being is one. One part of it, perhaps the better, comes forward to express the negative side of the world personality so that the positive side can grow in other individuals. The sinner makes the virtue of the virtuous possible. He is not to be condemned and shunned. He is our other opposite part which is indispensable for our growth. 5


101)      Man can become what he aspires for.

§ The highest aspiration of man is social acceptance. Social acceptance can be at various levels.

§ What can make a man aspire for social acceptance at the highest level?  When man knows it is achievable by him through his present equipment, he will aspire for it.

§ A practical ideal can be made out for him. He would like a PRODUCT to accomplish it.

§ Better than the product is an INFORMATION.

§ Ideas are more powerful than information. The theory is a collection of such ideas.

§ Computer is such a product.

§ Practical concept of Infinity is such an information.

§ Beyond this is the aspiration to outgrow the society. J


102)      Character is the psychological organisation (in the individual) of the society in the individual.

The psychological organisation of the society in the individual is his own character.

Psychological potential energies of the society find their expression in individuals of strong character as Personality through their unorganised energies.  J


103)      Life is complex, not complicated. What is complicated for mental knowledge is really a rich complexity to a supramental vision. &


104)      Lila is self-discovery, but not the discovery of the self that hid. The self that hid in itself was pure self. That which it discovers is the self of matter. Between  hiding and seeking, the spirit that was hidden evolved. The self discovery of the spirit is indeed the process of spiritual evolution. &


105)      Imagination is purposeless. It is purposelessness that gives any value for imagination. Imagination is the carefully executed replica of Avidya. &


106)      For temperament to enjoy another temperament, there is a condition of one liking the other. He who has risen above temperament can enjoy any other temperament without any condition. J


107)      When a man gives himself fully, he can do so only to one thing. God consists of unity, Truth, Goodness, Knowledge, Will and Love. For man to give himself fully to God, he has to do so six times over. Only by moving to Supermind where all the six are united can man give himself fully to God. 5


108)      Prophesy is to make the Infinite finite. Not to prophesy is to allow the Infinite its own course. The great prophet is one who sees the course of the finite before it becomes the Infinite. J


109)      Every man exerts his uttermost in pursuit of possible enjoyment.J


110)      Mental faculties are infinite. Each has innumerable rules. All can be brought under as few rules of wisdom as one chooses, as they have all issued out of one centre of Life. 5


111)      Man is capable of believing his mortal enemy to be a trusted friend, if he is capable of sweet behaviour. Human life is skin deep.  We see how others are cheated. It is difficult to see how we are taken in. J


112)      To make the temporary permanent is the illusion of the sentiment; to make the permanent temporary is the ignorance of the physical. J


113)      The formless Vast is not the spaceless infinite.  Form is prior to Space. &


114)      Not to seek comforts and conveniences by the values of life, to seek them by the values of Mother and express Mother in that seeking is aspiration.

Any discussion of this conversion either with oneself or others will be endless. When it ends, it will end on the old note – Mother should make my needs available; not that I should accept Mother’s values.

Ego – Mother should work for me.

Psychic – I should serve Mother. 5


115)      Mantra:  The depth from which a mantra is chanted determines the power, not so much the mantra itself. 5


116)      He who does not start with the work cannot begin this yoga. Once he does so, he is not permitted to give up work for the rest of his life.

Consecration of work is the first step of yoga; and that is the final stamp of it too. 5


117)      The difference between wealth and poverty in old age is the difference between discipline and dissipation in young age. J


118)      Material benefits given to someone will not be recognised until they are threatened to be taken back.

Matter being valuable only by touch will not generate sentiments, especially sentiments of gratitude. It may be that the entire property one now owns is something he got as a gift. Still, it is incapable of evoking gratitude or even recognition. In most cases, memory will be missing.

Matter has no feeling, much less thought. How can it be grateful, which is a mental emotion? J


119)      Disciplines, if accepted halfheartedly, have a way of undermining themselves. This is so because discipline has a personality and cannot be made to cancel itself without its consent.

Any trait has a personality. If you want to get rid of it, better convince it of self-dissolution which we do when we are stronger than the trait. It is better to do it by knowledge than by strength.J


120)      All-inclusive concentration which is the first step in this yoga comes only by the divine call, not by any human effort.

As long as the attempt to understand either by thought or by the silence of mind is there, the human effort lingers. It is enough to prevent the call or sanction. &


121)      Gossip is popular mostly for the reason that one feels superior to the man about whom he gossips. He feels he is sitting in judgement over someone. Another reason is in passing on to others the vile acts of someone else, the speaker indulges his own low tastes.J


122)      The world has not known the all-inclusive concentration Integral Yoga needs. One can develop it if he is Sri Aurobindo or The Mother, not otherwise. The easiest way to acquire it is to identify with them fully in an attitude of surrender. &


123)      One symptom of higher consciousness is the emergence of personality from the idea of guilt. J


124)      Love and affection that would not change into hate are true, but they do not grow into attachment, nor are they capable of being focussed on to one person. Always love retains its character of impersonality. J


125)      As courage is the quality of the Force expressing itself expansively in action, equality is the quality of the Infinite expressing itself in the plane of Timelessness at infinite speed. 5


126)      Purposeful purposelessness is the subtle in the gross plane. Evolution will be complete only when the causal plane descends into the gross.

Purpose gives thought grossness. Thought, as in Shakespeare, becomes subtle and therefore immortal when it leaves the domain of Purpose. 5           

127)      Any problem in this wide world can be reduced to one human trait such as selfishness or energy or wisdom since all such traits meet in the one centre that is Man. 5


128)      Hurry and divine impulse resemble each other. One is on our initiative and the other on the divine initiative. 5


129)      Short term goal leads to haste and hurry. Long term goal generates patience. 5


130)      The petty idealist fanatically chases a fad. The practical idealist patiently discovers the spirit that moves Matter which is mastery perfect in creation. J


131)      Supraphysical can be powerful. It is not Supramental. &


132)      The ideal is for ideal conditions. Unideal conditions only foster their own conditions. The practical idealist is one who tries to live by the ideal in unideal conditions in spite of them. J


133)      There is no darkness in the world except for the human senses. There is no suffering in the world except for the human ego.                      Sri Aurobindo

There is no death or dissolution in the universe except for the created forms. &


134)      The uneducated man’s modern information will have the clarity and precision of a story written with only pronouns, omitting proper nouns. J


135)      The poor man generously spends. When he becomes rich, his generosity disappears and gets transformed into frugality. Poverty and generosity go together partly because there is an illusion that generosity will secure him status. Beyond these social definitions lies character. It always prevails. J


136)      Mother enters our life as luck. When a devotee enters the life of another, it is luck that enters into the life of the latter. 5


137)      We seek Her to fortify human life. She comes to us to establish Her life in us, destroying human life. &


138)      The Infinite emerges in life as abundance. 5


139)      He who takes for granted unforeseen luck and wants to build on it without further effort, meets with what is known as disappointment. J


140)      As power issues out of light (Consciousness-Force), light is more powerful than power and can create it, whereas power cannot create that light by itself. 5


141)      Thought is important, but it is emotions that accomplish. Still, what matters is the result of action. The unconscious man is unable to think; the egoistic person thinks egoistically.

What matters to the world is the unegoistic conscious action that yields the right results. 5

142)      The Theory of Development is to the Society what the operating system is to the computer. J


143)      The atom represents the physical ego; the cell represents the vital ego. &


144)      Peace of mind stays permanently only when the ego disappears.&


145)      Mother who can supramentalise the world in one day does not do so because that way the Lila would be cancelled. 5


146)      There is no intrinsic evil. Evil exists only for the ego, and its ethics, its mental, vital values and the egoistic social, cultural sensitivities.

Evil disappears from the horizon of one who has shed his ego.&

147)      Not all people have great good qualities. When such people come to Mother, the very opposite qualities rise so that the maximum progress can be made. Instead of making that progress, invariably people leave MOTHER. J


148)      The imperfection of aspiring perfection is spiritually complemented by the perfection of depravity. J


149)      More than trying to wean ourselves away from life, it is worth turning our thoughts to Grace. To be able to see Her in each act is to move away from karma. 5


150)      There is nothing in the world that is not Ananda, a pure enjoyment by the object. What we see as pain is only subliminal JOY. When man moves to the subliminal, pain vanishes from his perception. &


151)      There is no evil or suffering in the world to be abolished. Man needs to shift from the surface to the subliminal depth to enjoy the delight without distortion. &


152)      Man is in life; the saint is in God; the sadhak should live in God in life. One moves from mind to Purusha to psychic in the above process. 5


153)      Sri Aurobindo says that the contents of an immortal work are not lost in translation even as the soul preserves itself in a new birth in another body. &


154)      The difference between the yogic attainments of the past yogas and Integral Yoga is the same difference between the power of a person over the population while he is in a government post and when he is out of it. J


155)      Arrogance is stupid, but stupidity itself is the arrogance of matter. J


156)      Man loves or punishes. God loves and punishes. He can punish lovingly; His love can be punishment.

Wisdom is compassionate discipline. &

157)      Replacing lower qualities by higher qualities is to become civilised. In fact, man rising from below changes his situation from being a victim to being a perpetrator. That is the first step he takes.

Man, trying to civilise himself by replacing hatred with love, starts hating those who hated him.

The victim choosing to victimise others is the first step in his moving to the higher order of behaviour. J

158)      All great negotiations are in silence. J


159)      The difference between ego and mind is that mind thinks to understand, but ego thinks by coordinating understandings so that it may defend itself and preserve its entity. &


160)      The scientist who knows the immense value of his microscope and telescope is unable to conceive of the greater value of insight and intuition that reveal the inner kingdoms where you can see what those instruments reveal outside. 5


161)      Thought denied becomes energy; energy denied expression becomes an act; the act when not allowed turns into the silence of status, thereby creating greater thought and energy for action at higher levels. 5


162)      Man moves to a revolutionary system only through the values of his present system.  Followers of an idealist follow him only for his present social value. J


163)      If the feelings receive the incoming message, the message will turn out to be true. J


164)      When a problem is unmoved by prayer, the person is not all right. To pass without reading, to earn without going to work, to luxuriously spend borrowed money, to dominate people with Mother’s Force may be his ideals. “I don’t do my work. Rather I am against everything good. But Mother should complete my prayers” will be his basis, rather his ideal. His prayers will not be answered. This is not known as prayer. These people deserve punishment. Life will punish them. They sometimes stubbornly continue such prayers. Then Grace will wipe them off. 5


165)      The selfish man who never conceived of doing anything to anyone, thinks all that people around are getting is because of him. This is so because he conceives of himself as the whole world.J


166)      The secret of Mother seeking us is man is becoming God. &


167)      This is a world where there is no effort to raise man to God. This Force tries to raise subman to Godhead. 5


168)      One who realises Brahman by knowledge is known as Brahma Rishi. Knowledge is the seat for it. Knowledge sees only a part of Brahman. Man can know the whole of Brahman only through the Brahman inside him. For the Brahman in man to emerge, it should begin in the psychic and reach the Supermind. &


169)      The chaste wife submits to her husband. The sadhak submits her mind, feelings and God to Mother. One is the rule of life. Next is the freedom of yoga. Chastity is the austerity of life. Yoga is the austerity of Freedom in God. 5


170)      Mind accomplishes by interest. Detached, it accomplishes more. Taking to work in that detached mood, man accomplishes like God. J


171)      One can trust a good man. A good man taking to Mother needs no prayer. 5


172)      We call one of pleasant behaviour a good man. J


173)      Prayer welling up from the heart not occasioned by a problem, is bhakti. 5


174)      Man deserts, not God. Relying on the God in man, neither God nor man will ever desert you. 5


175)      “From the moment Krishna entered my bosom, my thoughts that reached him never returned,” says the poet. If one can say this of Mother, he becomes a devotee. J


176)      The weight on the head presses down on the head. Worry depresses the vital. Life and body are the weights on the mind. None of them weigh down the soul.  When the mind accepts Mother, we shift from mind to the soul, and the weight lifts off our parts. We float in the air. 5


177)      To see the finite mind as the infinite Brahman is given to the Supermind.

Mind says, ‘This is my pen.’ Brahman created the pen. Supermind makes the man write with it. The Upanishads say, “The Brahman of the pen makes the Brahman of the man do the Brahman of writing.” 5

178)      If we do a work as punishment, the body will not receive Mother’s energy. To simply accept the work as an inevitable duty will not create any feeling. If we do it without understanding, even the mind will not receive the Force. 5


179)      May my material values be transformed into spiritual values.5


180)      To know injustice as God’s justice is knowledge. To accept that is patience. He who patiently accepts that knowledge and adores it in practice gets a luck that lies beyond ordinary justice. J


181)      To enjoy work for its own sake, one should see the work as a compliment of one’s own personality. Then as the personality is infinite, work opens itself to infinite dimensions and yields God’s delight which can rarely be given by the result, however great it is.

The delight seeking work is greater than result-oriented work. To work for a result ends in victory or failure. When work itself is the reward, the duality disappears. J

182)      Love or affection brings others’ luck to us. Hatred gives our luck to others. J


183)      Insistence is outside the pale of spirituality. Truth turns into falsehood by insistence. 5


184)      Subjective:       Sat – Chit – Ananda

Objective:        SatyamJnanamAnantam &

185)      True emotion of love cannot confine itself within the boundaries of manners. It is predatory. To be proud of such exploitation is to receive that love properly. J


186)      When the perfected part tries to take a view of the whole, it would be a perfect view of the whole.  By aspiring for perfection in the part, one attains the perfection of the Whole. 5


187)      It is a misfortune not to come closer to Mother when our prayer is answered. She answers our prayer so as to open a door between the human being and the Divine. J


188)      Neither in frustration nor in jubilation can we remember Her. It is growing faith and aspiration that keeps Her memory. It is not given to all people to remember Mother. Certainly, remembering Her all the time is not for one and all. 5


189)      Life longs for the destruction of the enemy. Mother’s life longs for the progress of even the enemy.

That enemy whose attitude is that of life meets with a more complete destruction.

Destruction is also a part of a wider creation. He who destroys himself thus, moves to that plane. 5

190)      When we see the opposite tendency as the effort of Nature to accomplish the double opening of the new evolution, we embark on transforming wrong, evil, falsehood and error, thus moving from sensitive sentimentalism to being a neutral instrument of psychological transformation.

Sacred human sensitivities are swept away by the whirlwind of God’s social transformation. J

191)      We are angry with bad people. The truth is, we will be more angry with good people. We believe that good people are creating greater mischief. J


192)      If we can accept the ununderstandable as God’s will, we have a heart that Mother loves.  To see justice behind what we dislike is possible for the psychic.

The body that accepts an impossible work deserves supramental conscious-                      ness. 5

193)      If everyone’s wants are satisfied at home, poverty will be abolished. When we have enough energy to remember Mother all day, the soul loses its karma. 5


194)      It is courageous to own one’s shortcomings.

To accept the presence of jealousy is magnanimous. To convert jealousy into magnanimity is transformation. J

195)      We see the omen and know the end. A devotee sees the omen and changes it as it should be. 5


196)      Consecration being an inner process cannot be begun outside in everyday acts. The outer end is the point where the inner consecration ends. 5


197)      It is mean to point out one defect overlooking nine endowments. To appreciate one strength overlooking nine defects is magnanimity. J


198)      The body that is free of falsehood will be fragrant.5


199)      When life deserts someone, all intimate persons too desert. Grace acts through a person of good will and saves his life. Man is not grateful to him or does not give him the news of his having been saved. Instead, his longing is to convey his success to that intimate person who had deserted him. Such men are selfish and treacherous.

When Grace alone saves, man seeks support from selfish treachery that has deserted him. Our gratitude is due to Grace that saved us, not to betrayal that has deserted us.

Man loves the one who betrayed, not the Grace that saved.5

200)      In each man there is the ideal and pride of doing what in the previous era was wrong, sinful and shameful. This is the reversal social phases undergo.  Unless and until we are able to conceive, perceive and sense the joy and beauty of what we now know to be sinful and a shame, we have not reversed our consciousness to fully appreciate Mother.5


201)      As the biological chip implanted in the body gives man all the knowledge he needs to acquire, the new MONEY SYSTEM can give man all the money he now earns or can earn. J


202)      The vital loyalty enjoys intensity, not purity. Purity in loyalty belongs to the mind. Impurity never sticks to the physical. J


203)      Physical key for supramentalisation, the vital key for LUCK and the mental key for the knowledge of luck and physical immortality:

Mental key:  silent alertness in the subtle plane of selfless self-existent goodness. Vital key: total protection in the subtle plane to the knowledge of unfailing success and infinite abundance.5

204)      Life is created by Mind energising the Force and losing itself in the Force. This is an intentionally created tangle. Man-woman relationship symbolised by marriage is the symbol of life’s knot.5


205)      In human life we seek security and avoid risk. In Mother’s life we must give up everything before we go after any goal.5


206)      Expression of thought stands in the way of serious thinking. Thinking prevents understanding. Understanding is a bar to knowledge. Knowledge dilutes power for action. Action makes us less conscious. Consciousness makes pure existence not so pure. Existence takes us out of the realm of the Unmanifest Eternal, Infinite status.5


207)      Nothing expands intelligence like the effort to understand stupidity. The finest of idealisms is best served by insolent, offensive depravity to shed its human limitations. J


208)      Depravity transforms idealism into a field of action of Real-Idea. Real-Idea emerges from narrow idealism through the DOOR or organised depravity. Idealism and depravity are the two hands of God by which HE lifts man out of his sacred smallness into HIS Vast Truth that is RIGHT.

Let idealism invite depravity and emerge into Supramental Truth.5

209)      The inner voice rises when the outer submits to the inner. We can cross mind when it feels utter fulfilment. 5


210)      Obstacles start as lack of knowledge, temperament and skill. Later they arise as obstacles of the atmosphere. Next, they show as friends turning into enemies. That cycle will be completed when the family turns against you. The very last stage is the inner barbarian. For him who has conquered that too, the cycle starts in the reverse course. Initially it is by cooperation of those around, finally it ends in the cooperation of the rival or the enemy. When that comes forth, that cycle too is complete. Beyond that lies the territory of yoga.5


211)      The shock is received at one point of emotions and later it is spread over all the parts when it is not so acutely felt.5


212)      Knowing Mother thrills. He who knows Mother inside will awaken in the soul. Perfection lies in that awakening that thrills.5


213)      If body is the ultimate, life-span will be determined by the horoscope.

If life is the ultimate, luck will be decided by life. If mind is final, the new world will not take birth. If there is no determinant, earth will become a paradise. Even for the incapable, that attitude will bring luck.5

214)      He who works for others’ success will succeed. He who desires others’ defeat will be vanquished. J


215)      If it is true that the other man needs us, to validate it is selfishness. It is gratitude to receive the other man’s participation in our life even though it is to his advantage. J


216)      Only those who do not know the spiritual mystery of friendship will break their hearts at betrayal. 5


217)      The high and low struggle hard to survive. If one saves money, another tries to steal it. Untold sufferings belong to life. When transformed, it becomes unflinching rapture, intolerable ecstasy.

Unbearable suffering + Mother = Intolerable ecstasy.5

218)      Many think. Is there one who touches the feelings?5


219)      Man accepts the status quo. The devotee creates the non-existent. 5


220)      The selfish man has problems of selfish conflict. The true, unselfish man has compassion for his suffering fellow man, but does not interfere in his selfish ways. He who thinks he is unselfish but really has exalted his selfishness to subtlety, tries to do good to his fellow men, expecting them to outgrow their selfishness. He expects vital selfishness to become mental rationality. God works in the reverse. His altruism is crushed and he is branded as a selfish man. Nature is a conscious Force which, in this way, makes subtle selfishness realise its folly. 

If man is audacious enough to try to educate nature, nature educates him out of his folly. 

Mind’s endeavour to educate the vital results in the mind learning that it is impossible. Mind can educate the vital if it reaches the mental part of the vital through strength. Education follows experience. Any attempt to reverse it will fail. True education begins inwardly, not outwardly. The only rule of progress is inner first, outer next. J

221)      Harmony among those who are important to work, practical results in our project, sweet humble emotions to others all make a person wholesome. It endears him to Mother. 5


222)      Any problem, except the one that is not solved by anyone, can be solved if looked at from its own angle. Even the remaining problems can be so solved by the same method by persistence. There is no problem that cannot be solved if seen in its own perspective. J


223)      A blind insistence creates a problem. Mental man creates a problem for himself by moving down to the vital or physical.  The stupid man looking at his problem from his own stupidity, refusing to see it as others see it, is faced with an impossible situation. When an intelligent man faces a similar impossible situation, it is the same stupidity of refusing to look at it from the other side. If this is not true, he must be looking at a problem so far not solved by the world. Any problem solved by another can be solved by everyone if he does not insist on refusing to see from the other side. 5


224)      A force hidden in the opposite is compelled to find itself.  The opposition party will always assert. &


225)      Unconditional acceptance of life and its tyranny is the only way of survival. Unconditional acceptance of events as His marvel is the way of yogic vision. 5


226)      Legal justice, social justice, psychological justice, karmic justice are partial justices. Absolute justice is behind each of them or all of them and is most evident in injustice. &


227)      Perfection of the part; partial realisation of the whole; the whole in the part; the past finding itself in the whole; the whole realising the part as itself; the wholeness of the whole in itself and as such in the part are several versions of the Spirit in creation.&


228)      Edward Witten would prefer to spend his time discovering the formula for family happiness rather than trying to discover the origin of the universe.

q Happiness is what the lower vital seeks.

q Happiness needs mastery.

q Mastery is inward, not outward.

q Not to bite off more than one can chew is the formula.

q The family is a vanishing institution.

q To seek happiness there is a low ideal.

q The female offers biological attraction.

q To see the biological ideal will help.

q Mental ideal in a biological institution creates unhappiness.

q The family was a social ideal. Therefore, one can have social happiness, not psychological happiness.


The formula for family happiness is efficient, good manners.J


229)      Sometimes one relaxes, even indulges so that later concentration will gather. J


230)      For skills to mature into capacity, the horizontal must open up. No individual skill can rise to its corresponding capacity vertically. J


231)      No nation can essentially progress on alien inspiration. J


232)      When unconscious development begins, it opens up the opportunity for the lowliest. Conscious development opens it at the higher end. 5


233)      Continuous concentration is a fad, is an impossibility like continuous eating.J


234)      When the sweetest thing palls, know you are physical. 5


235)      The world already taking up your ideas shows your effectivity in the subtle plane. &


236)      The stiff pride of a poor man who resents help and the obsequious seeking of it are on the same plane. Still one is preferable to the other as the latter is lower still. J


237)      If NOT seeing Mother awaiting us in our work is not blindness, what else is? &


238)      Imperfection can be the best instrument to destroy perfection. 5


239)      Establishment is the enemy. J


240)      A policy not taken to its logical conclusion or practical expression can lend itself to its opposite purpose. J


241)      A friend who will not come all the way is a potential enemy. J


242)      Men destroy the cause they are not able to serve fully. Should man drop out of a cause and NOT betray it, it is higher loyalty, even divine loyalty. J


243)      Mother’s Avatar is like jumping off the cliff with a parachute. Unless the mission is fulfilled, the body is crushed. 5


244)      Who has not seen Mother waiting for us wherever we go, for whatever purpose? &


245)      The kingfisher that returns with no food becomes the food for its young ones. Mother sacrificed Herself thus to us. &


246)      Age has maturity. When it is coupled with deceit, youth can rarely escape it. Grownup children can testify to that. J


247)      How to persuade man not to compete with others as he does so with himself? Man can be jealous of himself. The vibration being universal does not spare even his own self. 5


248)      It rarely strikes the idealist who has weaned himself away from the boisterous joys of social functions to enjoy the cultured serene joys of sophisticated living that he, in his situation, is not different from the others. J


249)      Formula for Prosperity:

Physical   — Borrow technology

Vital        — Imitate organisation

            Mental     — Accept their ideas

            Spiritual  Create new ideas and borrow VALUES. J

250)      There is no event from which one cannot learn. J


251)      Man increases his enjoyment of a thing, imagining that he does not really want it. Therefore he refuses. What man most refuses is what his heart is really after. The attraction of a philanderer overcomes even that subconscious reverse behaviour. The woman irresistibly courts him. Psychologically she is attracted to his falsehood. Physically it is her evolutionary urge to conceive for him who has enchanted her heart. J


252)      Oblivious selfishness is best seen by those who send telegraphic messages without return addresses and are disappointed in not receiving a reply. They blissfully assume that their address must be known! J


253)      Desire to shun company is desire for distinction. In the weak it leads to distinction; in the strong it brings wider recognition. J


254)      Mind uses reason. Brahman reveals to integral experience. Intuition relates both. Starting from reason one can go to intuition and finally complete it by integral experience. 5


255)      Man acts to preserve his survival; he acts more readily to fulfil his least silly desires. J


256)      No member of the orthodoxy – Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist – when he realises his spiritual individuality in life, need find himself in any social stratum other than the top.J


257)      Blindness in the devotees indicates they are blind to Grace. 5


258)      Each man has something to boast of. Let him take that skill or capacity and implement it in his own life by the highest value he knows. He will rise to the top of his profession. J


259)      The meanest of men who cherishes psychological meanness can by a social effort pass for a perfect gentleman. J


260)      To think that a person will be interested in his own self is folly; to know that he may be more interested in his own silly desires appears to be wisdom. J


261)      To trust a treacherous character in the guise of friendship and to offer egoistically proud fools what they do not deserve are the same. J


262)      Short term goals are not in preference to long term goals, but are even at their expense. When the long term goal is restoring a broken betrothal and the short term is the wedding function, the short term does prevail. J


263)      It is not the whole truth that a clear wrongdoing like Lizzie’s diamond possession will bring unpopularity to her. It is also true that it may make her very admired by Lady Glencora. J


264)      If only man would listen to others, unashamedly people would ask him to destroy himself because that is the only thought uppermost in men’s minds.

            Man cherishes the idea of destroying a rival. He would want his rival to accept his advice for self-destruction. J


265)      The token work is the material link between the subtle spiritual power and the material world where it should be achieved. J


266)      The longer the heart waits to be rewarded, the sweeter is the reward of the heart that accepts it. J


267)      Unwillingness to respond to opportunity of grace is silent opposition of the meek and insecure. J


268)      They say nothing succeeds like success. If so, if you are after success, pay attention to success, since there is no greater response than to attention. J


269)      Grace comes to one directly or through goodwill, or even ill-will. As long as you are open to Grace, it shall come to you. 5


270)      To be satisfied with little or less in the name of austerity or simplicity is a subconscious perversity acting hypocritically, not an idealistic discipline. J


271)      Subconscious ego is capable of refusing good or even Grace, just because it is offered. 5


272)      He who stipulates how Grace should come to him, denies it. 5


273)      Service to evil disqualifies a person from receiving Grace, even if it is done to a wife or husband or parent or child. Still, in extreme cases, the person can serve as a channel of Grace to others. 5


274)      In a family or an organisation, a person may have an endowment. Grace will pass to all those through that person. No Grace will come to them if they refuse that channel. 5


275)      Our own birthdays are spiritual openings for growth. Our rival’s birthdays are occasions for the destruction of opposition. 5


276)      Family happiness – formula: Look at an issue from the other man’s point of view till it becomes your own point of view. J


277)      The great man, rather the great souls of the world have seen the wholeness of creation in the parts where their interest lay. The saints have realised the whole in part. Sri Aurobindo realised the whole as a whole and expressed it in his integral experience by bringing the Brahman to the material physical world. &


278)      Brahman created the world for Delight. The Superconscient felt it as static bliss. Jivatma sees the bliss as pain but remains unaffected. Ego receives the Delight as pain. &


279)      It is a backward society where man is respected for his strength or wealth or even knowledge. One should be respected for his culture. J


280)      Imitation becomes innovation when the inner springs are released by the outer touch. 5


281)      Condescension is the aim of weak substance with strong consciousness. J


282)      Unconscious development opens up opportunities for the oppressed to rise and assert. Assertion leads to development; humility opens up greater development. Conscious development calls for repentance, reversal of attitudes. J


283)      Learn the lesson – “Desire to give out of self-giving as well as desire to take out of selfishness are the same.” Self-giving to be true must be Self-giving, the Self in us giving to the Self.  5


284)      He who insists on offering now, when he learns the lesson, will not even agree to give when requested. J


285)      To put oneself at the disposal of the other is a type of self-giving, maybe the best type. J


286)      Access to seats of power is an expression of inner power. Its higher version is humility. J


287)      It is not easy to behave like a gentleman. Should one be psychologically a gentleman, he is one step into the territory of His Yoga. 5


288)      For one who brings his own vital under the control of his own mind, his family will be a source of happiness to him. J


289)      Man cherishing evil or at least evil-minded persons, in spite of their evil tendency, is his link with the other side.5


290)      Every development opportunity tries to destroy the existing set up at some point or other. If resisted, it leads to clash. J


291)      Whatever be his situation, he who looks up is right; he who looks down is not. The last rung of the ladder is that which helps him to discover the inner god in outer life. 5


292)      Their words are nothing if they are not literally TRUE. &


293)      Development occurs when the physical pressure is replaced by mental urge for progress. J


294)      The world has leaped from mind to Spirit seeking moksha. HE has attempted rising from mind to Supermind gradually and bringing it back down. That is the only possible method for social development. So far, the privileged leaped to power and prosperity. Democracy has opened the route of power to the lowest. We must orchestrate Man’s rising to full power; and FULL power descending to him. J


295)      Family happiness will be secure and everlasting if we remember two things:  1) the family is a social unit; 2) other family members expect the same out of us as we do from others. J


296)      Mental perversions express as life problems. J


297)      Indigenous formula for prosperity: 

1)      Devise values and skills to achieve from your own culture and spirituality what Westerners have achieved.

2)      Draw upon the subtle life power to solve crises and create opportunities.

3)      Let the Indian discover the spiritual individual to become effective in Indian democracy. J


298)      A person may be good to you or not; still, it is possible for Grace to come to you through him. If he is good, Grace will also come to him because he is a channel. 5


299)      Those who are in the periphery of Her atmosphere are beckoned to avail of Her Grace as Luck.5


300)      The capacity to please another and the wish to give joy have a touch of the Divine in them.5


301)      The offerings we give the Divine are as useful to Her as the stones the vital being offered to throw.5


302)      In the institution founded on the principle that ego has to be dissolved, the one ruling impulse is the pre-eminence of ego.5


303)      Dr. Thorne and Mary illustrate that the greatest wealth and status can seek the lowest. It is the social best of those times. Now MOTHER gives the world’s best for a similar disciplined culture and value.5


304)      Man’s creations can be greater than his size, not his essential value.5


305)      Values are the psychological instruments of the individual for social progress. J


306)      If you want to deliver grace, you should be capable of two extremely opposite attitudes. One is the capacity to go behind the absence of response endlessly and the other the capacity not to respond when you are chased endlessly.5


307)      Not to give the small man the due for his great service is an absolute rule. Man’s unwillingness to give the due for any work is also an absolute rule. J


308)      Life functions by the awareness of the physical sensations. Our knowledge of ethics or spirituality is information in the mind. It would rule the world when it is accepted by the physical sensations.

Knowledge in the physical is effective. For Mother to be effective in our life, our knowledge of Her must be accepted by the body.5

309)      If my thoughts should be accepted by the world or at least my world, they should have been accepted by my physical first and then my body should possess them as the representative of the world. &


310)      Vehemence of character alienates people. Vehemence of character for a value exhibits sweetness in its expression.

People gravitate towards one who combines strength of value and sweetness of temper. J

311)      The resourcefulness of the rogue touches the negative infinity.5


312)      He who has transcended his conscience must bind himself to it more than others, not because conscience is binding, but because he can illustrate his adherence to it even when he disregards it. J


313)      It is one of the touches of Wisdom to see how man retains God’s touch when he denounces him most; and how man is farthest from Him while his worship is in the acme. J


314)      At every step of involution, provision is made for evolution. To know that helps one to understand The Life Divine.5


315)      Evolution is to move from the divided part to the united being.&


316)      The mind that refuses to understand what it does not like, is the VITAL mind. &


317)      Man, who knows that he is unable to change, wishes everyone else to change. He who has changed knowing how difficult it was, still expects others to change.5


318)      Ignorance, inertia and division stand in the way of matter responding. Ignorance can be overcome by knowledge, inertia by inspiration. To overcome division, one has to shed ego. &


319)      If all traits are DIVINE, what future does oblivion build? Maybe it is the greatest GLORY that it will achieve so that one may be oblivious all his life.5


320)      I have been longing to have a story written illustrating the principles of Mother, especially that great good fortune will knock on the door of one who is good, efficient and cultured. Anthony Trollope has written Dr. Thorne exactly on those lines. It cannot be excelled. J


321)      To cherish nostalgia is necessarily backwards. The only exception is the occasion to attempt a greater whole in the accomplishment.5


322)      The falsehood in human personality is so deeply rooted that anyone who vows to give up lying forgets his vow in no time.5


323)      Progress of yoga is only at the most sensitive points of the personality, not in the routine acts. &


324)      Overpowering life circumstances are for the soul that needs to be disciplined from outside. A mature soul gets intractable life circumstances which can be controlled by him. He can choose to discipline them or submit to them as a self-discipline.5


325)      Sri Aurobindo wants us to discover Brahman in Supermind. The Indian elite is capable of doing so in Mind and the masses can do it in Life. The Westerner did so in Matter. Discovery of Brahman in Matter is science and prosperity, in Life it is infinite prosperity and everlasting peace, in Mind it is subtle knowledge of supramental evolution. These are the steps HE wants us to skip and evolve as the Supramental Being.  Let us do it at any ONE level.&


326)      When the consecration of a single act can raise you hundreds of folds, how can you complain of poverty? 5


327)      India led Asia to Freedom. Now she must lead Asia in Prosperity so that later she may lead the world to Spirituality. 5


328)      Those who have betrayed the ideal are the greatest enemies of new followers of that ideal. J


329)      Of all the ignorances, the one which mistakes the wrong force as right is the most interesting or most characteristic. Perhaps it is the most catastrophic. J


330)      Leadership is to have our own power of leading in the vital as a representative of the collective that needs leadership. J


331)      Mind divides the Force in the form of substance. Beyond the atomic existence, the force cannot allow itself to be divided since so divided, it must go back into its original status of being, which is evolution. The dividing mind, while in the process of involution, cannot act as the instrument of evolution and turn the substance into being. &


332)      Material objects absorb Mother’s atmosphere, not fully. They need a human intervention to give results.5


333)      The only sensation for the devotee is physical sensation of Love.5


334)      Man’s offering to God is a distant echo from the farthest point of existence – physical – of a tittle of what God has poured on him for ages. For something to be known as offering, at least man has to come forward to give his all. Only then can he set about withdrawing his vital mental hold on it.  The crassest ignorant expects offering. Its physical personality asks for it. God does not mind doing that too, to bring grace to man. In extreme cases, HE even steals it from man.5


335)      Tradition is traditional superstition. J


336)      Man lives his life by his own self-conception limited by the external circumstances. In the measure he widens his self-conception, the environment is overcome. He is so constituted to overcome the entire range of environment.5


337)      Man expands on hearing the uttered word in praise, not the unuttered understanding of great merit.  Word pleases, not values. J


338)      Marriage reveals the social depths of human nature. Psychological depths will not be seen until all social supports are lost or withdrawn.

Marriage is an institution that gives self-knowledge to man. Maybe it stops at social self-knowledge or goes up to psychological self-knowledge. It has no reach to reveal to man the spiritual self-awareness. Only yoga can do so. J

339)      If the fit should be on me, let it be a fit for self-awareness.5


340)      To read and understand the facts, one requires the intelligence of literacy. To read and understand the arguments, the intelligence required is academic. Higher intelligence is needed to know the process of the author’s thought. Intelligence, as we understand, has no useful purpose beyond this point. J


341)      When mind knows Time is its own creation, it acquires the ability to rise above its mastery. 5


342)      Nothing expresses the awakened soul as the Smile. J


343)      Leadership is a miniature universe packed with power. Thinkers discuss most of its external expressions. Its inner essence escapes definition.

The real leaders sense its presence. The real thinker defines its power in terms of the other aspects given to him by theory. J

344)      The man who eats a great quantity of coarse food does not enjoy it half as much as the one who eats a fourth of that quantity of a sophisticated meal.  Enjoyment increases as the level of consciousness increases. To grieve for the absence of it at lower levels is a biological superstition.

It is not the animal act but the sweetness of exchange of finer emotions that is the real enjoyment.

Who in the metropolis would regret not owning landed property in the village?

Enjoyment rises in value in proportion to man’s ability to wean himself physically from the act. J

345)      Enjoyment can be constant when it moves to emotions and spirit. Surely it cannot be constant if one remains in the physical plane.5


346)      Each human contact for me is what I have been and am to another. J


347)      The physical man trying to raise his status often puts his feet on the table, symbolising his inner aspiration. J


348)       Mother makes  any subconscious endowment we have effective in life. Activating the low consciousness of our ego neutralises it and even wipes out the basic endowment we had.5


349)      There are several movements of Nature that converge at a point of an act, such as Lila, enjoyment, accomplishment, absolute justice, efficiency, involution, evolution, etc. All these movements have the dual capacity to express themselves in any direction fixed by the person. The directions are social, personal, evolutionary, survival, growth, etc. Social evolution or human development is determined by the CHOICE man makes. J


350)      In bringing one person to appreciate another, man feels he depreciates his own self. J


351)      “Instructions” occupy a significant place in management since each person receives the instructions according to his own predilections. Successful instructions now are successful by virtue of custom and usage, not by virtue of the clarity of either party.

Capacity to give instructions rightly qualifies one to be an excellent manager; capacity to receive them rightly is given to a rising star who will be a future leader. J

352)      Waste is a social conception during periods of scarcity. There is no waste anywhere else.5


353)      Man’s impulse of surrender is to the opposite.5


354)      The finite man adores himself with infinite energy. Should he shift the adoration to the God in him, he becomes God.5


355)      The story of the three Poles fixing a bulb shows the infinite scope for progress at any time. J


356)      As man moves away from several of his elementary functions, he also moves away from many elementary relationships. His stage of development is determined by the measure of his moving away. J


357)      Man’s capacity for nostalgia, past loyalties, desire to settle ancient scores, his value for venerable tradition are only of his physicality and ego. They have nothing to do with his ideals or values. J


358)      Human emotions and opinions will NOT change for ages. The Divine descent will help them change. 5


359)      The energy of youth is raw and rough; that of the Spirit is sweet.5


360)      Nothing makes the accomplishment or the ensuing enjoyment so great as surrender does. &


361)      Rare souls see God. Rarer souls see the same God in Nature. Sri Aurobindo stipulates that the sadhak must see God and Nature uniting in him, i.e. he sees his own actions as a point that unites God from above and Nature from below. &


362)      The world needs a thinker whose context is not the nation or a sector like politics or commerce, but human existence. Such a thinker also needs a human faculty that is wider than the mind which is an instrument of Ignorance. 5


363)      Money acquired in greater measure than for direct use, is a fetter like anything else. J


364)      Contagion, infection, imitation etc. are most intense at the opposite poles. J


365)      Tyranny is enjoyment of expression of authority and energy more than love of cruelty. J


366)      Any vibration of Nature, even sex, can go behind for a time, even a long time, but not permanently unless sublimated or transformed.5


367)      Devotion devoid of desire fulfils itself, even as oblivious desire to the very depths of the body never fails to fully satisfy itself.5


368)      In human life, only certain diseases are contagious or infectious. In higher consciousness, all diseases are infectious, even as the higher consciousness enters us without our knowledge.5


369)      C.D. Deshmukh said the movement of secession in Tamilnadu is the voice of the dying culture that opposes. We see that phenomenon in its obverse and reverse forms in the Sanskrit names becoming popular in Tamilnadu and the Brahmin culture, especially their slang being taken over by the erstwhile anti-Brahmin groups. It happened in public speaking in the 60s. J


370)      Deep emotion of a devout person is devotion. In response to it, Mother moves into that centre.5


371)      Betrayal in friendship only expresses that the growth cycle of the relationship is completed. J


372)      Jealousy disappears in the measure one’s energy is drawn off in his own development and society prevents expression of jealousy by its culture. J


373)      Social life can at best give only social knowledge. At higher levels knowledge is psychological. Pure knowledge transcends both.5


374)      Dissatisfaction is a negative emotional aspiration. J


375)      Simplicity of mind is determined by itself, not by the material opulence of the environment. J


376)      Luxury or simplicity is relative. J


377)      The only role of the relationship between the small and the great is the small should go at the expense of the great. J


378)      Social support means the individual ego should be propped up.J


379)      The miser, at a moment when life showers on him its bounty, tries to preserve his miserliness. J


380)      Devotees constantly conquer space  by getting things done at a distance without traversing it, but miss the truth as they mistake it to be a prayer answered.5


381)      When hostile forces are overcome, they are contained necessitating our being on the alert. No defence or alertness is required if they are transformed. &


382)      Trying to please others is the surest way of displeasing oneself.J


383)      Superstition is the strength of vital life. J


384)      Fairness is a function of available freedom. J


385)      Oblivious people by their very best will achieve oblivion. J


386)      Moving from mental thought to mental consciousness, one sees that Time and Space are conquerable.5


387)      Evolution is experience replaced by education.5


388)      One who knows the subtle forces, the causal plane, and their symptoms will never fail to see the results of his work, however distant their expressions are.5


389)      Constant emotion of constancy having moved to the substance becomes devotion generating powerful currents of immortality that can even neutralise poison. J


390)      — Man knows by the sense covered mind.

— The jnana yogi sees in his trance by his mind freed from the senses.

— The sadhak can see from the mental psychic freed from the surface during his waking hours.

— The supramental being sees with the newly created faculties of the body – the physical psychic.

— You are what you see or that from where you see. &

391)      Rationality accepts one’s own defects as true. He who does it himself is said to be RATIONAL.  Him we call a rational man.5


392)      How can one be a devotee without working or consecrating? 5


393)      For the pioneer who leads the society, having outgrown it in essence, to long foolishly for its approval is a retrograde step. J


394)      Sensitivity is an organisation in the physicality of each plane according to its mental values. Thus it carries the maximum intensity of forces that can be harnessed between the mind and physical in that plane. J


395)      Any intense event in life raises the sex vibration in us. Any intense event in the life of devotion raises aspiration.5


396)      Rank tries hard to preserve its external forms, only when they are about to lose it. J


397)     To destroy ego externally is revolution.

§ To destroy ego from inside is evolution.

§ Evolution of ego’s dissolution is transformation.

§ The Ego that realises the value of spiritual transformation is

    one who passes through self-immolation.

§ Objectivity gives one that knowledge.

§ Ego that dissolves itself does not move to the Purusha but

    becomes the Psychic.

§ Purusha emerges when ego separates itself from its activity.

§ It is the being of the Becoming that can dissolve ego from

    inside. &


398)      There are people who understand work; others understand people. Those who understand both are fitted for recruitment of staff. J


399)      Mind grows through imagination by anticipating the future possibility. It also ‘grows’ through fantasy by learning to discard the non-existent.5


400)      The heart expands in gratitude to present Rs. 100 to one who has completed a work for you that would otherwise cost Rs. 1,84,000. 5


401)      To think of Mother when choked means She is all over us. &


402)      The fluent liar who is prolific in his lying belongs to life. He goes from life to matter because of his mercenary nature. J


403)      Time is abridged by technology by speed. Mind can abridge Time by changing its conception. &


404)      He whose physical being rises to pure existence is capable of Truth. &


405)      He who goes after something will go on seeking all his life. Seeking itself will be the reward. What comes to us is ours. When we seek inside, the world will seek us.5


406)      Ignorance is better than knowledge. &


407)      Earth is superior to paradise. &


408)      Man is superior to the Gods. &


409)      To see the small as great is yogic vision. &


410)      To see darkness as intense Light is drishti. &


411)      To know that evil is a great Good is knowledge. &


412)      To oppose the goodwill of the devotee or to abuse God soils one’s soul. J


413)      Luck is for one who is wedded to Truth. J


414)      The greatest courage is the realisation of one’s own defects. To pardon those who humiliated us, one needs yogic equality.5


415)      To know that the robber came for the sannyasi’s utensils because God needs them is to have a heart where God abides.5


416)      To hate, dislike and remove from one’s periphery the thing that one most adores is possible for man. J


417)      He who believes he alone knows all expresses a great yogic secret inversely or perversely.  The wise man comes to the unpardonable attitude that he alone knows and no one else knows anything. It is a pity that it is true.5


418)      One who is too conscious of his capacities will express it in shirking work. J


419)      Man does not seek Mother. When he thinks of Her, his mind will not go to Her. Mother who does not come to him as his desires and needs is of no use to him. His own desires are important for him even in the shape of Mother. Man takes the fulfilment of his desires as his faith. Man calls his desire devotion.

As one seeks desire, if he seeks Mother, She will respond. We have the power to realise anything. Mother can be realised. Luck can be achieved. But we seek only our desires. Desire changing into aspiration makes man a devotee.  There is nothing man cannot realise if he intensely seeks it. By seeking only Mother, the heart will be blessed with Grace. 5

420)      Help leads to trouble. What we give may be money or sympathy. One’s yoga is not helped by others.

Help must be returned with interest. When you want to take, you will lose what you have. What you earn alone is yours.

Whatever you receive must be returned in greater measure.

Our own possession will not generate trouble.

Memory is man. We cannot join others, because no one will admit us. As long as we wish to join others, we will meet with no one who admits us. Mother alone will take us in. We can  join others only through Mother.

There is only one thing. It is Love. There is only one Person. It is Mother. Man’s giving ends in trouble. To give to Mother is offering. It will bring everyone, including Mother.5

421)      We understand another person at once. Even at the age of fifty, we do not understand ourselves like that. J


422)      God is the Love and the Beloved. &


423)      The miserable man cannot be saved without his misery creating scars in the saver. His yoga offers to transform misery into joy.5


424)      Ananda is luck, it is the Ananda of Brahman. It is Mother’s Luck.5


425)      One’s patience annoys others. When Patience saturates itself, it becomes sacred. It will make the impatient patient. This is Mother’s Patience.5


426)      Constant thought of constancy moves from words to settled emotions of deeply seated sentiment. Then enjoyment is ever-living and also ever-increasing in intensity. J


427)      Man is physical even in his mind, perhaps in spirit too. It is not in him to give up anything unless it is taken away from him. He does give up desires, attachments, etc. before he is ripe enough for that detachment violently. Rationality requires voluntarily giving up things or persons whose nature he understands has to be given up. Voluntary weaning away from low consciousness reveals rationality that has power over the physical.

o  Man gives up out of selfishness.

o  Selflessness demands giving up the low.

o  Maturity gives up voluntarily.

o  Immaturity waits for it to be taken away.

o  Maturity gives up the wrong, takes on the right on the very first understanding. J


428)      Adoration of the feminine heart goes to the charming face, not a capable head or an upright character. Not all men can escape that illusion even after they discover how odious that adoration is. J


429)      The Life Divine pours His consciousness into us whether we read it, speak it or speak about it.5


430)      Cultural values are the sensitivities of social organisations. They help to concentrate the social forces for their progress. J


431)      A family or an organisation that accepts Mother will have Her protection in an organised fashion, if not as an organisation.5


432)      Democracy that offers the ultimate opportunities to the weak, the poor and the underprivileged opens up infinite opportunities for all evil forces to express their resourcefulness.

Mother offers to all those who try to avail of the opportunities of democracy full protection from the play of the evil forces.

For Mother’s present protection to become a social organisation, the society should accept Mother.5

433)      Diseases lie dormant in us. They are cured by prayer or medicine only when they come to the surface. The idea, ‘Transformation of the body needs the disease’ is based on this principle. We can transform the body if our concentration on it is as intense as when it is diseased. Such a transformation is offered to man who has faith in The Mother in his physical substance.5


434)      Every value is related to every other value. That is why rewards or punishments come in areas where no attention is paid. J


435)      To fully cover the negative side is to fully conquer the forces of that side.5


436)      Men who have attained the goal they sought often are unaware of it, for want of an outer symbol. Nehru and Indira were not at all aware of the monumental advances they made in Indian development directly, as well as in laying the necessary foundations, because the GNP never measured it.

Mother felt sorry for not remembering Him after fully identifying with Him.

Long after the work is accomplished in the subtle plane, he who does not see it in the surface wonders about his ideal.

Often the achievements are seen in the reverse. When the accomplishment is all but perfect, as it does not show visibly and he has no subtle perception, men can be dejected or frustrated, or may even despair.

The music master sees the job lost, not the hearts won.5

437)      Man cannot remain what he has been after knowing Mother, even as the earth cannot remain dark after sunrise.5


438)      Equilibrium, not ethics. J


439)      Life is lived successfully by equilibrium and harmony of forces, not by their being right or wrong. Not the moral right, but their sufficiency in harmony makes life possible. J


440)      Whatever one looks up to in desire, he is sure to miss. It can come to one only when it feels attracted to him. The surest way to escape wealth is to adore it without longing. J


441)      Man can know the level of his own personality by those personalities that attract him and those of whom he disapproves. The former is his goal, the latter is what he is not able to wean himself away from. J


442)      The practical concept of Infinity has several expressions. One of them is for the individual to know he is equal to the society in its capacities.5


443)      He who understands Lila or its version in his own life and feels the joy of knowledge emerging from his ignorance understands Sri Aurobindo. &


444)      An unformed person clings to formed forces of the society such as power or money. This happens when he has greater energy than usual. Sherlock Holmes is a genius in action. All his life he struggled to preserve the tradition. From a revolutionary point of view, we can consider him unformed and informed of vast reservoirs of energy. J


445)      To create anything in any plane and establish it securely, one has to ORGANISE all the (12) spiritual aspects of that plane and win their endorsement from the next higher plane. Social stability is secure because peace, prosperity, law, education, enjoyment, etc. are fully organised and the mind endorses them accordingly.5


446)      Stationary life that needs no shifting of places is overcoming Space, through its nearest expression. Mind that refuses to go to the past or future is its counterpart that overcomes Time in a similar measure.

Overcoming Time in the right sense of the word is to be ecstatic in the present. A similar experience in Space may forget totally and blissfully the external world.

Its real indication is the dissolution of the ego or its beginning. 5

447)      He who condemns the leader he admired all along condemns his own character! J


448)      Trying to revive relationships outgrown is to invite catastrophe.J


449)      Reversal of consciousness of His Yoga is practised in the society by the population serving the underprivileged


450)      The Establishment that was warm to a rebel begins to be cool when the work of the rebel begins to take shape. J


451)      As the biological man seeks the woman, the social man seeks the new values which are the very opposite of what is. J


452)      The secret of life as well as higher life lies in knowing how the play generates results – Consciousness with Consciousness, Being with Being, Ananda with Ananda, Force with Force. Creation by destruction and destruction by creation are the twin facets of that primal Secret.5


453)      Desire to give away what one is about to get is considered to be self-giving in the extreme. If it is really so, what is expected will arrive. If it does not come as expected, the urge is not self-giving but self-expanding vanity. J


454)      The woman has an intuition in practical affairs where man does not have a similar grip over the facts. J


455)      To make a virtue out of a useful and convenient institution like marriage shows the infinite capacity for illusion in man.J


456)      Power as money can fulfil man partially, but the woman can fulfil him fully, when she is awake in her spirit.5


457)      Neither money, nor power, not even the spirit can offer man the ultimate sense of completion or fulfilment as the woman does. The woman combines in her his opposite, his spiritual complement as well as the Form his nature seeks completion in.5


458)      The most crude expressions of ego are arrogant stupidity and violence.

Ø Pride and assertion are its less violent forms.

Ø It can move to self-preservation from destruction of others.

Ø Competition and jealousy are its vital forms.

Ø Prejudice and opinion are its mental forms.

Ø Memory is a support to ego in perpetuating Time.

Ø As ego was created at the time of creation of Time, it will survive until Time is overcome. Memory plays the role of lingering in Time.

Ø Ego can be given up through self-discipline. Abolition of selfishness achieves it. Its other components will survive still.

Ø Ego cannot survive below the surface, nor when its finite form is lost.

Ø Mind is overcome by stopping the running thoughts, losing the faculty of thinking, and by restoring its lost link with Supermind.

Ø Time is overcome by losing oneself in the present and withdrawing from memory.

Ø Only consecration moves one to the depth.

Ø Not to react is possible only when one sees he is the Whole.

Ø Withdrawal of the senses removes the grossness of the ego which helps it to become subtle.


Ø The deep decision to dissolve the Ego initiates the process.  &


459)      The one weapon of the hostile forces is to upset one’s calm before they start their work. &


460)      He who wishes to be loyal to those who betray is subconsciously trying to outlive treachery.5


461)      Two effective ways of understanding oneself are, 1) to assume you alone are responsible for everything that has gone wrong in any work you have been involved in, and 2) to assume that it is because of your participation that any work you were part of has grown into a success. These are true because ACTION in the world is man-centred with the two extremes of his positive and negative personalities. 5


462)      When there is concentration, it is best to resort to consecration. In its absence, better to increase concentration.5


463)      Subtle imagination when saturated to intensity has a great chance of its becoming real in the gross material plane of physical realities. 5


464)      As long as an idea appears in the mind and evokes an answer to it, it means the mind has not outgrown it. The levels of consciousness outgrown by the mind do not arise in the mind as disappearing thoughts. 5


465)      To know one’s defects precisely and in their true dimensions is the real strength of man. J


466)      The value of an idea is appreciated only when the person faces the problem and a question has risen in his mind. Ideas are valueless in the absence of a real life context that compels mind to thought. J


467)      When concentration flags, look at the mental impulses and consecrate them, then the intensity of concentration will increase.5


468)      Receptivity of Mother’s Consciousness in the body makes it lose its physical rigidity and gives a longer life. J


469)      The best of thinkers when they come to meet life are taken in by vital beings that can deliver them some petty results. When thinkers who are not charmed by the likes of clairvoyants attempt rationality, they may rise above the prevalent superstition of the scientists. 5


470)      The longer the devotee lives, the deeper his receptivity.5


471)      Readers mistakenly identify the writer with his characters. A character rises to his own stature only when his trait becomes impersonal knowledge in the writer. It is also true, like Milton’s Satan, that the author’s personality best comes out through his best character. 5


472)      Analogies fabricated by one who does not understand the basis rightly, will not only fail to serve the purpose, but may pervert the original intention.

Right analogy illuminates; inappropriate analogy distorts. J

473)      Consecration slows down involution and finally wipes it out, leaving the field free for evolution.5


474)      Progress begins with ACTION. Rule No. 1 of psychic education initiates one into progress.
Work uncomplainingly, nonstop if you want progress.

                Greater progress lies in not feeling a complaint inside.

                The above are included in negative progress. The first step of positive progress is to be aware of it every moment.Its measure of success is seen in the immediate outside life. One can initiate himself into the first step of progress only when he takes to the four consecrations. 5

475)      Luck means nonstop work in Mother. 5


476)      Can one who lies come anywhere near to Mother? 5


477)      He who is lost in the moment, however efficient he is, will never be able to build for the future. J


478)      It is right to hasten when the opportunity waits. When no such opportunity awaits, to press forward will cause a recoil.   The power of Patience to rush forward never fails.5


479)      The world is ruled by likings and dislikings. It runs en masse after what it likes and frowns on what it dislikes. Scope for rationality is yet to rise in the society. J


480)      He who needs money for spending meaningfully, will earn endlessly. &


481)      The capacity to try and accomplish something by the very method that will destroy it shows that one is still in the plane of mind and its ignorance. 5


482)      The opposition to any change mostly tries to strengthen it physically, vitally help it to release greater energy and offers a greater understanding in the mind. J


483)      The great achievements of one who is outside the Establishment are negatively resisted and positively recognised by Silence. Appreciation here is not the order of the day. J


484)      Rebels arise from outside, not inside. The only instance in history is Gorbachev destroying the Communist party from inside. Gorbachev is a unique rebel who destroyed the system from inside. J


485)      The greatest of compliments one can get from the ignorant public is that you are ignorant. A greater one is that you are wicked. The ignorant public initiating the movement to destroy someone is the finest stamp that he is truly a great soul, maybe tending towards avatarhood. 5


486)      He who knows the level or point where he levels off, has a future possibility of growth. Whether he continues to progress or not, he is the evolving godhead at that point. 5


487)      The route for Indian prosperity is to discover Brahman in Life.5


488)      Discovery of Brahman in Life, includes discovering Brahman in Matter. 5


489)      Yoga brings the outer and inner together into one unified whole at a higher level of created existence. &


490)      No one will fail to achieve a work when he pushes his mind away.J


491)      No devotee can escape LUCK if he does not stop for a minute from working. 5


492)      Indolence is the physical version of the unconsciousness of the soul in trance. 5


493)      Each time man misses an opportunity, Mother opens a greater one which is more difficult to avail of. 5


494)      Work uncomplainingly consecrating it, and LUCK will seek you.5


495)      How can you not be happy if you stop complaining? &


496)      Man who attempts surrender achieves the same to a higher, finer version of his desire. 5


497)      Inspiration energises, whether it is right or wrong. Intuition illuminates, right or wrong. 5


498)      Efficiency is to redirect the outward energies inside.

Effectivity is to redirect the outward impulses inward.

Spiritual prosperity is infinite; material prosperity is finite.

Prosperity is spiritual, not material.

Accomplishment is in the Being, not Becoming. &


499)      Knowledge moves down to the physical consciousness and substance as physical sensation and sensitivity when it becomes power and effective. Knowledge  begins as an unrelated observed information and ends as power of the individual over the collective. Any progress is to move on this scale further. 5


500)     • Faith, grace and supergrace.

• Gross, subtle and causal planes.

• Problems, opportunities and self-choice.

• Subconscious, conscious and Superconscious.

• Subliminal, inner being and surface.

• Ignorant seeking, conscious seeking and what comes by itself.

• What comes by itself through ignorance and consciousness.

• Problems belong to life, opportunities belong to mind, grace belongs to Spirit.

• These several trios need not necessarily have a fixed

  correspondence. &

501)      Thoughts are generated in the world even as products are created by the market. We choose some of them and accept. We call them our own thoughts. As we produce some products for the market, we also create some thoughts for the world. There we are original thinkers. J


502)      India’s Freedom was won in the subtle plane in 1910. Had she taken to armed revolution, she would have freed herself before the first World War. Sri Aurobindo says HE knew the truth behind ahimsa, but He did not want to spell it out. India becoming free before 1914, based on the truth of violent revolution, would have prevented the two world wars. India was steeped in darkness and needed to exalt her darkness by spirituality and ahimsa. Hence the world passed through two wars before India became free. That way, Nature permitted falsehood to have her sway. Now, it expresses in corruption. Should Indian spirituality rise in its truth, corruption will vanish all over the world. Just now India enjoys her puny prosperity as corruption. It is the physical dissipation of spiritual grace. J


503)      Human life does not permit ready fulfilment of all its desires. Assuming it does, it is obvious it will soon come to an end. So, the mechanism of absence of fulfilment of desires provides for the prolongation of life. Is there a higher balance where life is endlessly prolonged at will while the aspirations are fulfilled unfailingly? The longer he seeks for a life of successfully fulfilled aspiration, the higher his aims should rise. Desire and ego should give place to aspiration and the psychic. Desire moves towards its defeat. Ego struggles towards its dissolution. Only the evolving psychic enables the body to be transformed so that life never comes to be terminated and aspirations never meet with failure.

                Immortality is a life of harmonious enjoyment. 5


504)      Several KEYS:

1)     The key to the physical leads to the birth of the Supramental being.

2)     The key to the vital gives a life of LUCK either to the individual or to the collective, stopping short of the physical immortality of supramentalisation.

3)     The KEY to the mind opens the knowledge of the practical concept of infinity that can become the power of vital life without shutting the door on the physical. 5


505)      For the thinking mind, the joy of existence is the discovery and the penetration of the mystery of creation that comes with knowledge. 5


506)      God enjoys Self-discovery. Man enjoys repetition, energy, understanding. As long as he enjoys any of them, he cannot move further. When he stops understanding, step by step he moves to the supramental intuition. At this point God’s joy is in determination. Beyond lies the joy of consciousness and being. The joy of self-discovery is for the Being when it gives up the joy of being. &


507)      Self-discovery for Man at any given moment is to discover what he really enjoys whether it is repetition or understanding. To know that one does not want to know appears to be the self-discovery that awaits MAN. &


508)     Man loves the very opposite of what he seeks. His goal lies in neither what he seeks or its opposites, but in their becoming complements. By seeking it in either, he is human. By seeking it in both, he rises to the godhead. &


509)     Judge another at his best. Give another man your very best. Trying to give anything less will drain you and take you to his level. Often such a giving will not reach the person. If it does, it will be used to destroy you. J


510)      Only when the field is full of crops do we need a fence. The fence is the crop protecting itself. So also evil is the good that circles its own perfection. Good needs protection only when it is rich.

The fence is not frowned upon by the crop as it protects it. Even so, evil is the fence that circles the good for its own protection.&

511)      That patience which issues from the knowledge that evil is after all good, is lasting patience. 5


512)      The key to the vital is to know life at its most sensitive, live front and have a mastery over it in one’s own affairs. 5


513)      The key to the mind:   Silence and a thought capacity to know ALL the answers to the issues presented to it with respect to one’s own mental life. 5


514)      Problems arising out of physical inability give pain to the body. Mental agony arises when one refuses to do physically what he can out of a value. Confusion is mental inability. J


515)      The idea that one knows more than others is not so much an egoistic idea as one arising out of the ignorance of what others know. J


516)      The mind’s faith in the medicine makes the medicine effective. Its faith in the doctor often saves the life. It is the faith of the soul that makes one immortal. &


517)      Surrender waits till thoughts cease. &


518)      The beginning of yoga starts with surrender which is offered by the awakened soul to the inner Divine. It is preceded by other steps as follows:

            v consecration

            v  all-inclusive concentration

            v  a formidable will that seeks consecration.

            v  sincere aspiration of the inner Divine for the ALL.

            v  a call of the Transcendent to the Individual.

All those who have come to Mother have that call one way or another is some measure. &

519)      Yogic energies for life have to fill the entire plane of life, not only the point that receives, even as the water that enters the reservoir cannot raise the water level at the point of entry until it raises the level of the whole.

   Maybe when the recipient is selfish and resists self-giving, he may rise faster. At least the energies of Integral Yoga are not available in great measure for selfish benefits. 5

520)      Before you think and formulate the thought, the impulse of the vital makes several moves. Life outside also moves many times. Here we see the speed of life far greater than the mind’s thinking.5


521)      When you call Mother, the ego recedes. Ego is the obstacle; it operates in the planes of mind; Nature includes both. Only when all give way will Mother remain there forever. 5


522)      Information is knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Power confers rights. Rights are self-existent.

Rights are not to be granted. Rights are taken and exercised.

Information is the first link of the chain whose last link is self-existent right that leads to endless prosperity.

Life is infinite.

It is for man to choose.

Life cannot compel man’s choice. Man’s choice can compel life to submit.

Finite man can choose to be infinite in resources.

It is the choice that makes the man. 5

523)      It is a subtle axiom that there are no coincidences in life. As no disease rises in the body by chance, no event occurs in life by chance. J


524)      As consecration and surrender are whole acts that embrace all the six aspects of life – unity, knowledge, will, love, Truth and Goodness – they cannot be made by partial personalities on the surface. Conditions for becoming complete personalities are many, such as never giving out information, not expecting, patient reticence, quiet efficiency, non-initiative, equality, etc. 5


525)      It is the restlessness of the physical being that expresses itself in all planes as haste, hurry, impatience, tension, irritability and expectation. 5


526)      Our fullest education issues out of the context of the greatest enjoyment. 5


527)      A disease is the result of deterioration of general health expressing in one part or organ. Cure is to handle the part or the pathological expression of the part to set the conditions right in the whole. J


528)      The key:  either one stumbles on it unconsciously or he rises to the next higher plane in thought and theorises the process to secure the key. Otherwise the key lies only with those who have accomplished for whatever reason. J


529)      In all ages, the most productive section is the vanguard. The proletariat was revolutionary in an industrial society. Now it is the underprivileged population. Hence the rising expectation is the vanguard, not the proletariat any more. J


530)      When “Let Thy Will be done” is repeated, it leaves a residue of our will always. When the residue disappears, man crosses the mental barrier. 5


531)      The Power, the Happiness, the Light, the knowledge, the Bliss, the Love, the Peace that flow from the Divine Grace are denied to rulers, to earthly success, philosophy, satisfaction of desire, human relationships and death. &


532)      To separative existence, all those who are not friends are foes. J


533)      A truant member of an organisation not in tune with it can be spoken to by a wise man who appeals to his enlightened self-interest and restores his harmony with the whole. When this truant member comes in contact with the founder of the organisation, his truancy disappears and harmony is restored by itself. Mind acts like the wise man, Supermind acts like the founder. J


534)      Until one starts transformation, he is only a devotee who is silently waiting in Her atmosphere. One does not come into touch with Her Force until he starts transformation.

It is Mother’s Force always, whether it is involution or evolution. It is transformation that changes life force into Mother’s Supramental Force.

Mother comes to you in transformation. Until then, you seek Her. &

535)      For a plane to give up a vibration, its impulses must give it up. 5


536)      When reason is partial, it tends to emphasize itself exclusively with the result that life forces it to do the very opposite. 5


537)      The uncivilised man avoids education and frowns on it, as he values the freedom from it. He seeks to know by experience what education gives. He who thinks to know what can be learned by silence is the uncivilised one in spirituality. 5


538)      Logic is the mental perception of the laws of material existence.J


539)      Neither Being nor the Becoming can feel the joy of self-discovery. It is only the Being of the Becoming that constantly feels that Joy. &


540)      Outrage issues out of not only gross injustice, but also by the fact that one is cornered. In fact, in the latter occasion, the intensity of outrage is more acute. J


541)      Gross thought is what we initiate; the subtle thought occurs by itself. 5


542)      It is ordinary activities that often initiate great inspirations. J


543)      One wise man entering an organisation of innumerable factions, can disillusion the smallest victim and proceed to do so with each higher level, until he can expose the very ideal of the organisation.

Factotums, intriguers, pillars of the organisation, stalwarts will all, one by one, give way to the incoming wisdom. Not only intrigues will fall, but practical idealism as well as idealism will meet with a downfall, never to rise again. J

544)      Death is the only punishment for uncivilised public behaviour in an uncivilised nation ruled by a dictator. Uncivilised activities rear their heads only in a civilised nation ruled by law.

The fact that uncivilised behaviour exists in public or private shows the nation is civilised and is ruled by law and not brute force. J

545)      We now understand that modern medical technology, if available in earlier times, could have saved countless millions. Similarly, there is a comprehensive diagnosis which may yet be developed, which, if resorted to now, could save many more lives. The fact is, no one need die of a disease, if only the diagnosis and treatment are based on the understanding of the whole person. J


546)      He who cannot preserve what he has cannot go ahead.

He who cannot risk what he has cannot go ahead.

One is for the below average and the other for the above average.J

547)      Love cannot be received by those who measure it in terms of its material benefits.  A thing is of value not for its own sake; but for the use value of the receiver. J


548)      In asking for opening, SHE really asks for the double opening which opens the inner mind below and the spiritualised mind above. &


549)      Physical affection is incapable of mental rationality. It is a rare adventure to raise physical affection to mental sentiment. It resists such conversion. Physical affection through physical psychic can become Love. It is achieved by surrender. Frustrated affection turns into hatred. Hatred is the ego of physical affection. J


550)      The ideal is to be honoured, not lived for those who come from a family of no tradition or culture, struggling for survival. In their more meaningful acts, they will be mercenary. If the foundations shake, the personality easily becomes one of a ‘cad’.  When youthful idealism dies and man sees his survival is often shaky, he begins to degenerate into a cad.

Not many are endowed with manhood. In the face of questionable survival, manhood does not serve.  J

551)      The charm of the male for the female starts with the plant, survives in the animal, romanticizes itself in the human and consummates itself in the Ishwara.  The Ishwara enjoys the act of creation in his Shakti. The Shakti, having travelled through involution and evolution returns to Ishwara to consummate her mission. Together they return to the Absolute. &


552)      When you fully learn the essence of a certain experience, it goes out of your mind completely. Complete knowledge gives complete forgetfulness.  The past, lingering as a memory, is a sign of imperfect knowledge from that experience. &


553)      Where knowledge is imprecise and imperfect, it is customary that people insist that their own wrong knowledge, which they  have been used to for a long time, is right.  Right, for them, is their own habit, not the true right form. J


554)      A man cannot be always positive or positive to all people. He can be so to those whom he chooses. One who is positive to all is no longer human. J


555)      A work’s progress is dependent on the rise of emotions in the doer. If not about that work itself, at least emotion for some other thing must rise. It is emotion that achieves, not the body or mind.J


556)      Conscious enjoyment is full and manysided, truly all-sided. Therefore, it moves up constantly. Unconscious enjoyment is partial and each bout has to be compensated before the next rises.J


557)      To be God’s instrument we must receive His Grace and give it as Love to all. We refuse to receive grace and become finite. The finite is unable to practise self-giving to the other finites or the infinite not-self which turns out to be selfish or fear. He who is selfless and altruistic tries to give his knowledge or sympathy or his own possessions which can only help his ego grow.

Give we must, not our own possessions but love, which we receive as Grace from the Divine. 5

558)      Mother respects our freedom to act and insists on our choice. We use that freedom with a vengeance. 5


559)      To speak or to think is to be in Time.

To be silent is to be in Timelessness.

To be able to think, speak or act from Silence is to be in the simultaneous integrality of Time-eternity and Timeless-eternity.

To speak makes things clear; to think makes understanding clear; to be silent makes for higher understanding; to think in silence makes the human act divine. 5

560)      When a man acquires power, more people are able to accept him and his ideas than before. When a man acquires supramental power, all whom he deals with will readily obey him in life, if not in yoga. 5


561)      When the mind loses its curiosity, the vital loses its zest for life or the body fails to generate excess energy, it means the soul has decided that it cannot use this embodied being any more. Then OLD AGE sets in, senility follows, ailments get lodged in the body. As long as the mind wants to learn or the vital wants to live or the physical is energetic or the soul wants to use the being, there is neither old age nor death. It is possible to arrive at such a situation even at a young age. 5


562)      Loyalty’s best expression is faithfulness to the wife. One who is incapable of being unfaithful is a mental man of idealism. He who enjoys his loyalty is one who lives his idealism.

It is a feminine virtue to be instinctively loyal.

Physical purity comes from previous generations. Mental purity comes from previous births. Pure body and an impure mind is the formative stage of a mental soul. Pure mind and an impure body shows incomplete formation.5

563)      Chastity is the beauty of the soul.

Chastity of the body and mind belongs to the great soul or unformed goodness. 5

564)      Process of transcending mind and reaching Supermind:

            Conceptual – work out the process of Being, Consciousness, Ananda, Truth changing into Non-Being, Inconscience, Insensibility, Falsehood. Do the same for Goodness, Beauty, Delight, Power, Eternity, Infinity, Immortality, Peace, Silence for their opposites. A full conception of the lower becoming the higher will give the mental consciousness the full potentiality to transcend mind.

            Practical :  practise of any of them starts giving the power to reach Supermind; practise of all of them yields the supramental consciousness.

            Fullness:  The body consciousness admitting this knowledge and agreeing to this practise is the fullness of supramentalisation of the SUBSTANCE. &

565)      Truth to Falsehood:

I – Truth – Truth Consciousness – Conscious of its own fact.

 Harmony, unity, energy – inertia, Falsehood.


II – Truth – Truth Consciousness – Conscious of its own fact – energy of action – losing energy and becoming inert (Falsehood is the potential energy of lack of action and awareness.) &


566)      Subjective and Objective conditions are interchangeable because they are one; Time and Space are interchangeable. Matter – energy on one side and Time and Space on another side are inter-convertible as they are all four different conditions in a chain of successive changes. &


567)      How does the movement from action to the psychic take place? Object – Analysis – Ego – Purusha – Psychic. When we are lost in an act, we are the object.


Detachment makes for analysis. Thinking shifts the centre to Ego. Silence takes him to Purusha. When moving from the Timeless to simultaneous Time and Time eternity, the psychic emerges. This is the Being of the Becoming.

The Being, i.e. the psychic, rises to the Supreme Ishwara through silence, light, intuition and intuition inside.

To rise to the Absolute from there, it must cease to manifest. From there it can choose to manifest at the Supramental level or down to the level of Matter.

As in the ascent one moved from thought to knowledge inside, so in the descent the order is reversed. E.g. coming to Silence, he acts from the higher mind. From there he begins to think and talk, to act in the mental plane, but presided over by the inner Silence. &


568)      To receive Grace and use it for smaller purposes is involution. To let Grace impact on the small so that it rises is evolution. &


569)      In the great man, his routine responsibilities become subconscious, leaving his conscious energies free to maintain his greatness.

In the small man capable of potential greatness, the routine work remains conscious and he remains small. 5


570)      Matter is God in the descent. The Supramental Being is God in the ascent. &


571)      It is no longer religious worship but spiritual illumination, says Mother. As long as we ask, ‘What shall I do?’, ‘What is the rule or dharma which we should follow?’, it is to follow another’s awakening and therefore it is religious worship. When we surrender and let the Divine act, we allow the spirit in us to awaken.&


572)      Every obstacle, injustice, or evil doing is an occasion for getting over the ego. &


573)      Even infinite energies on an unorganised finite organisation cannot produce more than three or four times expansion. If the organisation has no measuring rod for work and is impressionist, he may not feel any progress at all. At best, he may feel the work has become streamlined. 5


574)      Constant remembrance is no exalted, noble phrase. It is memory becoming Mother. Beyond memory lies consciousness and beyond consciousness lies substance.

Constant presence in the substance is to be God. The same remembrance in the consciousness enables one to become God. When memory develops the same remembrance, it achieves as God achieves. &


575)      Man reaches a point in his life where his actions or thoughts cease or if they ever issue, issue out of a source that is no longer a cause. Such a joy is causeless joy, such an action is an action that moves the world.  To be in touch with a causeless joy is to be spiritually free. &


576)      To fashion the strategy by which people and society will move at once is the ultimate in development. To do so, it is necessary to prepare the society or the society should be prepared. It is a rare adventure to prepare an immature society by fashioning that strategy. J


577)      Moving from thought to silence is moving from the gross plane to the subtle plane. 5


578)      Patience is the ability to wait for any action till all aspects of a work are known. When all aspects are fully known, the work moves into action by itself. Before that, one takes initiative to act. 5


579)      To discover one’s soul and help others discover theirs is the only service man can do. &


580)      The boat of man moving upstream in the river of life is yoga. It is a nonstop effort of greatest strain.  A moment of respite pushes the boat downstream. 5


581)      The practice of self-giving in the beginning will end up in self-enrichment. In the final stages, self-giving practised genuinely will enrich the plane of life where it is practised by enriching everyone there. 5


582)      When we refuse to trust Mother, we really put ourselves into the hands of life which decides according to our karma. Better to put ourselves in Her hands.


When you arrive at a dead end it is always a resistance or refusal of Grace, not a confusion or incapacity. 5


583)      The ignorance that makes human life miserable is understood to be as one of NOT knowing. That ignorance by which one wilfully ignores what he knows very well makes for certain destruction and acts as the protective cover for the first type of ignorance.5


584)      If Love is born in you, give it to the Shakti, not to a woman. Shakti alone can receive it, as she has generated it. The woman can receive only a physical, vital version of it unless she herself raises herself to become Shakti.


One secret of this yoga is to receive Grace and give it out as Love. Grace cannot express itself as (human) love. &


585)      Energy is the Immutable’s self-chosen movement.

Eternal movement results in force.

Self-chosen movement is energy. &


586)      Matter–Energy in Being becomes Time and Space in consciousness, obeying the rule of reversal of consciousness. This can be reduced to a formula or several formulas if by concentration mind is raised to consciousness and Being. &


587)      Man thinks of Mother in times of crises. A great crisis drives him to call Her. A devoted heart thinks of Her involuntarily. He who loves to call Her and enjoys calling Her is a bhakta. A sadhak longs and yearns to call Her. Devotion turns into sadhana when the memory of Mother becomes sweet and one cannot exist without calling Her, as calling is then his breath of life. &


588)      Surrender begins after the realisation of the individual soul dissolving the ego. Consecration leads to that. One starts with aspiration. It is aspiration of all the parts all the time that is capable of maturing into consecration. Opening in all parts and sincerity in the central being can result in that aspiration. As this new evolution needs a double opening, one has to wait until the whole being opens. Opening, sincerity, aspiration, consecration and surrender are the landmarks in yoga. &


589)      Mathematics is the very first codification of the mental formulation of consciousness. Physics and mathematics represent two branches of knowledge and naturally get intertwined at their origin. J


590)      Equality is only for a SILENT mind. 5


591)      Accomplishment in life requires risking all that one gained until that point. Yoga demands that you come forward to lose entirely what you gained or created until now. &


592)      When a real strength does not cross the plane you are in, pushed to its extreme, it will turn into a weakness in another area. The principle here is strength is only one aspect. Real growth is growth of all aspects and into the next plane. In its absence, increasing the intensity of one aspect will have opposite results. 5


593)      Silence results when activity is destructured. Peace issues when Existence dissolves. The Absolute created the Self-conscious Being through Peace. &


594)      Mother always gives ‘more than what we ignorantly asked for.’ For the elite, She denies what they ask for and gives what they never knew to exist. For the chosen, She offers what they never could have conceived of as possible, since it is from the realms of new creation. &


595)      Sri Aurobindo has told in The Life Divine how the world was created and why. The Absolute choosing for one more joy, in the exercise of its prerogative of being infinite, decided on the course of self-concealing so that self-discovery would yield that intended joy.

   The creation proceeds from the Self-conscious Being until it converts itself into inconscient Matter through the intermediate stages of Consciousness, Supermind, Mind and Life. His arguments are fully rational, and explanations are logical. In the course of these explanations, He goes to the root of the matter and explains fully Being, Consciousness, Supermind, Mind and Matter. They are from the side of construction or creation. We can best understand those terms as well as terms like ego, Time, infinity, mind, life, sensation, feeling, thought, plane, etc. only from the side of our experience. We cannot find it in the book. To know the above terms clearly and concretely, even as we know the terms body, town, pen, etc., is necessary for a full appreciation of his philosophy.

   He has given the theory of creation with rational clarity and logical consistency. We have to extend it to practical appreciation evolving practical concepts.

   A practical concept of Infinity is the first real touch of His philosophy. &


596)      Concentration is to shift the centre of comprehension to a deeper level. 5


597)      When the letter of the law was butchering President Clinton, the spirit of the law was raising the rate of his popularity. J


598)      Intensity can change directions. 5


599)      An individual Idea becomes public opinion long before any semblance of its becoming an organisation. At best, some organisation espouses that Idea. Thus, slowly public opinion becomes the opinion of public organisations when it may become a movement. The movement creates the first organisation through national law. J


600)      The talents in others that surprise us are three fourths training. The inborn part of it also lends itself to training if there is superior interest. 5


601)      By nurture a value is developed widely in the population. By oppression the same value develops in purity and intensity in a few individuals. J


602)      Societies exist in several hierarchies even as do individuals. Physical, vital, mental, spiritual is one such gradation. Rural, urban, city, metropolis is another. Individual, family, community, caste, society, nation may be another. Disciplines as dictated by conditions of living such as self-discipline, family training, social beliefs, and cultural values give birth to graded values. Experience that results in practically useful values that can be described as technologies – personal, family, communal, social, national, international – develops determined by the practical organisation at each level. Several of them become determinants in certain lines of development such as hygiene and sanitation which determine longevity, education determines prosperity, medicine determines enjoyment. Longevity, prosperity, education, and equality are the physical, vital, mental and spiritual results of various such combinations. What is true of the collective is equally true of individuals. Newer determinants of any level can rise at any time so that the urge to overcome such limitations is self-generated. Therefore, we see spiritually developed potential in a poor, false, ignorant community. Opulent societies shape themselves sometimes even without elementary habits of hygiene such as bath. Promiscuous communities have wiped themselves out in many places while the same trait generated societies of physical goodwill or families of spiritual purity.

Formation of communities and development of individual personalities thus shed the shackles of physical, moral, and mental inhibitions. MAN is thus amoral whether individual or collective. J


603)      To live alone is to live with Mother alone. Seclusion is the life with all one’s world in the subtle plane. &


604)      Human progress that takes one to divine service, usually passes through human service which is the service of the ego, though in the spiritual plane it is not exactly the rule. 5


605)      A friend is one who is in tune with our thoughts and acts on that basis. It means he must be the source of the unthought requirements coming to us unasked. J


606)      Selflessness of the human being is the selfishness of the Supreme, God. To give up the selfishness of the ego, one should move to the selfishness of the Supreme, God and do it without hesitation or shame. &


607)      It is difficult for the Westerner not to work. It is equally difficult for the Indian to work. J


608)      Progress means widening basic receptivity. J


609)      Immediate success is the entire success. J


610)      What can be communicated is NOT knowledge, but results can be passed on to others. J


611)      Fashion catches on by the easiest – smallest – higher effort. J


612)      No knowledge that is not sought for will be communicated effectively. J


613)      The lazy Indian can change with difficulty, but those who believe that their own laziness is a blessing to the community have no known scope for progress. Self-immolation may be the order of the day. J


614)      Forgetfulness is the symptom of consciousness feeling the impossibility. 5


615)      Man deciding not to take outer initiative works inside and the ripe moment arrives – outside and inside. It is indicated by the greatest inner urge for action which he is not free to express. 5


616)      The irresistible impulse of Ignorance to instruct knowledge is perversity. Its insistence is depravity.  Depravity is impersonal perversity. 5


617)      Science and Technology:  One who is in the field of science can move either to the side of knowledge or its practice. As long as knowledge dominates its use, it will retain the flavour of science. As soon as the tail begins to wag, the body science dies its natural death.


Be a scientist who practises technology, not a technician who learns his science from his own work. J


618)      The key for any plane is known to the fully formed psychic of that plane. 5


619)      Man WANTS to change his environment to his liking. Only his changing so as to exactly fit into the environment will lead him to the discovery. 5


620)      For the best in one to surface, culture and flower, the worst in him must be submitted to iron repression. When the man has to cross into the next plane, this iron repression must be self-chosen. 5


621)      As Matter was created by Mind, today the world is run by the information mind gives the population representing matter. From the early days, the world was governed by the force of information – the group – circulated. Today it is factual, scientific information that dominates, but it fully retains the power of gossip. Not only with that information but all information that rules today retains the characteristic of gossip. J


622)      Man’s primary intense motive still is to tyrannise and tease others. J


623)      A wise man becomes cultured too if he is unable to say anything that he would regret later. For one to say those things now of which he would be proud later, he should become good in addition. J


624)      The role played on the stage is Becoming while the person is Being. Mistaking the role as final, one grieves; stationing himself in his own person, he is griefless. 5


625)      Birth means a superior soul, superior by the experience of each life, taking on a more inferior body and mind so that it may discover a greater truth of creation. 5


626)      Mother acts through human identification to complete a work in spite of the undeserving behaviour of the recipient. It does not act against the undeserving individual, though it can when it so chooses, but mostly acts in spite of that unhelpful attitude. 5


627)      Simplicity ennobles profundity. The simple man readily receives profundity given through simplicity. Profundity is a non-starter. Simplicity never comes to age.


Profundity in the garb of simplicity is universally recognised as pleasant prosperity.

Conceive profoundly, state simply. J


628)      God has come down to divinise MAN. Man is debating the merits of godhood. 5


629)      When we aim at another’s understanding, we try to explain in his terms. He understands our idea in his own terms. Appreciation is to accept another’s situation in terms of our own motives and attitudes. Nothing new can thus be understood or appreciated.


§  Sri Aurobindo is new to the world.

§  It should make a man give up his own understanding and appreciation.

§  He must come forward to break new ground, go to new depths.

§  He must give up the surface and accept the depths.

§  In giving Mother to another, we cannot expect him to understand or appreciate from his own point of view. We must help him to give up the old and appreciate the NEW. 5


630)      Cleanliness and orderliness become important because the aim of Conscious Force is to express itself in perfect Form. 5


631)      Intelligence is the result of Force reflecting on the Conscious-Soul.  That which makes the Prakriti understand Purusha is intelligence. Ego’s action in Prakriti limits itself from the Soul. This limitation is a reflective relation. 5


632)      Force meeting Force gives rise to Form. Form meeting Form give rise to sensation. Mental sensation is intelligence. Intelligence reflecting on the Soul is consciousness. &


633)      The finest of human relationships has a large area of insipid moments, even bitter ones; the worst of relationships equally is of the opposite character. 5


634)      No country is so poor that it cannot launch itself on development. No man is so weak he cannot rouse himself to the most pleasurable action that his heart is after. No situation is, in that sense, past remedy. J


635)      The Agni they spoke of is the purifying Agni – purifying the mind into spirit. Sri Aurobindo speaks of the Force as Agni. It is the Agni of evolution. &


636)      We adore those who accomplish what we cannot accomplish. Hence who we are can be seen by knowing whom we adore. J


637)      We know of superstitions bringing catastrophes that are wiped out by the first information. Death overtakes the BODY when it emphasizes its ‘superstition.’ Sri Aurobindo says death changes into immortality when the body sheds its superstition. &


638)      Service is possible only to the God in Man; neither God, nor Man can receive it. Man offends the giver; God allows man to outgrow his illusion. 5


639)      The formula that can change human motivation into one that can achieve his own social aspiration is the vital key. 5


640)      The Gita calls for the surrender of Jivatma so that it may attain moksha. Sri Aurobindo speaks of the surrender of the Being of the Becoming to Being so that evolution may be hastened. &


641)      Human initiative has the capacity to express elsewhere and in a form not intended. Also it has the need to balance it out with its opposite. Man is safest when he shuns initiative. J


642)      To see a difficulty as an opportunity is to see the event from a higher plane. To see a personal opportunity or even difficulty as the opportunity for the society is to see the individual event from a higher impersonal perspective. J


643)      To thrill in a minor scale, the body twitches. J


644)      For one to take the first step in yoga, the inner being should open. For one to be ready to receive LUCK, his outer life should turn inwards. 5


645)      No genius, no scientist, no wise man can say that what he knows is the ultimate. To make a claim of that type restricts the future to the present. This is a type of stupidity human mind is capable of and even enjoys, in spite of great achievements in other areas.J


646)      He who achieves concentrates on the next step. He who concentrates on further possibilities achieves not in the short run. J


647)      God is above. Divine is God above who is present as God below.&


648)      Whatever you learn, you learn in macro principles. Whatever you achieve is by what you learn in micro circumstances. J


649)      For whatever reason, if a work is to be shifted to another plane or another context is to be done from there, it becomes difficult or oppressive. J


650)      The character of a person is a quality which will not easily lend itself when one wants to represent it in numbers. J


651)      One who can read and inspire himself to action is a mental man.J


652)      Gratitude is the youngest of the gods. She is white and pure. Therefore she is dear to God. When Gratitude is pure and selfless, it is divine. &


653)      As long as the opposition comes from outside, one may be under an illusion of fighting it individually or collectively. The moment the opposition is seen inside one’s own set up, it is time to abandon one’s individual stance in favour of the descending Force.  It is the Force that descends first and creates an individual or collective to receive it. Neither the individual nor a group can precede the Force. 5


654)      When God offers the divine greatness to Man, Man awakens to the original greatness of himself. J


655)      When something bothers us, we contemplate what to do with it, which helps our strength go to the bothering agent. Rarely does it strike us to consecrate it at once. 5


656)      To surrender, one should be a master of Prakriti. 5


657)      Death of ‘I’   On the surface, the finite ego thinks in Time, making consciousness subjective through the divisive process of mind.

Ego dissolves when thinking stops.

By ceasing to be subjective, we cross Time.

By giving up the censor, the mind withdraws, becoming a witness.

The silent witness crosses ego and mind, but is still in Time. To cross the borders of Time, Jiva should become Paramatma.  The Jiva, the Many are in Time. The One is beyond Time. The One in the Many is our goal. &


658)      Grace descends only on some people. Most men receive the first touch only. Just at this moment, Grace is on you; the question is whether you are going to open yourself to it, and further, how long will you remain open. He who is permanently open to Grace or Truth will be fully transformed into the supramental being.&

659)      To be open is to be aware of the soul. To be aware of the soul, one must not be aware of the mind. To be unaware of the mind is to be silent. The capacity to be silent at will is opening. Total attraction of inner life gives the capacity to be silent at will. Knowledge that Shakti moves, turns you inward. To know that not man, but Shakti initiates is Jnanam. &


660)      Ego:  The ego of the man concedes divinity to God so that HE will excel him.

·     Ego has no hesitation or difficulty in equating itself with God.

·     There are instances when the ego tried to destroy God with the powers secured from Him.

·     Ego is so small and rigid that it cannot come forward to dissolve itself.

·     The only way the soul can destroy ego is to withdraw its power from sustaining the ego.

·     Surrender is difficult because it involves the awakening of soul moving away from ego to allow it to die a natural death.

·     Death’s arguments against Savitri even after he was defeated and darkness lost its strength are the classical instances of the ego’s persistence. &


661)      The determinism of our life is ego; the divine life is determined by the psychic. Change the determinism from ego to the psychic, and human life becomes divine life. The ego is human, the psychic is the divine. &


662)      For the minority to submit itself to the will of the majority, the majority submits itself to the ignorance of the minority. J


663)      Man’s rise, however small it is, touches all whom he relates to emotionally. It is the emotion of jealousy. Man loves to preserve his emotional equation with his human environment by jealousy.  It is by jealousy that one preserves his equilibrium of social emotions which is his vital sustenance. The one institution that is fully sacrificed at this altar is marriage. J


664)      Human love longs for what is not; Divine Love adores what is.5


665)      The world gets the experience before the knowledge. The process of descent begins when the resultant knowledge is made the prime mover. Even after knowledge is achieved, the tendency is not to use it as prime mover but a resultant part as before. When man makes the shift from the part to the whole, it is a shift from the physical to the mental. 5


666)      Ingratitude is usually unconsciousness. Rarely does the offended dignity of the unregenerate vital acquire the outer form of ingratitude.&


667)      A work sanctioned gets postponed when the ingratitude rises assertively. Its fulfilment does not come until the ingratitude withdraws. 5


668)      Wisdom is to discover THAT whole which is consistent with ALL the parts. &


669)      NO value that requires violence for its defence is worth its name. NO knowledge that can be communicated in words is worth receiving. 5


670)      The highest is attracted to the high in the low; the lowest is attracted to the low in the high. &


671)      He who helps as God helps serves the other. Human help destroys the receiver, turns him against the giver. Help that protects the giver is help. 5


672)      A bad act that fulfilled someone’s desire may not return as a punishment while a good moral act that denied someone’s desire may come back to you as punishment. 5


673)      What we understand as punishment is the unfulfilled energy once released. 5


674)      Energy released fulfils itself. J


675)      The first move is always inside. It is the woman who takes the initiative with man. J


676)      Silent achievements, expressive enjoyments. J


677)      Good men need someone to adore. Great souls need someone to whom they can offer total surrender. 5


678)      The greater the depth where knowledge arises, the greater the difficulty in expressing  it. When man stumbles on the knowledge at the greatest depth, it remains a secret. 5


679)      Something is a secret not so much because it is not disclosed, but because of its inability to find expression. A secret is that which cannot go into words. The strangeness and density of knowledge that prevents its being verbalised makes it a secret. 5


680)      Love and affection grow in a soil where there is no basis for suspicion. J


681)      The accomplishment of work is abnormally abridged by acquiring the appropriate right knowledge. J


682)      The difference between slow progress and fast progress is knowledge. J


683)      Knowledge is the quintessence of effort, energy, time and organisation. J


684)      Those whose problems remain unsolved are those who forget Mother and think of the problems. It develops the problems. They are unconscious about their forgetfulness. By calling Mother, problems will be solved. While thinking of the problem, they feel they are thinking of Mother. The mind will be engaged by thoughts and acts. To put them aside and remember Her is Mother’s Remembrance.  To forget work, thoughts and feelings is to remember Mother. That is the best indication for that remembrance. &


685)      The idealist lives for the ideal. Others speak of the ideal for their own satisfaction. The ordinary man is incapable of speaking of the Ideal. The successful selfish man is irritated by the talk of the Ideal. Others cannot even listen to such irritation. They are inert.J


686)      The subconscious collective becoming conscious through the individual is social evolution. Emergence of consciousness is evolution. 5


687)      Not to voice others’ defects is good. It is a rare virtue. To see our own defects in others’ defects is yoga. To know God’s richness in others’ defects is supramental vision. Good habits, good values, and soul satisfaction are part of devotion. &


688)      Man is ready to lose one eye so that his neighbour will lose both. Man can come forward to lose both eyes to restore the sight in one of his neighbour’s eyes. That knowledge is there in the world, but the world has not created a sage who can inspire people for that. 5


689)      We cannot speak out our problems to another or in the office. There are things that cannot be shared with our spouse. Other problems do not admit of utterance. They are insoluble. One can speak them to God. Many will be solved. For some, the reply will be “it is your karma.”  There is a gap between God and us, as we seek Him in the worlds above. We can speak to our soul. There is no gap there. Many more problems will be solved by the soul. For others, the soul will change into the witness Purusha. The gap between us and God is not there with Mother. Mother does not become the Witness Purusha. Mother has accepted life.


·     All problems reported to Mother will be solved.

·     Mother does not wait for our report or prayer.

·     She does not impose conditions.

·     The problems will be solved as soon as the mind turns to Her.

·     It is so because She seeks us. &


690)      One who is meant for yoga may choose marriage. He would listen to the yogic ideal out of the mouth of his spouse – her version of that ideal.

E.g. 1) One must be detached from objects of property is an ideal of yoga. The husband’s version of this ideal is, “Give all your jewels happily to my wife.” It means the wife will realise the ideal in future.

2)   The wife will ask the husband, “Part with all your property in favour of my family.”  J

691)      Instruction fails, silent will will not. J


692)      A good man cannot escape luck. J


693)      What we know is not relationship. To seek the world in one’s emotions is relationship. J


694)      Life seeking you is your desert. Our seeking is desire. Gifts will seek us if we deserve them. We do not deserve those things that do not seek us. J


695)      A quarter of a million that is tangible will not be so fascinating as a quarter of a rupee in the palm. J


696)      Complaining is wrong. To voice a complaint is not permissible. A thought of complaint is impermissible. A heart that complains gives up claims of rich fullness. 5


697)      To be busy at the highest level of enjoyment is the ideal. 5


698)      The selfish man trying to give up selfishness is like man trying to forget hunger. J


699)      Restraint in places where no restraint is possible is LUCK. 5


700)      Even the inner voice will be in Tamil (the mother tongue). The soul understands even a new language.  [Mantra of Life was in Sanskrit.] 5


701)      The wireless dispensed with wires. The voice that rises after the thought dissolves will spread without words. 5


702)      The mind that gives up speech can address humanity successfully. 5


703)      The Jnani delights in quiet solitude. The lazy man too loves idleness. Only God can refrain from taking initiatives. 5


704)      Offensive hatred gives our opportunity to another. J


705)      Life in Mother is a life free from pain. 5


706)      Altruism raises one in his own estimation. To help another, knowing that his poverty or defect is only a reflection of our own inner status will raise us. 5


707)      To eliminate belief in one’s own capacities and call Mother makes anything possible. 5


708)      Tirukural says the world is known for the fact that he who had lived yesterday is no more today. Mother’s Grace is known for the phenomenon that he who was non-existent yesterday is there alive today. 5


709)      Man approaches even the Avatar as he would approach an astrologer or clairvoyant. J


710)      Things are lost because we forget Mother. To get back the object, we need to restore the lost remembrance. 5


711)      When something is lost, he who declares “I am not going to look for it. Unless Mother gives it to me, I do not need it” is a devotee.5


712)      He who consecrates all acts of his will have the attitude of securing the lost object through Mother only. 5


713)      If the memory of Mother comes on its own with an aspiration, the mind will be ushered into peace of mind. 5


714)      Educated cultured families in towns accomplish with a little effort what uneducated uncultured rural families accomplish with high cost and great endeavour over a long time. J


715)      To be aware of one’s capacities is the best way to lose them. Our capacities will yield results as long as we are not aware of them. It is humility to enable the capacities to yield results even after we have taken note of them. J


716)      Cultivable land converted into house plots can never incur a loss. Man taking to Mother cannot afford to suffer. J


717)      The world transformed will be better than Paradise. The world will reveal itself as a marvel if our view changes. &


718)      People who are willing to sacrifice their lives for another are capable of teasing him out of his life. J


719)      Luck has several symptoms. One of them is a humility towards all. J


720)      Do not do what evil acts you like. Do what good acts you do not like. 5


721)      When the competitor is very strong and is using strong arm methods, will you survive on the strength of Mother? We will survive and emerge stronger than the competitor as our methods and energy are superior to theirs. Will not your methods be superior to his, issuing from Mother’s Force? 5


722)      Negotiation and bargain are not only the ways of trade, but the way our emotions work. When you go after a certain emotion, it makes itself hard to release, while when we stop, it generously comes out. J


723)      Reaction retains us on the surface. Non-reaction moves us to the depth. 5


724)      We initiate things that give us joy now. HE is against any initiation. We are unable to refrain from initiative. A right compromise will be to initiate what will give joy to others. 5


725)     The Life Divine cannot be comprehended by an intellectual effort, but Thought can know the contents of the BOOK. 5


726)      Intellectuality is the mental effort to organise the sense impressions around a sense perception. Thought entirely moves away from sense and sense impressions and goes on to perceive and finally to conceive, while intellect senses. 5


727)      Men are rational enough to rail at the ranking of nations according to certain standards like HDI. J


728)      What man desires is not to know where he stands on the scale of values, but that he is on the top or at least in the top ten. J


729)      If an employee in a big company is recruited from a class or caste that believes that it confers blessings on others, he shall certainly do two things:

            1.  he will exploit the company in every possible way and if he can, rob it outright.

            2.  he will announce from the housetops that all the prosperity of that company is what he has conferred upon it. J


730)      Language blending with thought releases the music of that occasion which is mellifluous. J


731)      Language can blend with thought thus becoming mellifluous, but it is not poetry. Poetry is language expressing the sentiment not by blending it but by almost disappearing behind the curtain. It becomes a mantra either by disappearing or emerging masterfully.  Mantra is the masterful word becoming itself Power.5


732)      Thinking ceases when action falls off. 5


733)      Evolution can always choose its instrument, i.e. can change the instrument at any time. Still, it prefers to follow the law or rhythm of the plane in which it acts. The only planes it has created for this creation range between Being and Matter. Maybe there are only four and their inversions. Each plane subdivides into these eight again, opening infinity of space and eternity of time within that plane. Thus, the evolutionary choice remains infinite forever. &


734)      During periods of transition, the old mode often appears intransigent. It is never so except by the full blessings of those in power. Just today, terrorism has no lease of life anywhere in the world except by the conscious indulgence of those in power. That which has passed out lives on what it gave place to. J


735)      The pioneers of a movement are often unable to comprehend insistent obstacles in their way. It is always subconscious unwillingness, not inability of the conscious. 5


736)      Pain is the ego’s opening to Ananda. Man seeks joys that are like the security of salaried jobs. The integral joy earth offers is like the insecurity of self-employment. How can man frown on the incertitude of self-employment? J


737)      To think that we KNOW is folly, as we know without reference to Unity, Truth, Goodness, Will and Love. 5


738)      Every plane has its principle of energy. It is helpful to know them.


Being                   -- Self-energising.

Consciousness     -- Creative urge.

Ananda                -- Freedom from limitation.

Supermind           -- Constant presence of the Absolute.

      Enjoying the difference from God and  other divine souls.

Mind                   --  Recognising the truth in the opposite  and trying to unite with it.

Life                    --  Energised by mind.

Matter                --  Controlled by thought of mind. &


739)      Intuition is only one special movement of self-existent knowledge. What are the other movements? What are the movements of Energy, Force, Form, Ananda, Existence? 5


740)      There are no main plots without subplots. J


741)      Offensive flattery. J


742)      Shameless absence will lead to shameless seeking. J


743)      He who gets all the help from one person, offers all his appreciation to another in order to hide his obligation from himself. J


744)      Infinite expansion is temporary when one part of the being opens. For permanent expansiveness, all the arts of the being, at least, with respect to the issue, should open up. 5


745)      Predictability is the prerogative of the physical intelligence in the fixed material plane that does not admit of change in Time. 5


746)      One who is personally affected by a general situation is emotionally identified with that situation. J


747)      Now the society gives social education for social survival through spreading fashions. Is it possible for the society to spread fashion that gives psychological education not for social survival, but for psychological progress? J


748)      Mother neutralises human rules to the extent faith penetrates.5


749)      Lay all the rules and honour them; lay all the rules and scrap them; in either case, you can win as well as lose. Man wins, not rules. &


750)      No one wants to be reminded of his past when it was low; even that is pleasing to those of perverse modesty. 5


751)      The capacity to hurt a benefactor lies with those who can shamelessly pester others for help. J


752)      He who values only MONEY gets a son who cannot make money at all. J


753)      Light brings to the surface the dark spots. It has no power to remove them. 5


754)      Man has a way of seeking solace from the one who offended. 5


755)      Sarcasm is abuse. Flattering platitudes can be sarcastic. Abuse can be draped in affectionate words, too. J


756)      Courtesy calls in a place that delights in discourtesy makes one make an ass of himself. J


757)      Rules can be learnt, but not as easily followed, especially because new rules are in the making. J


758)      One can get solace if he is capable of giving it. 5


759)      As Indian freedom directly benefited the Harijans, any progress in the atmosphere will first benefit the most useless people around you. J


760)      The immature man readily and fully gives himself to an ideal and its organisation only to discover his insufficiency later. Should there be grace, life prevents him or the movement rejects him. The mature man, though enamoured of the ideal, sees the insufficiencies of the organisation and his own self, and keeps aloof. Life that is aware of his fitness, brings him and the ideal together so that he may become the organisation itself.5


761)      Surrender makes the Individual Eternal.


§ Surrender is preceded by all-inclusive concentration.

§ In fact, surrender is preceded by consecration which requires all-inclusive concentration.

§ It is made possible by a mental knowledge.

§ That knowledge is   the Individual is Eternal.

§ The knowledge that the Individual is Eternal makes the man Eternal through surrender.

§ The Process is knowledge + concentration = consecration that leads to surrender by which one attains Eternal status. &


762)      Nature develops fresh products by the individual through the social infrastructure, for its own purposes. Society playing the role of Nature will be great progress. Society, on the one side, can play the role of Nature and on the other side give the individual psychological education to hasten social evolution. J


763)      Samples of heights of irrationality are abundant when one comments on another culture. J


764)      All emotional life is one of human relationship. What will he do, who has scratched the surface and found there is no such thing as human relationship, even such a thing as a human? J


765)      Inconvenience irks. Psychological inconveniences not only irk but hurt and offend. The offence stays with us as sensitivities.J


766)      The world has twice more opportunities and resources than her problems require for their solution. Vision is myopic, thought is irrational and ability to manage is little.

This can be stated with full validity even in the areas where the world is awake, rational ideas have gained currency and management skills are developed. Application is dismally poor. J


767)      Desire is difficult to give up; but interest is impossible to forget. Unless aspiration takes its place, interest cannot be given up. J


768)      The opportunity to dominate another does not yield even to the prudence of retaining the gain on hand. J


769)      For the awakened spirit, it is true that anyone can do anything.   Its mental version is anyone can do anything he learns. The vital can do anything it is inspired by. The physical can do anything if it is trained. Anything is possible in any plane if the strategies are appropriate. J


770)      When the finite mind tries to understand Infinity, the Infinity swallows the mind. 5


771)      Help when taken or refused hurts later. God save me from help!J


772)      Ego, realising the value of egolessness, fashions egoless teaching. When it is offered to others, all that others see is only EGO.5


773)      The wider the emotional interest spreads, the wider he will be affected. One’s sorrows and successes will extend to all his emotional areas. J


774)      The idealistic pioneer is heartbroken because his model could not be put together and never took off, little realising the society has vigorously accepted it and lives it. The conditions for the token are in the physical plane, the infection of the ideal that spreads fast is in the subtle plane. 5


775)      Nature’s organisation is subtle. Society’s organisation is physical, material. The spirit’s organisation is subtle mental. The individual is capable of synthesizing the methods of the society and Spirit in himself, thus bringing the power of Nature to express the knowledge of the Spirit. 5


776)      If the only thing the yogi has to do is surrender and it is difficult, what is the yogi expected to do? 5


777)      When an idea from a friend is reported to others it will not necessarily evoke a response to its content. It is likely to bring out a response to the personality of the friend who originally made that statement.  An idea carries more the personality of its author than its own weight. J


778)      As most of the population started with agriculture while only a small percentage is needed there, society’s use of its organisations, instruments and products is obtuse. To use each such instrument rightly and precisely hastens the social progress. J


779)      When the ego decides to demolish itself, it gets fortified and reinforced! 5


780)      Society, as well as the individual, develops simultaneously on many sides, laying emphasis on one aspect at a given time. Results issue when all sides are completed. To hasten development, one needs to know where the society now is and what are the incomplete sides. J


781)      The sweetness of the woman comes best out of their ignorance, often even from their petulance. J


782)      He who wants to hasten the process of social development needs to know it in the past. Not only the clue, but the full answer is there. J


783)      The present emotions of gratitude lavished on equally pure goodness buried in very low consciousness, did not bring the rewards of goodness or gratitude, but unmistakably served as a link with the low and helped it to destroy gratitude and its source.5


784)      Disciples at a great distance start doing things in their daily life in a unique way departing from the routine, e.g. prefer a food or a phrase of speech or writing. It is the subtle extension of the Guru’s habits unconsciously spreading. They may or may not come to know of it in later life. 5


785)      Low consciousness sucks energy and often leads to death. 5


786)      One’s participation in a result will be indicated by any corresponding part. J


787)      Even when a great crime is committed, you cannot retaliate, if there is no retaliation in you. J


788)      A rule and its opposite are true in a higher context. 5


789)      The desire to adore one whom you betrayed when he becomes successful, is the expansiveness of the ever-living smallness. J


790)      Company of low consciousness causes diseases, at least their symptoms. J


791)      When a man is generous to a fault and is incapable of offending for having helped him, HELP itself will not spare him as the offence will come from another around him. 5


792)      A vivid emotional liar often feels an act was done to him when it was not, since his imagination leads him to it. J


793)      When the cultured man is driven to abuse, he stops short of what he intended to say. The victim is vastly offended as it came from a cultured man, not knowing what was withheld. J


794)      Having contrived a certain result assiduously, one is also capable of deeply regretting it when it descends. J


795)      By taking a look at all one’s thoughts, it is possible to know one’s mental status. J


796)      Pity is self-pity; sympathy is emotional weakness; compassion is pity for the suffering collective; Grace is pitiless in wiping off suffering. &


797)      People who are compelled to move from cultured places to uncultured places find emotional life suffocating. It makes them cynical. Movement of population gives emotional education otherwise unavailable.  J


798)      Emotions are vastly energised by the energy of the physical need.J


799)      A retarded child rising to the top of the class is a sure indication of faith in the child. J


800)      He who is in touch with the evolving layer of humanity will have several problems which others have not heard of. J


801)      Energies collected around an emotionally sensitive issue become seriousness that prevents one from attending to other works. J


802)      When violent persons are transformed, they become great powers, great enough to rule a country. J


803)      Events are contagious in the subtle plane even from the rival camp. Only neutral goodwill is the best bet. 5


804)      Man’s selflessness is the selflessness of selfishness. J


805)      Lack of satisfaction is more keenly felt than felt satisfaction on other scores because energies are on the move in one and not in the other. J


806)      Tradition splits life into good and bad, nice and dirty. Mother does not. We often see wrong thoughts shooting in in an excellent occasion and the opposite. It is an embarrassing emotion that we feel. They indicate the existence of opposites, rather coexistence. 5


807)      The yogi is called upon only to surrender and not do anything else. Sri Aurobindo said surrender is difficult. He said man cannot do this yoga; the only thing he can do is to surrender. &


808)      Sometimes we successfully clear a wrong atmosphere and feel the things are safe and have a feeling of security and safety inside. If there are very tiny lapses, it means what has gone may come back. Absence of such lapses and presence of major positive symptoms alone ensure the wrong atmosphere has gone. 5


809)      Involution acts through a self-ignoring faculty as it does through self-absorption. Mind separates itself from Supermind by it. When the emotions forget to think, they go down. There is such a factor at the points of transition from Sat to Matter. &


810)      Truth, goodness, sincerity, etc. are further elevated when elevated from the Mind that is always capable of withholding the last stages of belief. To do so is to change the typewriter into a computer or a rich nation into one that is spiritually rich too.5


811)      From the time of Jesus until today, people are attracted by miracles or prayers answered and do not go beyond. Attraction to material prosperity in Asia may compel them to fall back on their spiritual treasure. Attraction to Spirit in the West may upgrade their scientific thinking. A more immediate possibility is to recognise the new products Nature has given man through society and technology and use them appropriately, not like using a refrigerator to store shoes. J


812)      Great social innovations are often put to ridiculous use like the fridge of the Assam Minister or to a very partial use like the general education for vocational fitness. J


813)      Man is a doer. Knowledge is something understandable, not doable. For man to respond to any idea, the knowledge must be turned into a skill. J


814)      Jealousy, even if it has figured in the mind once as thought, is now capable of preventing the perfection of generosity. J


815)      Social fashions are sought after by the need to survive socially. Spiritual prosperity in life will be sought after if one sees the advantage in it. &


816)      The petulant response of the beneficiary at a time life is about to crown him, is the way the lack of energy finds expression. J


817)      To enjoy as the Lord enjoys, to see the Marvel, to acquire infinite prosperity are different stages. Still the higher is always found in the lower, raising the lower to richer expression.


·      Infinite prosperity is available to human life as we see in the West, where it is accompanied by psychological insufficiencies.

·      Man can still achieve it without these defects.

·      This is an achievement in the physical plane by the mind trying to come out of its limitation.

·      Marvel is the vision in the plane of Forms when the vitiating influence of mind is overcome.

·      To enjoy as the Lord enjoys one must have moved from consciousness to Being. 5


818)      What matters in matrimony or friendship is not the differences but the basic harmony. In actual fact, the greater the differences within the scope of harmony, the greater is the intensity of friendship or marriage. J


819)      The scurrilous gossiper who destroys the reputations of good people acts as the thin wedge that enters to stay at times of transition. This is how a negative ‘institution’ serves a positive purpose. J


820)      The strong traditions of the society, the deep demands of culture and character are overcome by two irresistible forces. Crude, plain, energetic selfishness is one. The other is the impulse of the impetuosity that always seeks FRESH pastures or the freshness of the pastures. J


821)      Even supramental force here is administered by the ego. &


822)      When the spiritual Self-giving is received selfishly, it does not hurt. Rather, one is happy that it is, after all, received in some fashion. 5


823)      Society admires her who adores all children, not so when she adores many men. The  soul  only  adores  and  adores  the  adorer. 5


824)      Unless one is able to give his emotions to all, they will not be real emotions. We also know that the emotion which goes only to one is an emotion of loyalty worth having. In one sense, it is to pack the infinite in the finite. 5


825)      At the end of any work, if meditation overtakes one, the character of the act is of the higher consciousness and would not permit itself to be evaluated on moral terms. 5


826)      Every movement, every moment has its two ends of finite actuality and infinite potentiality. So, any act lends itself for us to move from the one to the other. 5


827)      Anything valuable becomes much more so when the level of cleanliness is increased since it brings the supramental consciousness on it. &


828)      The perfection required by the higher consciousness is so great that no plate can bump against the door, as it is a subtle equivalent of an earth tremor. 5


829)      Enjoyment remains enjoyment as long as it is justified and supported by the biological and sociological substance. Beyond that, it seeks compensation in the opposite. Centred in Mother, progress continues in right balance. Phineas Finn enjoyed the biological charms of his face expressed in the admiration of women. It was compensated by the psychological pain of the accusation of murder. J


830)      Whatever the mind understands, we overlook the direct simple fact that that knowledge is reduced to mental knowledge – Ignorance. Man insisting on understanding unconsciously insists on Ignorance. 5


831)      Better than calling Mother to solve our problems, we can call Her to dissolve our ego. &


832)      Mental silence, when achieved in any measure, is the beginning of a variety of spiritual blessings. Even a feeble attempt at it brings a great incursion of health and a greater inflow of income.J


833)      Incursion of greater energy without appropriate organisation means the excess will be wasted. In some measure, the excess energy goes to fortify the existing organisation – the ego. J


834)      The infamous feminine interference is Nature’s profoundest method of bringing the harmony of the heavens to the abundance of divine consciousness on earth. It is a move of the Timelessness to the simultaneous integrality. &


835)      Governments under the sway of the supramental force try their best to play the role of the welfare state. The Mother in the psychological plane does the same to the devotee for his well being. The citizen must avail of the government’s help, the devotee should emphasize the right side. &


836)      To us, many things like our TV, washing machine, books, computer, etc. are important. We cannot appreciate only one of them saying it alone must be used and nothing else. For any man, several relationships are indispensable. But when we are one of those, we are jealous of all the others the man has. If each person relates to him from the personal that is impersonal, he would feel that HE belonged only to him, though he would likewise belong to all in the universe. Personal in the Impersonal cannot feel jealousy which is egoistic. &


837)      Quarrels belong to the immediate present of the intense emotions. Harmony belongs to the mind that embraces the past and future wider than the emotional present. 5


838)      The wide purposes of Nature are accomplished by contradictions and a host of strategies such as cause and effect and their apparent reverse. Wisdom lies in understanding them, but their knowledge reveals the marvel. &


839)      Man learns from experience in the world. It is to learn from Becoming, an objective knowledge. For true knowledge is subjective. For living that knowledge as the Lord lives, one must again be objective, not in the plane of Time but in the simultaneous integrality of Time eternity and Timeless eternity. &


840)      In a transitional stage, the rebels have all the power to shake the strongest centre of the establishment. But the strength of that centre is absolute. Handled deftly, a hurricane can be diverted in a few minutes without entering the city. It is the power of the substance, while the rebels are extremely strong in the consciousness. &


841)      When a man readily gives up what he cannot do without, it shows not the requirements of life, but the realities of his psychological attitudes. J


842)      Constant self-evaluation is a symptom of social thinking or an attempt at inner observation. J


843)      He who has the knowledge sees the entire essence of that knowledge or even the entire expression of that knowledge in any well-defined ACT. 5


844)      Instead of understanding the success of the rivals, opponents, or hostiles as a greater success of oneself, the idealist often is constrained by the belief that he is losing ground. 5


845)      The urge to renew the acquaintance is not so much occasioned by status as by temperament – a temperament in the other that is neither defensive nor pugnacious. 5


846)      Is it possible for one to see his life in the context of his work, his family, his little world and further, the wider world around him, if not the national life? If only he finds it in tune with all those layers or segments of life it means that at some level – say thought or observation or emotions – he has lived actively as a child of that society. 5


847)      Smallness of no endowment is given the opportunity to heckle greatness and its endowment only because the relationship is permitted. Heckling is the appreciation of the Great by smallness. J


848)      Man often has to move from the need of his very physicality to the Silence of the expansive spirituality. All the areas he lingers in in the middle provide material for passing literature of the hour. Neither the great power of physicality nor the infinite expanse of spirituality has so far lent itself to the art of literature. Literature levels off at universality. 5


849)      The novelist displays an extraordinary skill in presenting the inner motives of his characters which are not as clear to the characters themselves as they are to the writer. The reader is introduced into a new world of comprehension of human character that is a greater self-discovery for himself at each moment. The playwright lets his own characters speak all this, the skill for which is no mere human skill. The novelist knows his characters in the zenith of human characterisation; the playwright knows them as individuals who embody universalised traits of individual humans. 5


850)      Before the marvel reveals, one needs to have acquired several things: 


§  To have quit the planes of Time, Space and Mind;

§  To have reunited Force and Consciousness;

§  As Marvel is still in Form, one need not quit Form;

§  His united Force and Consciousness must be within         the plane of Form. &


851)      In a complicated case of mystery, if there is truth at the bottom, there will be some physical fact or some scope for that Truth to emerge. 5


852)      The culture blending with character in the execution of time honoured tradition is a sight to see. J


853)      Wealth or prosperity may not be apparently related to the measure of Self-Respect; but Self-Respect cannot definitely grow without an assured basis of abundant wealth. And in that case, they are in direct proportion. J


854)      When I do not see you in someone, what do I see? I see my own hatred as his hatred and for that I hate him. There is no hatred in this wide world except in my separate existence. &


855)      My partial vision sees human love and human hatred. I have not yet learned to see love in hatred. Love that is not seen inside first cannot be found outside. &


856)      The FORMULA needs everything an act composes of, such as energy, force, power, skill, attitude, motive, knowledge, an intuition and every other thing without fail. Even one of them being fully right will yield the right result once.  The attitude required for the formula is one of self-discovery, the knowledge emerging out of Ignorance. 5


857)      In a country like England where manners are held high, the deficiencies of lack of education as well as the urges of the feminine nature do still set limits to the expression of such high manners.J


858)      Mother offers a growth that is balanced and does not require a compensation. Mental values through restraint offer most of it. Vital attitudes that honour mental values are the next best. Physical skill to perfection is the only solace the physical plane offers. Nature follows karma. Mother enters our life by fits and starts. In the measure Mother is not consciously banished from our lives, one can see She maintains the balance at the level it is allowed. 5


859)      What makes human intercourse sweet and enjoyable is our knowledge of how the other feels. If it is possible to know how God understands him, human intercourse becomes divine exchange.5


860)      One can give up the past forgetting it. It is to live in Space in the present. Past takes one to Time. One can go back to the past so that knowledge in Time can be acquired to exhaustion. More lies beyond. 5


861)      Globalisation is selflessness in extension. J


862)      The conformist receives the punishment of his boss or his organisation as if he well deserved it and thanks them submissively.J


863)      The end of involution is matter. Therefore, the highest accomplishment must be in that plane. The highest accomplishment is the highest enjoyment which expresses through sensation. The greatest accomplishment in the yoga of spiritual evolution is the enjoyment of physical sensation in the descent. &


864)      It is noble of a woman not to live with her husband when she finds her earlier love has not died. It is emotional nobility in character. This type of emotional luxury too is decided by her material affluence and social acceptance. 5


865)      Learning from experience is to learn in Space, doing so from the past is to learn in the plane of Time. But true Knowledge lies beyond Time and Space, maybe not even there in Being but in the involution of that Being and its evolution. &


866)      Mother gives you the feeling that She belongs totally to you. You feel all of yourself is given to Her, only to Her. It is so because our relationship with Mother is the point at which the Individual changes into the universal. We may say here the Individual and the universal integrate with each other, the point where the finite finds its Infinity. 5


867)      Freedom:   At each level of functioning, the environment is free to disturb or destroy you. Next, you get over the environment and master it. Finally, you offer FREEDOM to the environment and in that freedom you learn to survive. Mastery becomes complete when it is mastery of the forces when they are consciously offered freedom to operate. 5


868)      Each soul expresses itself more precisely by developing the individualities of mind, temperament and peculiar preferences. The greater these peculiarities, the greater the involution. How to condemn it then? As long as the involution is reversed into evolution, no condemnation is called for. &


869)      The disagreeable at one level becomes agreeable at another higher level. J


870)      Enjoyment rises as it becomes vociferous and demonstrative. High enjoyment silently enjoys as it moves to the physical from the demonstrative vital. The physical loves drama when it wants to heighten its silent enjoyment. &


871)      Practical Ignorance goes only when the Original Ignorance goes. Laws of life, Life Response, solutions to problems, responding to national issues should be based on the knowledge of Brahman. Only the Supermind is in constant touch with the Brahman. All other solutions up to the Overmind will not suffice. &


872)      The world has conducted several thousand seminars and published several hundred thousand articles to discover that other men too have points of view. The collective acquires the knowledge of the individual moving mountains over two decades. J


873)      The goals of high ideals are sometimes attained by petty artifices; the same artifices successfully sabotage other high ideals. Great goals being served in whatever fashion by small stratagems is another expression of the illusion of quality. 5


874)      The thinking mind is like using a foot scale for measuring the world’s girth for the purpose of grasping the Infinite. The scientist, if he is not aware of the Infinite, has seen the boundless finite. It is time that he abandons his instrument or at least the project. J


875)      A mental idea is sharp even when it is right. Vital endorsement of it is soft. The body welcoming it makes it powerful. The spiritual element in the physical consciousness accepting the idea has the power to make it rich, soft, powerful, full of clarity which absorbs the external environment into itself as part of the play of Being with Being, consciousness with consciousness and Ananda with Ananda. &


876)      Learning starts as mental observation, passes through ALL the several stages of the PROCESS till the very substance and its subtle field learn in the descent. Learning becomes complete when you forget it and it forgets to appear in your environment. 5


877)      For a life to be conscientious, the determining factors are prosperity, psychological strength and general social culture. J


878)      When the chapters in The Life Divine are looked at through the PROCESS from each of nine points of the nine levels, it will create an integrated understanding. That way, any one chapter can give the essence of the whole book. J


879)      Mother’s family:


·     Apart from Truthfulness and dedication to Her, some basic traits are needed, such as:

·     No one should be able to conceive of doing anything that would hurt anyone else.

·     The basic confidence of each in the other should be there.

·     I ask not so much of real goodness as a clearly pronounced tendency to Goodness. J


880)      Human loyalty in its intensity and PURITY cannot be given to more than one person, even as the income of a poor family can support only one family. Man or woman, having given their love to one person, are unable to shift, not so much out of discipline but because of their inability to find the joy of love in another relationship. Divine Love is inexhaustible and increases in sweetness and intensity with increasing occasions to give. &


881)      Knowing one’s greatest strength, one will find himself successful. Knowing his own greatest defect, he will be very cautious in character. He who knows both, knows his own self. His failures would have been rare. 5


882)      Life should constantly call you to action, either from outside or inside. Otherwise, life stops growing and is dull. It is the immediate beginning of inner death, a distant symptom of the death of the body. 5


883)      Knowledge comes out of experience.

Concentration gives the same knowledge inside.

To discover the knowledge of outer experience inside, the intensity required is concentration.

Concentration gives the knowledge without passing through the experience. &


884)      The present strength we find in society is the strength of pronounced selfishness. J


885)      Insisting on the right without ego ultimately brings out that factor in the situation which expresses that right. J


886)      Meditation is the Touch of the higher consciousness. Whatever work gives you that Touch is the divine itself. &


887)      If there is any impossibility, it issues from the irresistibility of the immediate charm. J


888)      God has become man. Men have become godly, but not Gods. HE offers all men the opportunity to become God. &


889)      When an establishment is rejected by the society, the reverence it receives during its last phases of existence  is the measure of its true value. J


890)      The effectivity of objective action begins after the subjective state is saturated with knowledge. Inner knowledge first, outer action later. Result is the result of knowledge. 5


891)      A crisis is overcome by calling Mother when She is more with us than the threat of crisis. There will be no crisis if She is more with us than issues of life. &


892)      For the employee, the company is the universe. For his personal life to be identified with the company that is impersonal for him, it is enough to overcome jealousy.


Seeing the whole impersonal inside the personal is to overcome the limitations of the personal.

All dualities have their points where they unite. Time and Timelessness meet in simultaneous integrality. Personal and Impersonal meet in the other man’s point of view. Form and Formlessness meet in the universalisation of sensation. Masculine and Feminine meet in Force becoming consciousness. Good and Evil meet in the self-existent Good. Being and Becoming meet in the Being of the Becoming. Sound and Silence meet in the creative sound, Om. Movement and Rest meet in the Being.

Pain and Pleasure meet above the mind. The part and the whole meet above division, the apprehending mind. Force and Consciousness meet in the Unitarian consciousness.

Sat and Asat meet in Brahman and in the Brahman in Sat as well as Asat.

Dualities are in the plane of Force, not in that of consciousness or Being. &


893)      Sweetness is not objective, it is subjective. J


894)      There are two realities, the Spirit and the ego. Initially Spirit became the ego; now it is time for the ego to become Spirit. &


895)      What is a problem to man is no problem to the Sannyasi; while it is a God-given opportunity to the yogi. &


896)      Time heals whether a wrong done was true or not, as they are truths of Time. Mother heals and upgrades instantaneously, as She is beyond Time. J


897)      Selfish love is prevented from consummation even when it acquires selflessness since that too is of the selfish nature. J


898)      The rebel’s joy is at its fullness when he disregards the rules of perfection he has mastered in favour of spontaneity that keeps him bound hand and foot to utter freedom. J


899)      Rarely has it struck me that YOU are inside. I have been searching for you all over this wide world. J


900)      The phenomenon of the second generation achieving more than the founder or achieving what the founder failed to achieve is real. It is for several reasons:       1) The atmosphere is more fully prepared; 2) the next generation is more inspired by the ideal than the founder himself; and 3) the atmosphere becomes organisation achieving more. J


901)      To find a book in a remote town unconnected with its subject, is an indication that the message of the book is alive and we who are interested in its theme, know the theme,  do not understand how alive that theme is. J


902)      Wealth has the power of attraction, a pretty face has the charm of attraction. The rising spark of the soul has its power and charm of attraction in lone isolated incidents, not in the collective totality as wealth and a pretty face. J


903)      Essence, not the expression, matters. J


904)      When the thought process sets in, you find no one around with whom you can meaningfully communicate . Again, when you give up that process of thought, you are not given the opportunity of communication. But God reveals to you in the unthinking man as well as great thinkers with whose new-found status you are in sweet harmony. &


905)      Skill gives the parts; culture the whole. &


906)      When an innocent man is accused of murder, his best bet is his innocence. His most natural reliance is on the sympathy of the public. For him to relate to and rely on his own self, its innocence, is for the rishi to remain concentrated on the Self. &


907)      The truth of our Nature is we are more at home with ourselves than with The Mother and we need Her only at times of crisis. Mother never moves away from men who like Her naturally, not even for a moment. &


908)      The most important decision of a man in his own life is the most commonplace for the society, as he is one of the crowd. A man is important if his personal decisions affect the society materially. J


909)      Eternal Self-giving will be possible for one who has attained inner Self-giving. &


910)      A commonly prevalent error is to measure quality by the quantity which at best leads to misleading situations. J


911)      The moneyed man is the muscle man of the earlier century. Over accumulation of a power has its heyday during the period of its ascendancy, not afterwards. Neither money, nor scholarship in science will be of any avail now. That which pushes populations ahead as indicated by globalisation is the widening of the area of action which is an aspect of harmony. The force that harmonises can be a leader now, not money. That can be the twin forces of prosperity here and peace of mind there. 5


912)      It is great to see human nature at play. Of course, the play is charming when it expresses through good manners. Good manners or ill manners, the charm is in the intensity of one nature seeking another, little knowing what it is. 5


913)      Man is constantly taking initiative from all parts of his being as a way of existing. This we know is his occupation, though his own intention is, by these initiatives, to reach the not-self. Sadhana begins when he gives up all his initiatives. At this point, he can keep quiet which is a monumental impossibility. The energy cannot be suspended unless one goes back to the One. The direction can be changed for the energy towards Transformation. Those initiatives must now be taken towards the Divine. It is Aspiration.  &


914)      Education is at many levels.


§ Family gives the cultural and practical instruction.

§ School offers instruction in subjects.

§ Society educates the individual in survival values.

§ Personality learns from all.

§ To raise those levels one step – society giving culture – is to hasten progress.

§ For the society to take up education of the individual personality as fashion educates social value, so that the society starts playing the individual role is the next step.J


915)         The spiritual knowledge and power of the Jnana yogi is attained in trance. He holds them in his superconscient as man holds the mastery of his involuntary muscles in the subconscient. 5


916)      Silence & Peace = Joy. &


917)      A good man must go to Mother. She comes to one who is Good.&


918)      Not to express opinions will help one not to have detractors. Not to have opinions will make one popular. J


919)      Give up meanness and enter infinite Prosperity. J


920)      Acts will not fail to repeat, but consequences may be different, even opposite. J


921)      It is a great soul who knows the other man’s wealth is not a great gain; it is a rare soul that fails to notice it. J


922)      Having a defect – jealousy – or wanting to favour one of the establishment – presidentship to an IAS officer – can have the same effect on the atmosphere. 5


923)      Harshness transformed into sweetness is poverty transformed into infinite wealth. 5


924)      Having turned off the senses, Mind is able to see or hear directly. Marvel is the soul’s direct vision when the Mind is turned off.  &


925)      Perfection in the art of enjoyment, positive or negative, brings more and more of enjoyment. &


926)      Life is enjoyment. Enjoyment is more than accomplishment. He who widens his pure enjoyment and heightens its intensity can reach Mother more fully. &


927)      The motive of the being concentrating on Mother is all-inclusive concentration. &


928)      Anger is emotional ignorance. J


929)      The incentive for the social man to seek spiritual prosperity in life is the awareness and attraction for the higher joy in life that selflessness offers. 5


930)      The variable expressions of Sachchidananda in their variation fulfil the requirements of involution. On the return journey, those variations fulfil the requirements of evolution. &


931)      The human mind cannot conceive of the hideous other side of Beauty, nor the Light side of darkness. These are points of transition from force to form. Similarly, there are points of inversion into their opposites. Beyond that lies the whole vision. The Rishi’s vision is partial. It does not see the other side. The point of inversion in the act changes sin at that point into virtue. &


932)      No problem constitutes a PROBLEM if it appears on its own. However small, if it is a symptom, its seriousness must be understood not by its appearance but by what it represents. And nothing exists by itself, it is always a figure of something. What it represents is not objective, but it is subjective in you. It is there you can change a formidable problem into an insignificant one. If the objective becomes subjective, the problem can cease to be one OR it can be changed into an opportunity.  The objective is an illusion; the subjective is the Reality. &


933)      Relaxation for us is to be what we really are, which is to indulge our nature, often the lower nature. J


934)      The great of soul feel an imperative need for total surrender. Often, in their unwisdom, they look for a human being who can receive that surrender. Only SHE can receive it. It is not given to any human soul to receive that privilege. &


935)      The vast work done by many systems and various organisations inside a company is summarised in the values of his motive. 5


936)      Children of parents of native evil tendency are consciously directed to seek evil. This is the contribution of parents to the growth of evil in the next generation. 5


937)      To see the infinite past in the present, one needs to know the present in its infinite dimensions so that he may expand into its termless territory. Thus, the past is forgotten and the present is discovered as the Ever-Present Moment. 5


938)      The conception of the animal is purely out of the physical energies. Only in man a part of those energies are vital. Mind rarely expresses there. The Spirit has no need to express physically. Human affection, if elevated to spiritual devotion, can express in conception if they are still physical in their expression. 5


939)      Intensely emotional people can realise Mother when they reach in their intensity of devotion the same level as to their dearest person. 5


940)      Man’s prayers to fulfil his desires are also granted by God. When he sees that all his prayers are answered, he moves to a position of asking his evil intentions to be fulfilled. It falls back on him.


Man is frustrated when God refuses to be his instrument of evil.&


941)      The meditation that is affected by food or rest or movements or noise is one confined to the surface mind. Meditation that underlies activities and sleep is the one that deserves the name.&


942)      Evolution has created the surface mind where Ignorance is complete. Pain is found only here. There is pain when moving from the surface to the depth. By moving so through consecration, there will be no pain. 5


943)      The bitch who has earned that name by her loose morals is only the negative expression of the divine Soul that enjoys every other soul. &


944)      Transformation is a shift of consciousness and nature to the higher side. &


945)      Mischievousness or innocent intrigues are charming to characters of small intensities. J


946)      Society exists at one level below which and above which exist ways of life entirely at variance with it. Neither life nor society take note of these activities.  J


947)      The common idea that goodness must be rewarded is not true.


§  A reward of success is amoral. It  comes to those with capacity and organisation.

§  A good man with compunction pays for his scruples.

§  An unscrupulous man gets the reward for his energy. This is true. But the reward will come from such fields that can endorse unscrupulousness.

§  Goodness and result of work are not directly related. 5


948)      Tradition is preserved by many forces:

a.   The physical refuses to part with what it has.

b.   The new wave does not reach all over the society.

c.   Reaction to the new fashion reinforces itself.

d.   The impulse in the parents to dominate their children finds convenient expression in the preservation of tradition. J


949)      In periods of transition, loyal members out of inevitable necessity are forced to transgress. Every such act of transgression is truly an act of patriotism.  Standing on the borders between the human and divine consciousness, life is replete with such occasions. J


950)      Increasing quantity though it will not change the basic quality does influence the quality essentially. J


951)      When the heart is full, the psychic is open, calling Mother is a call on the spiritual internet. 5


952)     Literature is the autobiography of the author through the events and characters. Fiction is the author’s psychological biography.

           An author tells us his many traits and the way he understands his world through the characters.

           A writer’s many letters to his readers are his works. J

953)     Man always asks for justice that is generally found in his own society. When the devotees are confronted with a crisis, they need the supramental justice. To find its expression in one of the social actions and give life to it is not given to the existing forces in the society. 5

954)     An act that should offend sometimes pleases, or at least does not offend. It shows how much our organised lives are at variance with the roots of life and its realities. 5


955)     An act can be initiated and then surrendered. A thought can be formed for an act and then surrendered. Man can be present at any level and the rest can be surrendered. All these are partial surrenders which will not pass the gate. The act, the thought preceding it, the initiative for it and its impulse all have to be surrendered as what is needed is Total Surrender. &


956)     When you love doing something, try to see whether you like Mother equally. Try doing it after consecration, and you will like the work better still. &


957)     • If one attempts to remove harshness and meanness rooted in the substance,        it will set an earthquake rolling, not in the figurative sense.

                 Removing meanness is an earthshaking affair. 5


958)     Greater Silence and meditation come without fail accompanying problems, particularly when they are great. This is because each is part of the other. We are offered a choice at each moment.5


959)     An atmosphere of gratitude will ward off the hostile influences.5


960)     The mental man understands on his own. The vital man understands from others’ experience. The physical man waits until he himself understands out of his own experience. J


961)     As the inner richness rises in intensity, one marked impulse is to run away from it and take refuge in our own old consciousness. That desire grows into an irresistible temptation. J


962)     Any arrangement leaves some area, sometimes a lot of areas undefined. Work in those areas is to be maintained by values. More than the arrangements, it is these values that decide the effectivity of the total organisation. 5


963)     Forces that are denied freedom organise themselves in the very opposite direction to an intensity equal to the force that denied them freedom. 5


964)     When something goes wrong we can pray and get it right. We can move to God-vision and see, as it is, it is right. Then it RIGHTS itself. &


965)     The smile expresses a different emotion from that of laughter. It can be easily seen from where the smile originates and what it expresses. The smile can express a pleasant social emotion, good manners, felt warmth of the heart or the soul that is touched or the ego that wants to please. 5


966)     It is one thing to solve a problem by prayer; it is quite another thing to move to God-vision and see there is no problem. 5


967)     Consecration is to dissolve the ego, not the problems it creates.&


968)     The increasing speed of communication increases the abundance of wealth. The increasing abundance imposes itself on the recipients as free gifts of the society.  Thus money value is disinherited, paving the way for its disappearance. J


969)     Overcoming circumstances is good for man when he is making egoistic progress. Spiritual progress requires one to submit to circumstances. Egoistic progress of endeavour; spiritual growth of non-initiative. &


970)     Human nature does not relish the company of divine consciousness. It enjoys itself. J


971)     The illimitable Ananda which no individual can make a personal possession is turned into pain by the ego’s possessive JOY.  

           Possessive joy possesses Pain. 5


972)     The preservation of the form is the possessiveness of ego. 5


973)     One ridicules others that are like him, not their real defects. J


974)     Seeing the conflicts outside is the problem. Knowing them inside in their origin is knowledge. Conversion of that knowledge into experience is yogic realisation. 5


975)     Immediate solutions appeal most. Lasting solutions are best, but they cannot be immediate. Can we not have lasting solutions yielding results at once?  Let the depths accept the lasting solutions and offer a commensurate patience. The results will be immediate. 5


976)     Perspective is like the coating behind the glass that makes it a mirror. A transparent glass is like an intelligent mind without the perspective. J


977)     Contradictions are inevitable. They cannot be eliminated, rather should not be given up. Accepting the contradiction as complementary and growing into harmony is indispensable. &


978)     Consciousness extended inwardly is Time. By withdrawing the extension and concentrating, we overcome Time. By giving up the past and pouring ourselves more fully into the present, Time is overcome. &


979)     It is not so much the contact as the inner sympathy that can affect us when we relate to lower forces. 5


980)     Regret rectifies; reversal fulfils. &


981)     For a clear-headed person endowed with an equality that does not play into the trap of losing temper, strength gradually develops to which the hostile force or its instrument one day offers the very opposite argument and submits cheerfully. 5


982)     The irretrievable point to which man comes at the fag end of life would have first appeared in his life very early. He takes note of it only when he is pushed to the wall. 5


983)     It would be infinitely humorous and even captivating to see, rather to see through, the endless ploys instantaneously put up by the hostile forces to get their work accomplished. 5


984)     To sit quiet is not given to the mind of running thoughts at any age. A calm mind enables a still body. 5


985)     Ignorance insists. When knowledge comes after Ignorance goes, insistence of the Ignorance remains. That vitiates knowledge.  Giving up insistence makes knowledge free and the obstacle is removed. 5


986)     The next generation is next to two parents. Knowing the right next step into which that generation moves, one can have endless satisfaction of enormous achievement. 5


987)     Muscle built the world; money spread life wide and raised it to inconceivable heights; now man must emerge to fully civilise the world by his own resourcefulness instead of the other material resources. J


988)     Hostile forces in the guise of attachment are there only to destroy us. 5


989)     Consciously acquired knowledge needs to be saturated at all dimensions for it to move the subconscious in the physical where it becomes perfect. Complete conscious knowledge is made perfect subconscious possession in the physical by the wealth of apparently insignificant details. &


990)     The WOMAN is the treasure in any society. She is a greater treasure in India. Her values are invaluable. Her rising in the society is the progress of society. If only she can go from the old value to the new value skipping the usual fall, India will scale the heights.J


991)     Love is not made to order nor is information that is held back. Secrecy breaks when love appears. J


992)     The token projects of national development can change into those of world development as well as of a higher character. Practically feasible physical projects can move to psychological ones and can culminate in spiritual exercises. 5


993)     Impermissible behaviours amounting to betrayal also can be sweet if they are sincere and innocent. 5


994)     Neither sincerity nor hostility will go unnoticed by insight. Even sincerity discerns them. 5


995)     When you defy a valuable idea, the mode of defying will drive you to value the discarded idea greatly. J


996)     A cardinal sin of ill-feeling may be a common factor to two opposite characters of responsibility and irresponsibility. J


997)     More power than culture is a breeding ground for meanness. J


998)     Cultural degeneration into physical sensitivity of pride exhibits greater joy in refusing what he badly needs. J


999)     Death spreads a wave of exhaustion among all emotionally and physically related persons. 5


1000)   The desire for ignorance to appreciate your own intelligence is emotional ignorance. 5